Beach Trip, part 2: the photos

My first beach post was sadly lacking in photos because the camera and computer were giving each other the cold shoulder. Now they have kissed and made up, so we can move ahead.

Bethany loved every minute of the day.  She was equally content on somebody’s hip or on her own two feet.  She was in the water, out of the water, watching us contentedly from her shady towel-tent, and napping while the rest of us played some more.  She helped herself to an endless supply of animal crackers and sand-encrusted watermelon.

As you might have expected, The Boy was a crazy man.  He ran endlessly up and down the beach, playing in the water, chasing the birds, taking care of Bethany, and smearing wet sand onto anybody who didn’t see him coming. 

Rachael was as sweet as ever, floating and bobbing happily on the waves all day long.

The rest of the kids were a blur.  They chased wildlife and waves, built sandpeople, buried each other, wrinkled their noses at the pit toilets.

Quote of the day: “Whaddya mean the bathrooms are too far?  You can pee in this pool!”

I thought that was pretty clear, but maybe not.  The Boy still came to me when he had to go.  I told him he could go in the ocean, so he stood on the sand, dropped his pants, and went.  That boy.


  1. wonderful pictures Kim, I love them. I think the greatest part is that there is nobody else anywhere to be seen in the pics and the weather is just gorgeous, what a great location!!

  2. Wow!!! Tell Kait she did a great job!!!

  3. I was going to comment on the swim dresses too, but everyone beat me to it. They’re great!

    What I’d also like to know is how you guys dealt with the logistics of keeping a watchful eye on all the little ones at the ocean. I’m always a nervous wreck when we go because the waves can come up so fast. Did you use some sort of buddy system?

    • Lauren,
      I’m a nervous wreck at lakes, pools and rivers, but the was actually pretty easy. There was nobody else around, nowhere to hide, the water dropped off very gradually, and gulf waves are pretty gentle. All of these factors made it very easy to maintain visual contact.
      We have a good ratio of swimmers to nonswimmers these days, so there were 8 of us who could swim keeping an eye on the 3 who couldn’t.
      We made sure Rachael and the boy wore a swim vest, and the baby spent most of her time being passed from one set of arms to another, or perched on her chair-towel tent.

  4. Just so good. Thank you for the photographs of your family enjoying creation to the max!!!!!! I’m waaaay in the UK but this seems so close. I grew up by the sea in Wales but ours is very cold…… (but we still went in)…. and shivvvvvvvvered (but it was worth it).

    Kindest regards

  5. Looks like you all had a blast. I LOVE your suits as well. We buy our girls swim wear from Lands End. They make girls swim shorts and lined swim shirts. If you get them when they are on clearance you can get great deals. And the best part is that Lands End holds us SO well, I can pass them down.

  6. My girls all have similar suits to those. In case Kaitlyn does not start her own business, here is a link. It is where we buy suits for all the females in our family.

  7. Love the bathing suits!! We have been using boys bottoms and rash guard shirts for our girls (and Boys). These are so much more feminine. Please tell us more!!!!

  8. how awesome! everyone looks like they had a great time and Bethany is just TOO cute! love her towel tent chair!
    The girls’ swimsuits are great too… Kaity did a fantastic job on them!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach!
    Also, I love Kaitlyn’s swimsuits! They are very pretty and modest, lots of sun protection too. Maybe you could post a tutorial or a pattern for sale? I would love to make them for my girls.

  10. Us girls have some of those suits too. Except it looks like you you shortened the leggings, unless you got them from somewhere else. For whoever would like a look at the site who has suits like those, here it is:

    And Kim, if that isn’t where you got the suits, please do tell us. As I would like to know too.

    • A & Maranda,
      My daughter Kaitlyn designed those suits and made them for her sisters. Aren’t they great? She has made both one-piece and two-piece versions.

  11. I was curious about the girls suits as well. Maybe you could give us a better look at the suits themselves. I really like them. 🙂

  12. Looks like fun! I love your girls’ suits! Did you make them or buy them?

    Bethany W in mid-MO, who has no chance of going to an ocean in the coming months/years

  13. I am so delighted for your family, that you got to share this wonderful day together. Our family lives an hour’s drive from beautiful Lake Michigan, so we think a day at the beach is about the most fun a family can have.

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