The good side of WalMart

It’s Friday so I”m out getting groceries today.  Consequently, you won’t be seeing much from me today.  With an hour commute each way to and from town, groceries are an all-day affair.

If you’re wondering why you’re hearing from me right now, we just stopped in at Vision Forum for a brief nursing break and a visit with hubby.  We’ll be back again when it’s time to pick him up and head home.  I like this Friday routine.  🙂

I learned something good about WalMart today.  I know a lot of people think poorly of WalMart for a variety of reasons, so it’s nice to have something nice to say about them.

I asked if they had any food-waste that I could have for my chickens, and they said no.  I’m a big girl.  I can take no for an answer.  But here’s what I really appreciated: the manager came out to explain to me exactly what happens to each type of waste!

  • The meat is pulled and frozen on the sell-by date, while it is actually still safe to eat for several more days.  They donate it to a local food pantry.
  • Unsold bakery/deli goods are also donated to a local distribution for the poor.
  • Any produce that goes bad before being sold is collected for a local wildlife preserve.

I was impressed.  I’m not an environmentalist, but I do think we need to exercise good stewardship over the resources God gives us.   This sounds like an excellent example.

I was even more impressed with the level of customer service displayed by the manager.  She could have just had someone tell me no, but she took time out of her day to explain why my request was being refused.

Isn’t it refreshing when somebody can tell you no in a way that actually makes you glad?


  1. im soo glad people are actually writing good thigs about wal-mart after all they do help alot of people that have kids they help kids themselfs and the help by making it a one trip day to do grocery and clothes and much more

  2. thank you for giving this info out! i shop at walmart cuz with 7 kids i need to save money AND it’s the only store in town!! -we live in a tiny town- and so many people try to make me feel bad about shopping there. so thanks! 🙂

  3. It’s great to see a good customer service story. After my recent trip to Japan where, as a culture, almost all people are kind, courteous, respectful, friendly and welcoming, I returned to the abrupt and obvious rudeness of the American way of life. We seem to think nothing of being unfriendly, unsympathetic to others’ needs. We take it for granted and mostly notice it by contrast as when we visit someplace else. The return was an eye opener for me.

    I so agree that we can all accept “no” better when it’s done respectfully. To take the time to explain makes all the difference. Bravo! And thanks for sharing a positive thought here.

  4. Good evening from Okinawa, Japan 🙂

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment for you…I stumbled across your blog recently, by clicking through links 4 or 5 sites back.

    I have to say, I am pretty much the direct opposite of you in all ways possible. Liberal, Jewish, at 25 concentrating on my career in HR and delaying children…the list goes on and on.

    I’ve read quite a few pages back, and I have to say that even though 99.5% of the time I (respectfully) disagree with your statement and opinions, I’m HIGHLY impressed with the thought, care, and research that you put behind them. While I don’t see it being likely that my viewpoints or ideas will change as a result of reading your posts, you do encourage me to think and challenge myself. And while so far, I have still determined that I am right 😉 I have a lot of respect and appreciation for your conviction and intelligence. You’ve acquired a new loyal follower.

    Your family is lovely–whether or not people agree with you or your beliefs, we should ALL be able to agree that you’re doing something right. 🙂

    G-d bless.

  5. In response to Bri, who has noticed meat at Wal Mart customer service waiting “to be returned to the meat section”:
    I was told by customer service at Wal Mart that ALL returned food items must be thrown away. I would certainly have hoped that this was the case with meats and other perishables. You never know how those items were handled once taken out of the store. I was surprised though to learn that the policy even extended to canned goods. It’s a food safety issue. Not to mention, lawsuit protection for Wal Mart!

  6. Its good to hear that they are doing those kinds of things. Walmart does a lot of things to help the environment and other things too (that’s not to say there isnt a lot of waste tho). When you walk thru the store, take some time to examine not just the products on its shelves but the store itself. The ceiling has skylites and dimming lights so that during the peak daytime hours when it is brightest outside the store doesn’t waste electricity on lighting. The refridgerated cabinets have LED lights that don’t heat up as much as the other lights. They have been building stores smarter for the last 5 years at least and retrofitting the older stores to make them more efficient.

    I lived around and worked for Walmart Home Office for 6 years until this year so I got to see a lot of the things they were trying out on their stores. Walmart used the 20 something stores closest to HO as guinnea pigs. 🙂

  7. Praise God! So glad to hear this ~ like you said it’s not that often you hear something good coming by way of “retail-topia” :o)


  8. Keri Cochran says:

    Good for Wal-Mart! I hope that is their policy across the board. Thanks for finding something positive to share.

  9. I wonder if your Walmart does better than mine with their meat? The Walmart near my house has, on every occasion I have been there, had returned/deserted raw meat sitting in shopping carts at customer service to be returned to the meat section. Unsanitary and makes me a bit ill to see 🙁 Good to know that they aren’t wasting the produce and bakery items!

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