Emily Bear

If you haven’t heard this amazing little pianist, then you’re really missing out.

Emily Bear is 7 now, and has released 3 CDs in the past years.  You can also find Emily Bear on Amazon, where you can download individual songs for $.99.  Below are some of her own original compositions.  I find her music to be very soothing, yet interesting.  I imagine it would be very good background music for difficult work.

Maybe if I had music like this playing in the background at my house, I could remember…well…stuff that I forgot…I’m not sure what stuff.

ht to Natalie Wickam


  1. she’s the real star. i really like listening to her playing. i wish my daughter could play piano like her.
    thanks emily for giving us chance to hear such beautiful music. good luck. never stop playing.

  2. She is amazingly gifted, and I hear alot about her in the news since we both live in the same city. My concern with her is that she has been on the Ellen show several times to perform and wrote a piece of music just for Ellen as a gift for her lesbian marriage.

  3. WOW. I am blown away.

  4. Not only is Emily the sweetest young lady you could ever meet she plays at a level that any adult piano player would thrive for, and whats more amazing she keeps getting better ever time I hear her, if this keeps up by the time she’s an adult she have no equal,
    I love your music Emily keep it coming

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