How early can a baby walk?

Bethany has started walking over the past week!
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She’s 13th months which, I think, makes her precisely average in the realm of newly-walking babies.

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Now we’re wondering – because homeschoolers are a curious lot – how early can a baby walk?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Ours have ranged from 9-15 months when they began, but I have one sister, one brother, and at least 2 nieces who took off at 7 months.  Not just cruising or balancing in a semi-upright position, but really and truly walking.  Running, even.  Can you beat that?

I know how hard it is for lurkers to leave a real comment (hint, hint) so I’ve created 2 polls to make it easy for everyone to speak up, but be aware that if you claim your baby walked at 5 months I EXPECT A COMMENT OF EXPLANATION.   You can’t just toss out something amazing and leave us hanging like that.  We’ll go batty.   Can I hear a “yes, ma’am”?

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  1. I started to walk without an aid at 5 months old. My mother said people in my town used to laugh at me because it looked so funny.

  2. My daughter also talks a mile a minute. She is one week from being a year old and says MA MA, DA DA, bird, horse, cat, kitty, no, that and what’s that, dog, Austin (her brothers name), and bath. I have a feeling I’m never gonna get a word in!! 🙂

  3. My daughter was full on running at 7 months and 10 days old. Pretty crazy and hard to keep up with but she is so much fun! My neice has her beat though, she was walking at 6 months and climbing up on things by 7 months.

  4. My little one stood at about 6 months – and that was just pulling up. Since that she was constantly grasping everything trying to stand. Within 2 weeks she was cruising . When she hit 8 months she started lunging and trying to run in the direction she wanted to go. Last week she pushed away from a baby table and took 6 steps before running into a dresser. Today she pushed away from her table and walked over to my bed and picked up my shoe. She proceeded to carry the shoe back to her table and then crossed my bedroom again to check out the gate. She’s 8 months – 2 weeks….. And I’m excited and scared lol

    • Isn’t it fun and amazing when your baby reaches a new milestone? No matter how many children you have, you never get used to it!

  5. I started standing and taking steps at 4/12 months. I was fully walking at 5 months. My mom consulted the doctor and he said it’s rare but normal. They were concerned about my leg strength later in life…..but that is where all my strength is now! My sisters started at 9 months and 13 months. Who knows why I started so early. ( My first word was horse as well)

  6. Francesca says:

    Mine have been 12-month walkers, which I am perfectly happy with. I’m told my brother was a 9-month walker.

  7. kimberly in idaho says:

    My daughter walked at 11mo., just one week before her brother was born. Boy, was I thankful! That son walked a week before his 1st birthday, and my other son walked at 13mo. A little girl we know started walking at 8mo. It wasn’t actually walking, it was running. I remember how cute it was seeing someone so little run. My daughter also started doing full sit-ups, at 1mo. We all laughed at her “abs of steel”!

  8. My oldest walked at 8 months. We were in a mommy and me class. When the other moms saw what it was like to have an early walker several stopped helping their kids learn to walk. My 2nd boy also walked early but not that early. He did not really begin to talk until he was 3 but he could take any toy in the house apart. My oldest daughter did not walk until after she was 13 months but she kept her hands in a fist to fight off brothers who were “helping” her learn to walk. My youngest walked about 11 months because I did a much better job of keeping her older siblings from helping.

  9. My experience is early mover/walker, late talker – for all four of my children. Two of them actually needed speech therapy, but they could swing from the drapes before their first birthdays 🙂

  10. Hi, I’m a lurker too. I have no children myself – sigh -, but once during my studies I heard that in some places in Africa the mothers regularly “work out” their babies so that most of them start to walk at 5 months. I wonder if the early walkers mentioned here had also somebody doing some phys ed program with them or was it all spontaneous? Here the doctors say that walking before 9-10 months is bad for the baby’s back, at least one friend whose son started walking at 7,5 months got a lecture in this topic from her doctor.

  11. I rolled at day 2 creeped at 2 months and said da da at 2 months. Walked at 7 months. Got the photos to prove it. My daughter did it at 6 months. My husband 5 months walking around furniture according to his mother. She has a photo of him holding a chair standing at that age. He was just little feller too!

  12. Dear Kim,

    I haven’t had any early walkers out of five so far, BUT… I DO have a perfectly “normal” baby, my youngest who just took her first steps yesterday at over 21 months of age.

    Now that is just absurd in my opinion. I’ve never heard of a baby taking so long to walk!

    How about a poll on a LATE blooming walkers? I would like to think that there are more people out there, with children who break the record in the other direction.
    Although truthfully, I would not WISH for an early walker…
    …Then again…
    It would be nice if she’s really getting around before baby 6 arrives in a few more weeks!


  13. I voted – my son walked at 7 months. Then my daughter didn’t walk until her 10 month birthday, and I thought something was wrong with her! I’m one of five kids, and we all walked before 9 months of age… I didn’t realize until I had kids, and started hanging out with other new moms that the normal age is usually 13-18 months of age for walking!

    My son did everything early though – cut his first tooth at 2 months, sorted toys by color and size by 13 months, spoke in complete sentences by the age of two (and argued, to boot!), took the training wheels off his bike by 4 years, read at the age of 4… He was even the youngest patient to ever get diagnosed with strep throat in our pediatrician’s clinic, LOL (10 months old!).

    My daughter is more in the “normal” range of things, which I guess is why she was a “late walker” by our family’s standards. 🙂

  14. A friend of mine, who was realiable and honest, told me about her friend’s daughter who walked at 6 months. I never met the child, but I believed her. My oldest took a couple of steps at 7 months and walked at 8.

  15. My first child took off at 7 months. It was crazy. I was totally unprepared for walking baby. I have 4 children and they took off at 7, 8, 9 and 10 months in order. I say took off because that’s when they walked with purpose, you know.

  16. My brother was about 6 1/2 months when he started RUNNING lol. I was about 8 months and so was my sister.

  17. Michelle,
    Jonathan and Alaura were the 2 super-early walkers. All of us walked early, though. I was probably among the latest at 10 months. I think Mom thought there was something wrong with William, who didn’t walk til (gasp!) AFTER HIS BIRTHDAY.

  18. So Kim which siblings where the ones that walked earlier and was one of them Kyle? I tell you I think Noah might just turn out to be our earliest walker in an effort to get away from his love smothering sisters who want to smother him constently with love and hugs and attention.

  19. Mine is almost 9 months and hasn’t yet decided to take that first step (though she’s been cruising for about two months now, so we’re just waiting for her to go running off somewhere!).

  20. Christy Boyd says:

    My brother-in-law walked at 6months. Mom put him in the playpen and went to the basement with a load of laundry. As she was coming back up there stood Kenny at the top of the stairs. He fell and knocked out the 2 teeth he had. The doctor did not believe her and accused her of knocking out his teeth. Until she put him down and he ran across the floor. None of babies walked that early which is fine with me. The more I have the faster they seem to grow.

  21. Margaret says:

    I have seen a kid *running* at 7 months. Eep!

    Mine never take off before their first birthday, and they are very slow and cautious about it.

  22. I’m the lady with the 8 month old walker (Grant) and he talked quite early as well. Not just “Mama” or “Dada” but “Hey Mom can I have a cup of juice” at about 15 months.
    It’s quite odd, my next child was quite speech delayed, and he walked at 10 months. Just goes to show, every child is different!

  23. My earliest was 8 months but most of mine walked well at 11 months. I remember beings so happy since I was usually pretty pregnant by then!! 🙂

  24. whitney proctor says:

    Hi Kim! Fun poll…My 6 walked as follows….13mo, 14 1/2mo, 11 1/2mo, 15 1/2mo, 11mo, and 14mo. Very average family! My mom says I walked at 9 mo. and there are pics of me standing in the middle of a room. My best friend’s boy walked at 9 mo. and he was the earliest I’ve actually witnessed!

  25. Kacie,
    Bethany’s hair has us all guessing. It frequently seems to have a reddish tone, but if we look closely we can’t find the red. Then I convince myself that it’s just wishful thinking, until somebody like you asks the questions. 🙂

  26. My baby is 7.5 months old and not walking, so I can’t vote.

    I hope the little guy waits until I have the apartment mostly safe for him to explore without major catastrophe. I’m working on it, I promise!

    My sister walked at 9 months. Didn’t bother to crawl. She was outta there.

    BTW, does Bethany seem to have reddish hair, or can you tell yet?

  27. Out of my 10 kids, the earliest walker was 10 months, and the latest was 16 months. That darn 16 monther actually rolled over several times from front to back at 4 weeks old. And cut his first tooth at barely 4 months. Then he didn’t walk until 16 months, didn’t talk in an understandable language until nearly 3, and didn’t read until nearly 9!! At 4 weeks, we called him Superbaby…he must have gotten freaked out and decided to slow things down a bit. LOL!
    Dawn in SC

  28. I’m a lurker (sheepish grin). My oldest didn’t walk until he was 14 mo. He was just such a content baby and just would lay on the floor or sit up and play with his toys for hours. He loved things like the swing and a stationary walker type thing. My daughter walked at 7 mo. Very curious, not as content to be in one place. She didn’t like swings, seats, walkers. She was on the move very early. I think I like later walkers better. : )

    I found your blog from Meridith’s long ago. (if I remember correctly)

  29. I used to babysit a tiny little girl who was walking at 7 mo. At 9 mo. she would say “yes” and “no” very clearly and frequently, but had no idea what they meant. They moved away soon thereafter, so I don’t know about the late talker theory.

  30. I sometimes lurk and sometimes comment, but I don’t have any kiddos yet! 🙂

  31. My youngest walker started just before she turned 9 months, if I remember correctly. She was also an early talker, and it always surprised people, because she was a small baby; it looked like a 5 month old walking.
    The oldest to start so far is my youngest – all the others walked before the 1st birthday – he was just over a year.

  32. One of my kids walked at 12m but most of them (10 in all-well except the baby, she is 8m & not walking) become expert crawlers and don’t bother with walking at all until like 18 m and everyone starts to look concerned. It’s kind of hard on the knees of their pants, but other wise, I don’t mind them crawling around for a while. They all get it eventually. 🙂

    I guess I might be one of those lurkers you mentioned. I have commented from time to time, but it has been a while. So I thought I’d make a point to say “Hi”. I don’t know if you remember, it’s been a long time, but I go to that church up in Oregon you used to go to as a kid. 🙂

  33. my cousin’s daughter had nerve damage in one arm i saw her walking at 8 months but she had been walking for 2 months before that.

  34. Oh, I should add that this son rode a bike without training wheels off jumps at 4 years old.

  35. My middle son took several unassisted steps at seven months. I wasn’t new to this parenting thing so I told everyone,” don’t help him or encourage him at all”. So he really didn’t start steady walking until 9 months and then he just ran everywhere. Just curious, but did moms of early walkers find they were late talkers? He really didn’t say much until 2.
    This next one is hearsay so I didn’t enter it in the poll but my uncle walked at 5 months. My mom was playing with him in the living room and he stood up and walked across the room. She called out to her mother in the kitchen, ” Pat is walking!” Grandma called back,” Don’t tell fibs, Susan.’ But when she came and looked he was walking around the room.

  36. I walked at 7 months, hubby walked at 9, and our baby has yet to CRAWL at 8 months. She will likely be very, very average. 🙂

  37. Christina says:

    CoCo did at 6 and a half months she rolled at 6 weeks sat at 2 months crawled at three months, at 8 weeks if you put her standing at the couch she could hold on (I know sounds unreal I have her searching for our CD’s with her baby pics and will email them to you) she could pull up at 5 and a half months and the day I snaped the picture of her standing at 6 1/2 months she took off running, all my other kiddos welp not the norm have been over 18 months walking. CoCo never stops though she at 9 is always moving

  38. When I volunteered in the baby nursery in my teens, there was a little girl that came once or twice who was walking and running at 7 months. It looked so funny!! She was just a little peanut of a baby, too, so she looked even littler than she was!

  39. My oldest son, Grant, walked right before he turned 8 months. His birthday is April 30th, and he took his first steps on Christmas Day. He ran to the Christmas tree! So, 5 days before he was officially 8 months. He looked ridiculous and honestly we all laughed at him, because he looked so silly. He had a big sister he wanted to chase and I guess that was his inspiration. His older sister, Madeline, walked at about ten months. And my youngest son, Liam, walked at about 9 months. However, none of my kids got their first teeth until after they turned 1 year of age, far later than most people I know. Go figure!

  40. Out of my 8 two walked at 9 mos. All the rest between 10 and 13 mos. I walked at 8 mos. #4 walked at 11 mos and his ped orthopedist said his problem was exacerbated by him walking so early. I was a little surprised 11 mos was considered early.

  41. My youngest brother was born when I was in high school, so I kind of feel like he was my own kiddo! He walked at 6 months; my parents had thought their biological children walked early at 7/8 ish months and then their adopted little guy walked even earlier! They were shocked!


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