Our beach trip

I asked you to check this post again later for more photos because we couldn’t upload from the camera til we got home.  Now there are so many great photos, I can’t bring myself to bury them in an old post.  They’re in a new one! 

Today was our first-ever family trip to the gulf coast.  We did go the beach once in Oregon 7 years ago, but it was spring and COLD. I don’t think anybody actually touched the water, and we only stayed for an hour or two.  It was beautiful and frigid.

Today was different: not as beautiful, but the weather was perfect.  Lest you think I’m complaining about the beauty levels, let me just say that oceans are like pizza and a few other good things in life: even when they’re bad, they good.  And this was not a bad beach!

We aspired in a laid-back sort of way to leave the house at 6:30 this morning, but we didn’t actually pull out until a little after 8.  That’s ok.  We only had a 3 1/2 hour drive, so before lunch time we were pulling into Mustang Island State Park.

We packed a lot of food, but I think everybody forgot to eat.  We’re bringing home nearly as much as we took.  There was just too much to do!

The beach was nearly empty and we were able to drive right down to the water’s edge – as close as we dared.  There were just a few other vehicles, spaced at intervals of several hundred feet.  As soon as the engine was shut off, the kids were out the door and gone.

The water was perfect, and so was the weather.  We swam and waded, sat on the beach watching the wildlife, splashed in self-made pools.

We realized we forgot to apply sunblock.

The wildlife was amazing!  Each time a wave hit, the shore was absolutely covered with what looked like tiny polished agates of varying colors.  They were pink, orange, purple, blue, yellow, green.  But as we watched, they all disappeared beneath the surface of the sand.  They were tiny clams!

We saw chipmunks.

We caught shrimp and hermit crabs.  We spotted and avoided moonjellies in the water, and rescued them on the shore.

We realized that we had still forgotten to apply sunblock to the redhead.

We watched as graceful terns and huge, majestic brown pelicans dove for fish all around us.  We were surrounded and stalked by gulls and more terns.  We stalked a great blue heron, who casually lifted off when Megan was just 7 feet away.  We saw what we think were varieties of sandpipers and/or snipes – can’t wait to get home and check the field guide!

Near the end of the day, Megan found a small but complete sand dollar.

And then it was time to go home.


  1. Patti Wiley says:

    The little clams you have a video about are called coquinas and are common in Florida. Here is a web page with more info on them.


    Glad your family enjoyed the beach. It’s always so much fun.

  2. the jug trick is a great one, or bottled water if you don’t have those jugs. once you’re all showered at the rinse station, all you have to do is put your bottom in the car while your feet hang out and rinse the sand off your feet!

    Mustang island is great! I was there in high school.

    We Texans don’t have the most beautiful beaches in the world, but at least if you go once school is in session, there wont be tons of people there.

  3. Looks like you had a really great time!

  4. an answer to how to get the sand out- don’t get sand in it in the first place,lol, or at least as little as possible!

    when we go to the beach we always take empty gallon jugs, rinse off at the rinse station and fill the jugs up, then when you get back to the car you rinse off your feet with the water 🙂

    not perfect, but it sure does help to keep most of the sand out!

  5. that sounds like such a great day! a trip to the beach sounds wonderful. I hope to go to one someday.
    if anyone is sunburned, you can put some coconut oil on it and it will stop the burn, heal it and it won’t peel either.

  6. We have a redhead that can burn with SPF50 on. We make him wear a tee shirt even in the water. I’ve heard that taking good amounts of Omega3 gives you natural sunscreen but in practice it’s the kids who look like their Portuguese great grandpa not their Irish one that have the natural SPF.

  7. What a great day! Those are memory builders for sure!

  8. Awww!!! NO FAIR! I’m so jealous (or is it envious?) of you guys. 🙂

    Can’t wait for more pictures!!! 😉

  9. My family and I were at this exact beach 6 months ago. Except it was frigid the day we were there – because of the wind.

  10. Sounds like a fun trip! How do you get all the sand out of your car at the end of the day/trip?

    • celee,
      Get the sand out? Do we really strike you as the sort of family to know the answer to that question? I’ll be happy if we can just remember to get the breakfast burritos out of the van by the end of the week.

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