Help: need parts for my Kitchenaid FGA

I got a great deal on whole pork loins and made a pig of myself.  I refuse to say just how much I bought, but if you are what you eat we’ll all be sporting floppy ears and pig snouts soon.

It was such a great deal that I was planning to do the unthinkable and grind some of this lean, tender premium cut into sausage, but I ran into a problem.  When I pulled the grinder attachment from the deep, dark recesses of my cabinet – the black hole into which seldom used appliances and attachments are inexorably drawn – it was missing parts.

This might be a long shot, but does anyone have a Kitchenaid Food Grinder Attachment that they don’t use, or that is broken/missing parts?  Is anybody a Kitchenaid dealer?  What I’m missing is the “t” shaped blade and the plastic collar that holds the blades in place.  I’m willing to pay for them, but the best deal I’ve found online was $14 plus shipping.  Even if I have to pay that much, I’d much rather give it to a blog friend than a total stranger.


  1. Dear Kim and Family,

    I have a Kitchen-Aid Food Grinder, complete with original box (Yippee!- Ha) that I have used a few times. I would be delighted to send it to you “gratis” if you would like to have it.

    I’ve been reading your blog for some years now and would consider it a blessing if I could offer a fellow Christian family aid in a time of need. Email me with particulars…styner…at…clearwire…net.

    Kind regards from,

    Mrs. T.

  2. Just call Kitchen Aid, I bet they would send you the new parts. We have a Kitchen Aid Burr Grinder and we broke the glass container that catches the coffee grounds, I called them to purchase a replacement and they sent us one for FREE, no shipping charge either. One of the many reasons I love Kitchen Aid.

    • Tracey,
      This is good to know. I did email them about the availability of replacement parts, but haven’t heard back yet. It sure would be nice to get them for free!

  3. We bought the food grinder attachment when we bought our Kitchen Aid. We have had it for almost 3 years now and never used it! So if you e-mail us we could figure out a good price etc. Mommy said whatever you decide would probably be fine since we never use it anyway! :o)

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