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I am saving for a Border Collie.  The reason I want a Border Collie is we have some friends that have a dog that we think might be part Border Collie. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen!! And on our way up to Branson MO we visited several people and it just happened that most of them had Border Collies.   So I hope to get one soon. I love dogs!!!

I have several things for sale,

  1. Under Drake’s Flag. The top two corners a little banged up but not very bad at all. Regular price $22. Will sell for $10.
  2. The World of the Trapp Family. The bottom right corner is dinged up a little but besides that it is in like new condition. Regular price $25. Will sell for $12.
  3. American History to 1865 by R. J. Rushdoony. 1,080 minutes on 37 discs.  There is some cosmetic damage, but the CD’s themselves are in perfect condition.  Regular price $150. Will sell for $75. SOLD
  4. Glenbrook Valley Train Set.  Like this one. There are a couple of empty spots in the styrofoam, but we looked carefully at the list of contents and it looks like everything is included.  We think you should take a chance on it – this could be a great deal!  manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $340.  Will sell for $70.
  5. Casey Jones Train Set. The box has a little shelf wear, but the electric train set is new. Regular price $150. Will sell for $80.
  6. Self Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse. The box is a little worn but the dollhouse itself is new. Regular price $139.  Will sell for $80.  SOLD

Shipping on books is $3 for the first and $1.50 for each additional.  Shipping is included on other items.  Please check our For Sale page for other new stuff from me and my sisters at very good prices.


  1. I’ve never left a comment her before but thought I would now!:)
    I have a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix and she is a great dog!:) She’s nearly 3 years old still acts quite a bit like a puppy….very playful and full of energy.
    Sorry about the fact that I can’t buy anything at this time!:) Hopefully you meet your goal and are able to get your dog.

  2. Hi, I’m interested in buying the dollhouse. Can you please contact me regarding shipping and how I pay you via paypal.


  3. Hiya!
    I’m eleven and I have a two-year-old border collie. She is great 🙂 We got her from a breeder somewhere in Illinois.
    I hope you get your border collie soon!


  4. Hi Lydia~

    I’m interested in the American History CD set. Just let me know what I need to do to purchase it. Thanks!


  5. We have a two and a half year old border collie, Izzy. She is so sweet. Our lives have changed for the better because of her. She is a lot of work though – more so than most dogs. She requires LOTS of walking, running, and ball chasing as well as mental training. We don’t mind though, she is worth it. I hope you find as much enjoyment with your border collie as we have with ours.
    Oh, my daughter just started a blog about Izzy that might interest you:

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