Review: Thirsties diaper covers

You probably remember that we switched to cloth diapers earlier this year.  I started with a big assortment of used items, sold by a kind reader at a very, very nice price.

I split them with my sister and never looked back, but our used items are beginning to show some heavy wear.  We’ve had to repair several of our Proraps, and they just don’t have much life left in them.  It was time to start looking at replacements.

On the recommendation of several readers, we recently got some Thirsties.  These are among the more moderately priced diaper covers, and claim to be the best-selling diaper cover on the market.  Based on the number of recommendations we received, I believe it!

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Oh, look.  My baby was helping with the post, and she knows how to spell my name!  Do you see it?  I always knew she was smart.  She must know that this post is about diapers, and therefore about her.

We have really enjoyed our Thirsties diaper covers.  The colors are adorable and they do the job, plain and simple.   They have gussets – a must for us, with our rather bulky prefolds.

I think the crossover tabs are brilliant and obvious.  Why doesn’t every cover on the market have those?

Ditto for laundry tabs, though we’re not used to them yet.   I’ll have to train my diaper-changing children to actually use them, right after I retrain myself.  If our old Proraps had laundry tabs, they might not need to be replaced already.

Like most diaper covers, size medium covers a lot of ground, from about 9 months until potty-training age for many children.  If you want even more sizing flexibility, pay a wee bit more for the Duo Wrap.  It has all the features of the standard cover plus snaps to quickly and easily change the rise.   Did I really just say wee while talking about diapers?

Just for fun, we also got one of their Fab Fitted diapers.  I have to be honest: I squealed just a little when it came.  I can’t explain the thrill of a soft-n-squishy raspberry colored diaper, but there you have it.  You’ll probably want to rub it on your cheek before you put it on the baby the first time.  I can almost guarantee that this diaper will be the first one to get used every time.  It’s not super absorbent, but is just fine for daytime use and is much trimmer than the prefolds that we normally use.

Speaking of absorbency, I have to confess one more thing: I think the Fab Doublers are irresistibly adorable too.  Why would I care if it’s cute when it’s going to completely hidden from view?  I don’t know, but I want them.

Now for the best part:


Thristies has generously offered to give one of our readers a Thirsties Cover and a Fab Fitted in their choice of colors!

To enter, just visit the Thirsties site to pick your favorite color for each.  While you’re there, consider sending Thirsties a quick thank you on their Contact Page for sponsoring the giveaway.  Then come back and tell us in a comment.   To enter up to 3 more times, tell your friends about this giveaway by linking to it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or your own blog.  Come back and leave another comment for each entry.


  1. My head is swimming with CD choices as I prepare for my first to arrive. I’d love the cover in celery and the diaper in aqua.

  2. Christina Coyle says:

    I LOVE the ocean blue color. My little ones look wonderful in it 🙂

  3. I sent a ‘thank you’ to Thirsties by email. They’re terrific for sponsoring the giveaway!

  4. I would choose Melon (ok, it really looks like orange, so…GO VOLS!), and aqua on the wrap. Together, they look like desert colors, so pretty.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway, I like the raspberry , aqua and candy pink! I hope I win, I want to try cloth diapers, still using disposables. 🙁

  6. Cassandra says:

    I like the periwinkle cover, and the lavender fitted diaper. I would love to try these dipaers, but money constraints keep me from investing in a whole bunch. (and I get all my diapers pretty much free with coupons/and or deals through stores- Cvs, Walgreens, etc…) I am expecting my 5th in May, so maybe I can save up between now and then? This would be a great start- and alas, I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or a blog, so I am out of luck. Just one little entry for me. Boo-hoo! Maybe this one entry will be all I need, though!

  7. Amanda Clark says:

    We would love to have the diaper cover in ocean and the fitted diaper in melon. My sister just received a meadow cover in the mail. She was able to buy it from Amazon with swagbucks! It was beautiful!! Thanks for offering this.

  8. Shannon Finer says:

    I’d pick Celery in both, thanks!

  9. Hmmm…. Since I’m expecting a girl in November I think I’d LOVE the raspberry, but then the sensible side of me says I would need to pick a color like Aqua so it could be used if I had a boy down the road….

  10. I love the Melon Cover and Rasberry Fab Fitted! These would be perfect for my first baby sis, due to arrive in November!

  11. i sent thirsties an email

  12. I love thirsties covers!! they are awesome!
    My fav cover color is the periwinkle, and my favorite Fab Fitted color is the periwinkle

  13. Oh, I like the melon cover and the raspberry fab fitted is beautiful. We started using cloth with baby number five and love it. I could use a few in girly colors, since we’re having a girl for the first time in sixteen years!

  14. Ok…I like “Celery” for both the Diaper Cover and the Fab Fitted.
    We have a nine month old baby boy (he is a peach!) and I”m sure these would come in handy.

  15. Ooh- I love thirsties. I have a few of their covers. I have never tried the fab fitteds. I like aqua for both. We’re 3 months along with this baby, so we don’t know what it will be yet.

  16. Girly colors!!!! Nearly everything we have is gender neutral 😉

  17. Candy pink and Raspberry, ok any girlie color would do/ Pregnant with # 8 and with 5 boys, I just can not wait to have a girl!!!!

  18. Ashley Miller says:

    I just posted it on facebook!

  19. My (only days to be born) first grandbaby will look gorgeous in both in aqua. I’m heading over to the site to check out all of the wonderful things to buy!

  20. Have a cloth diaper question: My plan is to use prefolds with Thirsties covers. I believe you use prefolds also. Do you need pins/snappis with this combo or can you go without?
    Thanks, Rebecca

  21. What a great giveaway! I would choose celery as we do not currently have any diapers in that color! Also, we have a boy now, but are hoping for more and celery would work for either gender. My husband would not support me choosing a pink color for our son right now 🙂 Although he did wear lavendar KL0s when newborn!


  22. Prefolds and wraps are the most economical way to cloth diaper. I’ve never tried thirsties wraps. I would choose periwinkle.

  23. We are currently using Bummis covers, but I love the colour choice in the Thirsties. Would love to try them.
    Our little girl likes the candy pink.

  24. I’m using Bummi’s covers right now. I have only one fitted diaper and we love it. I’d choose celery in both for my 7 month old boy. 🙂

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