Crazylegs for Becca

Posted by: Deanna

Becca is the original Crazylegs in our family. It was she who opened my eyes to the wonders of wearing multicolored stripes on my legs, and it was she who taught me not to give a darn whether or not my socks match my clothes.

Alas though, her crazylegs rainbow tights wore out long ago, and she has been forced to wear (gasp!) normal socks. (A more horrifying fate could not happen to a girl who has crazylegs in her blood.) We recently discovered a source of crazyleg socks, and poor Becca has been gazing longingly over shoulders at the tantalizing array of colors…

So, I decided that this problem should be remedied, and when Becca went out shopping with mom, what should she find waiting at the post office but…



DSC02747 (Large)

Now Becca can match her big sisters who are already having way too much fun with their new crazylegs.

DSC02288 (Large)


  1. Love those socks! I think I have a sister (or two) that would like some crazyleg socks of their own!

    love, Achaia

  2. *Laugh* Those are awesome.

  3. I am so touched by your love for your sister. I am sure that all of your younger siblings are blessed to have you as a big sis!

  4. I love my crazy socks! But, in Texas it was always so hot! The socks came in handy after I moved to the very cold New York City in the middle of winter 🙂

  5. Very cute! I could never do toe socks, though. It’s too much work to get the toes in right.

  6. Hey Deanna,

    Check out this site. Think you may like it.

    Benjamin Serven

  7. What a sweet sister you are! Those are so Becca! 🙂 I bet she loves them.

    that picture is so neat, girls!

  8. Those certainly are crazy legs! Very cute!

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