Poll: late walkers

The poll on early walkers was fun and we learned a lot.  Thanks to everyone who took time to participate!

I have a friend who thinks her boy is a sure winner when it comes to late walkers, so here’s a new poll for you.  Since developmental delays often contribute to late walking, please answer based on your latest non-developmentally delayed child.

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Our latest was 15 months.  I thought it was pretty unusual at the time, but I was fresh out of my parents’ house where babies walked at 7 months.  Now I know that things work a little differently, so don’t be afraid of shocking me.  I can take it.  Anyway, I still think my friend’s son can totally beat yours in this poll.

If you’re feeling self-conscious for the sake of your child, take heart.  Research indicates that children who crawl longer tend to do better in math, spelling, and spatial skills.


  1. My oldest was sometimes between 15 and 18 months… she was really chunky and was in no rush to walk! 😉

  2. Oh, and my youngest 3 were all scooters – no crawling. I’m due with my sixth in November, and I imagine this next one will be his/her own person, too! Probably walk at 6 mo., or something!

  3. I’ve never been concerned about my late walkers. My children walked at 15 mo., 15 mo., 22 mo., 21 mo., 20 mo. I was not worried – not like everyone else in society around us! It got old after a while, other people’s “concern”. None of my children have been “late developers” in any other way.
    Frankly, I like that my children were not very mobile early! A lot easier to keep an eye on them! 🙂

  4. Children who walk later also have less injuries. My latest walker (he also didn’t sit till he was 11 mos old) was 13 mos.

  5. Genevieve says:

    my nephew didn’t walk till 18 months, and he didn’t crawl either! he did the commando crawl thing instead, scooting around on his bottom

  6. my eldest started at 12months, which is neither early nor late, and current bub is 6 months with no interest in sitting let alone walking, so i dont count, but my cousin didnt start till she was nearly three. she also never crawled, just scooted herself around on her bottom. she was a teeny tiny bub at birth aparently, but not developmentally delayed, just lazy.

  7. Whew! I misread the order and now wee the 24 month-ers!
    It is nice to know Carolina is “early”! 😉
    And… wouldn’t it be great if someone in our family was good at “spacial skills” ?

  8. Oh yay! You’re polling the privileged momma’s of late walkers!
    Carolina is over 21 months and taking her first steps.
    I’m interested to hear the age of your friends son since out of 91 voters so far, I win hands down as the only one in that late age range.
    This is not something I expected to gain any gratification from, but I’ll take what I can get 😉

  9. Our latest was 15 months. I was convinced that he could walk if he wanted to but saw no reason to give up the free ride. He proved me right when I bribed him with m&m’s. He started walking immediately. I was 7 months pregnant at the time, so I was much relieved. -)

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