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So WHY should we trust him?

So WHY should we trust him?


  1. I am usually just a spectator and not a participant, but I really wanted to speak up on this one. Obama is not looking out for our best interests. Obama has not been straight forward. Bush takes a lot of crap , but you can’t claim that Obama is cleaning up the Bush mess without realizing Bush had messes he inherited also. There are many things that need to be addressed but I don’t feel Obama is doing so competently. I don’t need a meaningful statement, I need real assurance. And if “torture” of a few is what it takes to save the lives of thousands or hundreds of thousands, then so be it. I agree with Kathleen in that I am not impressed with turning out these terrorists. Do you think they have been rehabbed? How about the illegal immigration problem? If you want to come here, do the legal way and pay your taxes too. I have no desire to support millions when I am barely making end meets. I have paid my taxes and into SS my entire adult life, but will see no return from it. And my healthcare is just that-mine. I don’t want the government to decide for me. @ Brandie you say “cuz right now the insurance CEOs and the stock holders are the ones who decide if grandma gets chemo”, but who do you think will be deciding now? Do you want politicians making that decision? REALLY? This goes hand in hand with supporting illegals. The government cannot give anything they haven’t already taken from us. How long before the hard working folks are fed up and the whole nation collapses? How many bailouts are you willing to finance? How many illegals? Terrorists? How about cutting out some politician perks in an effort to put money back in the budget? How many politicians get a free ride? While in office and after? How about a makeover to the judicial system to cut out some of the crap lawsuits that waste our money? How about drug testing for welfare? How about a minimum amount of time and # of children supported on welfare? How about taking some pointers from Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ? How about taking away some of the unnecessary prison perks? That would save a few bucks. There are so many issues that Obama could and SHOULD address. Instead he is playing golf and making apologies which is crap if you ask me. And Brandie, I feel playing the race card is ridiculous and a lame defense.

  2. Well….as far as the withdrawl from Iraq. My husband was there 2007-08 and just got back from his second tour. They are on Bush’s timeline. As for his idiotic blurb about a set date they will be out of Afganistan–that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Guatanamo Bay–I personally don’t think closing it was a good idea. I’m not saying he hasn’t accomplished anything good, but I honestly can’t think of too many positives. If you made a list of positives and negatives, I think your list will be hopelessly lopsided–very heavy on the negatives! I feel bad. I have an African American son and was excited about having an AA president. It has been very disappointing.

  3. @Theresa-
    (-Ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay military detention facility and abolishing “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e., torture)-) umm it is a known fact that if these TORTURE techniques that were used prevented another 9/11 attack in los angeles that was planned. and before the waterboarding was used the man was basically thumbing his nose at the americans interrogating him,telling them they would see what would happen next soon.
    (-Set a fixed timetable for withdrawing U.S. combat forces from Iraq)guess what ,withdrawing troops isn’t going to fix anything.my husband is in the army and has been deployed both to iraq and afghanistan and you know what his thought was on iraq when he returned home,we should bomb the whole country because even the children there are taught to hate us and they are not going to stop their attacks on us and if we aren’t there keeping them in their country they will be right back over here blowing us up again!
    (-Ordered 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and enlisting new assistance from European allies in a new multi-layered strategy there and in Pakistan)hmmm i think presidant bush would have approved of this dont u?

    (-Forged a meaningful statement from the United Nations criticizing North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile) thats crap and u know it,the countries of the world are starting to realize that Obama is not going to do anything to stop them…he can talk all he wants but words only get u so far!

    And as to the HUGE mess left by Bush,we could say he did a pretty good job considering the HUGE mess left by Clinton!

  4. What’s most intriguing about this post and the comments are that while you guys are happily jumping on the Fox “news” (if I dare say that’s what it really is) bandwagon and bemoning this president and everything that is going on in DC, nary one of you has brought forth any ideas on how to fix things. How do you suggest fixing the economy? Providing health care for everybody? And if not everybody gets health care (since many of you believe health care is not a right, it is a priviledge) then who gets the healthcare, and who gets to die? Are you ready to make that decision, cuz right now the insurance CEOs and the stock holders are the ones who decide if grandma gets chemo, and trust me, more often than not, she doesn’t. You complain because he is a democrat, yet
    what are the republicans offering? where are your great ideas? If you can fix things, do it, otherwise you are just talking the talk. OOOOORRRR- maybe it’s just cause he’s black? I know a lot of you right-wingers hate black people, just like you say he hates white people and he’s a racist. I say it takes one to know one- maybe you think you’re seeing something that you recognize in yourselves. Really- you say you hate him because he won’t outlaw abortions, you think he’s muslim, not born in America, etc. Really, don’t you just hate people who aren’t lily-white? Do you have a mem bership in the John Birch Society or the KKK? Hopefully I’m wrong. Just a thought.

  5. ooooh….I meant this as “one year in office down, three to go”. Some days I just want to get it over with…….

    It’s not really facing reality to just *wish* it was over, but some days, well, it’s hard to face the Obama-reality. Ugh.

  6. “One down, three to go”

    Yes, this is what I’m thinking a lot lately….I just pray our country can survive three more years of this.

  7. Re: Kathleen–he has only been in office for 9 months!!! At least give him 2 years.

  8. In regards to Theresa’s above comment, I offer the following observations. Oh yes, releasing known terrorists is SUCH and accomplishment! Gee, I already feel safer!
    Does the Chicago mafia count as a lobbyist group? Because their role in politics certainly has not been diminished. Maybe they have their own category, though.
    “Forged a meaningful statement….criticizing North Korea’s…” I can tell N. Korea
    REALLY paid attention to this “meaningful statement”.
    Funny, haven’t heard much about withdrawing from Iraq lately. As it turns out war doesn’t respond well to meaningless mantras like, “hope and change”. Turns out that bullets are real things that really kill people, including our soldiers *gasp*.
    “Engaged with world leaders in…Turkey, Latin America…” Let’s see are you talking about the world ” I apologize that America exists tour”? Or the one where O. opined on the greatness of the subjugation of muslim women?
    And as far as Latin America goes, under O.’s lack of leadership we are seeing the rise of one of the kookiest regimes of the century in Venezuela…with nary a peep about human right violations or free speech violations from our brave president, the guardian of democracy and the free world. Did you mean to say “ignore” rather than “engage”? This President has no great accomplishments. NONE.

  9. The point of the cigarette tax isn’t to try to force people to quit smoking; it’s to provide health insurance for innocent children who live in poverty. If you have a vice, especially one that jeopardizes the health of others, there is a price to pay for it. Can you clarify how you think the government is profiting off of their addition? I guess you could say maybe sick children are, but like I said, there is a price to pay for your vices.

  10. “Signed laws to expand children’s health insurance (financed by a 61-cent per pack increase in the federal cigarette tax)”

    am I the only one who is appalled by this?

    a few will quit smoking because that makes it too expensive. a few.

    most will continue because they are addicted. most.

    the government is *counting* on very few dropping out, because otherwise they can’t continue to finance this without the revenue increase brought by the taxes.

    smoking is detrimental to your health and sometimes deadly.

    since they are counting on people continuing to smoke, they are profiting off their bad health and death.

    I’m not saying smokers shouldn’t quit. I’m just saying the government is profiting off their addictions, and that’s unethical, to say the least.

  11. You need to remember that he is cleaning up from the previous president. Keep in mind that the stimulus package that so many conservatives are compaining about was started before he was in office.

  12. We should NOT trust him. Definitely not. UGH, one down and three to go?

  13. My kids and I do a wisdom trait a week. This week it is trustworthy. Our verse is: “Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” Proverbs 20:11

    Words don’t mean squat. It is your actions that define whether you are trustworthy. Do you do what you say you will? So far Pres. Obama gets a big red X accompanied by an annoying buzzer sound.

  14. I agree with this one….trust me both sides of the isle are unhappy about what is going on.

  15. Lisa Beth W. says:

    We shouldn’t. Trust God and the way He will work through even this liar, but don’t trust the president. No way.

  16. For the sake of a fair discussion, maybe you should also list all the promises he has kept good on and his accomplishments as well – you might be able to answer this question yourself. He has been in office for less than a year, and he’s already started to tackle some big issues in that short time, not to mention dealing with the huge mess left by the former president Bush.

    Here is a short list of some of Obama’s accomplishments and kept promises so far during his short time in office:
    -Ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay military detention facility and abolishing “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e., torture)
    -Set a fixed timetable for withdrawing U.S. combat forces from Iraq
    -Ordered 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and enlisting new assistance from European allies in a new multi-layered strategy there and in Pakistan
    -Signed laws to expand children’s health insurance (financed by a 61-cent per pack increase in the federal cigarette tax)
    -Signed a law to improve the ability of women to fight alleged pay discrimination by their employers
    -Diminished the role of lobbyists in the White House
    -Forged a meaningful statement from the United Nations criticizing North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile
    -Lifted travel and remittance restrictions for Cuban Americans who seek to travel more frequently to the island and send more US currency to their immediate family
    -Engaged with world leaders in Europe, Turkey, Latin American, and the Caribbean

    I could go on.

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