My grand idea

I woke up with The Best Idea Ever.

Remember when we were wondering how to fit our kids more comfortably into their 2 smallish rooms?  We talked about stacking them higher, or building a loft over the bedrooms.  We kicked around the idea of triple or even quadruple bunks, and where to put them.

We even talked about finding a way to fit them all in one room and turning the other into a library, thus freeing up all the space in the rest of the house that is currently cluttered crowded consumed by books.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

The 2 bedrooms are nearly 12×12 each, and each houses 4 children plus assorted pets and a baby.  The beds are, of course, the biggest piece of furniture in each room: bunkbeds with a full on the bottom and a twin on top.

We’re going to build-in a set of shelves that runs the entire length of the room, just behind the door.  They will probably be 24-28″ deep.  It will be over 11 feet long, and 4 levels high.  Each shelf will sleep 2 children, feet-to-feet.  If they enjoy each other’s company and/or want to share a booklight or alarm clock, they could choose to sleep head-to-head.

The beds will be built of wood, probably similar to the storage shelves the girls and I built under the house for hubby’s birthday, though these won’t be hung from the ceiling.  We will buy thick comfy mattress pads to cut down for mattresses.  We have already done a bit of research for this part.  Three king size pads will be more than enough.

We will have 8 beds – or even 9, since 3 small children could sleep on the bottom level – on one side of one bedroom.  The kids love the idea!

We’re still working on other details:

  • Treasure boxes: I hope to leave a 12-18″ space underneath, which will be divided into cubbies for personal possessions.  Right now they each have a large cardboard box under the bed, which we refer to as a “treasure box.”
  • Clothes: Yikes.  We already have some very bad habits, and I have resolved to become a laundry nazi.  We’ll need to thin things severely and learn NOT TO TOSS CLEAN AND DIRTY LAUNDRY INDISCRIMINATELY ON THE FLOOR.  ahem.  Pardon my raised voice.  We will probably build cubbies on the opposite wall for underthings, and heavily thin the hanging clothes.  I would like to see our rundown dressers disappear entirely.
  • How to fund the project? We’re hoping you’ll pay for it, but don’t worry.  We have a very fun idea in mind!

Now, who thinks we’re crazier than ever?  Who wants to see pictures of the project when we start it?  Who wants to see my fundraising idea?


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