The Headmistress always makes me angry

I love The Common Room blog, but I always come away steaming mad.  Being informed on political matters often has that effect, it seems.

I don’t tend to keep up with politics unless an issue hits me in the head or the gut.  There are certain advantages to keeping one’s head in the sand.


  1. I am confused- if it was not illegal for the hospital to turn you away, why could you or should have have sued?

    If what they did was illegal- well, there we are. That’s what I said.

  2. “I don’t believe you know anybody who is dead because an American hospital refused to treat them. It is illegal in this country to turn somebody away from life-saving care because they cannot pay.”

    Wrong. you may if it is a private hospital. I was turned away in GA. I had to drive (or actually be driven) to CT where my regular doc was at the time. They carried me in and my pulse ox was 87. I should have sued.

  3. Leigh,
    The Headmistress has very ably answered you about healthcare, so I’ll take the bait and digress a bit on the topic of taxation and government authority.
    You said, “Where that logic leads us is to a zero-taxation/user-pay system, which, in every sense is unjust for the poor. That’s just not something my faith let’s me get behind..”
    If you are a Christian, you need to make sure your faith and your definition of justice are built on God’s Word and not your own feelings or opinions.
    God gives the civil government very specific areas of authority. When the government goes beyond those areas and taxes the people to support those additional programs, that is theft.
    Our society is built around that system and it may be hard to imagine things working differently, but that doesn’t make it ok.
    People forget that our nation did very well for most of its history without income taxes. The first (extremely small) income tax was a temporary emergency measure to help fund WWI.
    People forget that the church and the general population used to feed the poor instead of the government.
    If we weren’t being taxed a hundred different ways with less than 50% of our income left when it’s all said and done, more of us would have the means to help the poor and less of us would be poor.
    If we didn’t expect the government to feed the poor, we would feel a need to do it ourselves. Instead, many churches are counseling members to go get food stamps.
    Our welfare government cripples the rich by taxing away their incentive to save, invest and earn; it cripples employers by taxing them out of business; it cripples the middle class when it destroys the businesses that hire them; and cripples the poor when it removes their incentive to find work by paying them to stay home.

  4. I don’t believe you know anybody who is dead because an American hospital refused to treat them. It is illegal in this country to turn somebody away from life-saving care because they cannot pay.

    My daughter didn’t have insurance when she required a trip from one hospital to another in the ambulance, multiple scans, testing, and surgery on her pancreas. Nobody even hinted that they would turn her away for lack of insurance. Everybody worked with her to make payment plans she could manage, and several reduced their fees drastically (the first hospital waived their fees altogether). This is fairly common.

    As for reading the bill- Obama said he’s not familiar with the details, and I don’t think there’s a single Democrat pushing for it who has read it. I haven’t finished it, but I know I’ve read more of the bill than the politicians pushing it They are voting on bills they haven’t read. And Obama made deals with the big pharmaceutical companies behind closed doors- and then lied about it.

    So I would like to know, please, some specific details- what information about this bill is a lie from a big pharmeceutical company, and how you know this. You have made some accusations, but given no specifics. It’s a thousand page bill (or more), so it would be helpful, when telling us to read the bill for ‘correct’ information if you would tell us what information we have is false and where in the bill the correct information is.


  5. When you say, the health care plan is bad because it violates God’s law, I assume you mean that it violates the commandment against stealing. (Perhaps there are others you mean though?)
    Not sure how your state, and municipality / regional district strucutre your taxes, but I imagine you pay them on a number of other things that are both similiar and dissimiliar to health care. For instance, roads, or water. Following your logic all instances of taxation are theft, and therefore a violation of God’s law. Where that logic leads us is to a zero-taxation/user-pay system, which, in every sense is unjust for the poor. That’s just not something my faith let’s me get behind.
    Regarding taxation, I always try to remember that we’re also called to give to Caesarnwhat is Caesar’s, and that the money entrusted to me was never mine in the beginning – first because it is a gift from God, and second, because it bears the mark of Caesar.
    I know you have many mouths to feed, and many backs to clothe. I also know you are incredibly blessed with a community that would rally around you in the event of a tragic health event in your family. There are so many who do not have that.
    Much of the information about Obama’s health care plan is actually misinformation. In this age, it can be so difficult to find unbiased, correct information at the best of times. Right now however, what is of concern to me is that most of the misinformation about this health care plan is coming straight from the mouths (and the incredibly deep pockets) of big pharmaceuticals. And as much as i mistrust politicians, I’d rather have them making decisions about how to deliver and pay for (or not) health services than big pharmaceutical companies. But I digress, the point i wanted to make was that you should go to the source – read the bill itself.

  6. I don’t know how I feel. I am sick as a dog today. I would say the flu, but it is summer and this is so much worse. As I lay on the couch in pain, unable to eat…feeling woozy. My kids are angels. They bring me water to take my medicine that I acquired on-line instead of from a real live doctor. I called the FDA to see if it was illegal first of course, it’s “technically” not was the reply if you really need it. So I do the best I can with Google, on-line pharmacies, and and the occasional check up from a doctor. Just to clarify, I am normally never sick so this has hit me out of no where.

    I read an article that said in wired, that the placebo effect, works just as good as many medicines. In the back of my mind, I hope it works for me. I talk to my husband about it, and he remarks this is how actual healing occurs from religious experiences. It even helps depression, pain, blood pressure, etc…

    My point is this: I wish I didn’t HAVE to take care of my health care this way. However, it gives me hope when they say the placebo effect heals.

  7. I absolutely agree with Obama that we are “God’s partners.” We are all called by God to be partners in stewarding creation, comforting the sick and weary, serving the poor and loving all people. God is 100% in control, but our hands and feet are required.
    Obama’s health care plan will ensure that everyone has a basic level of health coverage. That is a great example of how we, as taxpayers and with resources God has trusted us with, can partener with God to serve. I can’t even count the number of people I know who have had their lives financially destroyed because they didn’t have insurance coverage, and are now crippled with debt. Or worse, are dead because doctors/hospitals wouldn’t treat them.
    God bless Obama.

    • Leigh,
      Charity is a great service to God and our fellow man, but it’s not charity when the government forcibly takes money from one citizen to give it to another. That’s theft, plain and simple. There are many reasons that Obama’s plan is a bad, bad, bad idea, but first and foremost is that it violates God’s law.

  8. I can only take a wee bit of politics before I get overwhelmed and stressed and worried about the future for the sake of my children and children’s children. I always have to calm myself down by remembering that God is in control, and no matter how bad this world gets, someday we will be in a perfect heaven with Him.


    Ok. I feel better now. It feels like every day gets worse.

  10. I always knew he had a God complex.

    I am a little scared to read the CPSIA one. So much for reusing and recycling huh.

  11. God needs a partner doesn’t He? *eye roll* especially BHO as a partner!


  12. *I* get bloodpressure issues writing.;-/

    As one of my commenters pointed out, when running for election Candidate Obama said that matters of life and death were over his paygrade. Now he’s “God’s Partner.”

  13. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with “blood pressure issues” after reading The Headmistress.

  14. Uhh… I’m thinking God is a Sole Proprietorship.

  15. I can only listen to political things for a short while before I have to stop so that I can still function in my home, evenso being informed and angry isn’t enough. So I allow it to move me to action ( prayer, letters to my congress people, donations to appropriate organizations, etc.) and then I move on. Dwelling on such sickening stuff immobilizes me but my family still needs to eat and have clean clothes- go figure.

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