Beans. Bleh.

If you’ve been reading our blog for long enough, you know I tend to blog less when I have morning sickness.  There’s a reason for that.

Beans for breakfast.  Beans for lunch.  Beans for dinner.  Lord, help me to be thankful for beans.

I blogged recently about the bean cure for morning sickness and I have to admit it really seems to be working for me.  At nearly 9 weeks, I have only thrown up once or twice.  This is absolutely unprecedented.  I know that the baby is still going strong because I’m tired all the time, my last pregnancy test was a fast strong positive, and I feel rotten if I try to eat normally.

I know it probably won’t work for everyone, but I have always thrown up a lot of bile.  If that describes your morning sickness, you should really give this a shot.

But I’m really tired of beans.  🙂

First, because I was feeling so good, I tried to eat more normal foods with small servings of beans regularly throughout the day.  I felt rotten, even when I had plenty of protein.  Then I tried to stretch the theory by eating very low fat foods that are high in soluble fiber – apples, brown rice, lean meat, veggies.  That’s when I got sick.

Pinto beans seem to be the gold standard.  I tried black beans, but they were so heavy I felt very “ugh” after eating them.  Butter beans and garbanzo beans just didn’t sit well.  I still plan to try lentils, which have far more soluble fiber than pintos.

Now I’m back to beans.  Beans in the morning, beans at noontime, beans for dinner.  Maybe an apple or some salad, but no dressing cuz that makes me sick.  I’m thankful not to be throwing up.  I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

So how many ways can we serve beans without losing the low fat, high fiber benefits?

  • Bean soup
  • Bean quesadillas
  • Bean burritos
  • Tortilla chips and refried bean dip (I know, the chips will have some fat)

Now do you see why I tend to be quiet when I’m sick?  Are you really having fun here?  Me neither.  Let’s go read somebody else’s blog.  What’s your current favorite?


  1. Andrea from Germany says:


    there are NO eggs in the recepie!

    Let me tell you: they taste almost better RAW… I can at the very least garauntee (that does not look correct, oh my) that these are the bestest raw tasting beans you will EVER taste.

  2. Andrea,
    That sounds pretty amazing – I can imagine it being delicious. I’m not sure I’m up for cooking it, but I’d certainly love to have somebody hand me some of *those* on a platter!

  3. Andrea from Germany says:

    Kim, I had a delicious bean cake or pie… and am wondering if you could keep that one down?

    It had Tofu in it.. No idea if that would work, let me see if I can find it…

    If it does not work out for now, I do recommend keeping it for future when you can stomache any food… this is one bean recepie you will eventually LOVE!

  4. Have you ever heard of the Weston A. Price Foundation? Just google it… I have learned a lot about nutrition from their site. But what has made the most difference is in the digestion of bean, nuts, and grains after I have soaked them for 12-24 hours first in an acid medium.

    The acid medium (can be lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, or whey) breaks down the phytic acid in grains and beans that inhibits the absorption and digestion of important vitamins and nutrients. I have seen the results in my family who could not tolerate oatmeal for breakfast but can now that I soak the grain overnight.

    You can read more about it on my blog or visit the WAPF site, they describe how to do it and why. But it might help you not feel so “ugh” after eating the various beans; plus it will help you get the nutrition you need while carrying the new little life. Might as well get all you can out of your food, right?

    Oh, I have also written about pregnancy nausea on my blog as well with some natural fixes and reasons. The bile thing is a new one for me, though, quite interesting. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. This Texas Caviar dish is different from the one I normally make, but it sounds delicious –

    With my boys the nausea was tolerable. With the girls I thought I was going to die from it 🙁 Then I friend told me to eat a small slice of cheddar cheese with mustard on it. She said the mustard was the “cure” and the cheddar would keep my stomach from emptying too fast (and more nausea following). I though it sounded gross, but I tried it in desparation and it worked! Either that or it was a great placebo LOL

  6. Try tostados. Similar to the nachos but less fat if you bake corn tortillas into the shells.

    Also, one of our favorites albeit weird pinto bean recipes: Pinto Bean Fudge
    1C cooked mashed pinto beans (made sure they are smooth)
    3/4 C melted butter
    3/4 C cocoa powder
    1T vanilla
    2 lbs powdered sugar
    Mix first 4 ingredients. Stir in sugar. Spread in buttered 9×13 pan. Store in refrigerator.

    Sounds strange I know but it really is delicious! We tried it since 3 of my kids are dairy allergic but we LOVE chocolate. The biggest key is to mash the beans in a blender so they are SMOOTH!

    Blessings to you and your family,

  7. Shannon,
    That’s how we make beans around here sometimes, except we double it for our big crock pot. Very yummy! It’s been a long time since we did homemade tortillas, but we have an easy and delicious recipe. Maybe it’s time to start doing those again…thanks for the reminder!

    I’ve never come across a recipe like that – can’t wait to try it simply because it’s so different!

  8. Shannon Mallory says:

    Instead of bean dip and chips, you could try it with whole wheat pita bread. Or let your girls figure out how to make homemade tortillas! I haven’t tried it myself, but I have had them before and they are sooooo delicious! You live in Texas for crying out loud!

    Also you may already be doing this or something like it… my friend taught me how to make pinto beans in a crock pot – 1 pound dried pintos, cover with LOTS of water, a whole onion chopped, and lots of garlic cloves. Cook on high for 4 hours. Make sure the water doesn’t cook out too much. Once they are done you can mash them with a potato masher, then add salt, cilantro, cumin, whatever! I LOVE these beans! Cheap, easy, and I make them when my husband has friends over to watch college football. They eat them with chips of course. For some reason my friend said don’t add the salt until after they are mashed… I have no idea why, I just do what she says!

    I am so happy to hear that the beans are helping! Not too much longer and you should be feeling great again!

  9. Oh, how you had me laughing! We LOVE beans! Reminds me of a song from the origional movie, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’

    “Beans for breakfast, beans for lunch…beans at suppertime! Baked beans, soup beans, stewed beans, boiled beans…beans rain or shine! We never have ham, chicken or lamb…strange as it seems! Who do we admire, but who never tires of eating beans, beans, beans…oh, I never tire of eating beans, beans, beans!”

    My 4 year old daughter loves singing this song! Hopefully, it will make you chuckle…in between bowls of beans! God bless you and your new little one! ~Sue~

  10. Hey Kim,

    A friend gave me this bean recipe. Using a food processor, put in drained cooked or canned beans (navy are very mild), and add an egg, and dry bread crumbs, and whatever else seasoning you want for flavor,(onions, pepper etc). Pulse until well mixed–You want the mixture moist, but not runny, cause you need to pack it with your hands into meatball sized balls. Fry lightly or brush with oil or melted butter and bake at oh, 400* til toasty colored (15-20 min). Put em in a soft sandwich wrap with whatever fixings you can handle, or maybe in a white sauce over toast, or noodles. Could possibly use a small amount of chicken in the mixture too.
    Hope it helps!
    ps-I’m typing w/ 1 hand–baby on the lap–sorry if spelling isn’t perfect!

  11. I found popcorn worked because it absorbed the bile. But I had to eat it continuously and eat nothing but popcorn. I gave up and resumed vomiting.

  12. Hi Kim,
    We eat heaps of legumes in our house, mostly chickpeas, black beans and lentils- not the brown lentils, but the small red, pink & yellow ones from the Indian stores. You can make absurdly good (and cheap) dinners with lentils, onion, salt, chilis, and a tomato or two. Add rice or bread and you have a tasty dinner that you can eat with your hands, Indian style- the bonus is you don’t have to wash utensils 🙂

    Alas, I miscarried again, but my progesterone was really low and next time, God willing, I will be on progesterone supplements. Hope your pregnancy goes happily to a fine finish!

  13. May I suggest, as a person who started eating split pea soup as an adult, and also as a person who loves it, make their first encounter with the wonderful stuff come at a time when they are famished AND it’s reasonably cold outside. Serve it with a nice crusty, yummy bread. They’ll love it! And now _I’m_ hungry!

  14. MustardSeedMum,
    I hope you can bring yourself to try beans. I don’t mind them normally, but they’re hardly the most appetizing food when I’m feeling nauseated. I find that it works best if I don’t slow down to think about it. I just close my eyes and shovel some in like medicine.

  15. OK, so I’ve been devouring 2 blogs lately:
    this one I go to for a good laugh or inspiration: 😀
    but this one…when I go there I cry, pray, and think about how I can change my life to be more helpful…it’s oh so good!

    …try split pea soup maybe?
    My grandmother makes it in a crockpot–you can use split peas or kidney beans with the same recipe–if you’ like to try it, I’ll give you the recipe. 🙂

    • Serafina,
      I’d love to have your grandmother’s recipe. We don’t eat split pea soup, but I’ve been meaning to introduce the kids to it and it’s a great source of soluble fiber.

  16. I’m so glad to know that the beans are working for you!
    I stumbled upon this “cure” for morning sickness a couple of years and was determined to try it for my next pregnancy. I’m like you, I throw up loads and loads of bile. Unpleasant to say the least.

    Problem was, I’m not a bean person on the best of days, and well, when it came time to eat the beans, I couldn’t bear the sight of it, let alone spoon it into my mouth. Maybe next time, Lord willing, I’ll be a little more determined… or maybe I won’t need to use the beans because I’ll have an easy pregnancy 🙂

  17. I kept some candied ginger in my purse, the kind that is like dried fruit leather dunked in sugar. I theorized that if ginger really worked against motion sickness like myth buster’s said it did, then it would help me with morning sickness. It did stay off the nausia nicely, but my daughter’s gestation was the easiest of my three kids. I even traveled to China in the 2nd trimester as a traveling companion to my friend who was adopting a baby.

    My daughter is an adventurous eater for a toddler, sometimes she digs in the CSA box for veggie snacks, raw corn, green peppers, once even raw rhubarb. We always take the halapinos out before she can try those! So maybe the ginger did other things too…?


  18. Wow… Kim… nine weeks already! Time flies when one is so busy with children! Hang in there!

  19. Kim,
    Beans on rice with cheese, salsa, sour cream… YUM! But is that too much other stuff? Beans in some scrambled eggs, wrapped in a tortilla? Beans mixed with a little shredded chicken and some chili powder and cumin? Think how cheap life would be if you could get your whole family on a 9 month bean diet! Of course, I hope this doesn’t last nearly 9 months. Oh, and we LOVE lentils around here… I hope they offer some variety for you.

  20. I think you could have some fun re-writing the whole text of Jamberry, but, of course, using beans instead. Like in your second paragraph, “Beans for breakfast. Beans for lunch. Beans for dinner.” ‘T’would be a fun language activity for someone, surely.
    This is my favorite humor blog.

  21. My favorite funny blog is

  22. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how you’re doing it! If I eat something more than a few times in a row right now, it makes me feel like I’m going to be sick. So I think you’re my hero.

  23. What about the last suggestion? flavoring the bean dip/spread in various ways could give you some variety with different crackers and chips.

    My question is this: needing Beano? 😉

  24. You can cooked beans down until they are a paste. Add salt to taste. Use as a spread for toast or crackers.

  25. Two of my fav blogs is and .
    What about peas? Are they even close to the same? I do not know that stuff, but I know that people use sweet peas to make mock guacamole. And on that note. How about a layer dip of sorts to “cover” the beans… what could you add to it? I am thinking adding avacodoes, etc. My fav been dish is Chili Beans with Hamburger Meat on Rice (Ranch Style Beans w/meat)…. don’t know if the meat part is a problem… add some lean chicken and try that…. GOOD LUCK… I can’t imagine eating beans that much! The things we do for our babies! 😉

  26. Oh, So sorry your sick of beans. But PRAISE GOD for the reasons why your eating them!!!!! Oh how I wish I had to eat beans all day long… but in a few weeks, this will all be behind you..prayerfully.
    P.s. Im loving the bunkbeds. Where did you get them again???

  27. I’m so glad you aren’t puking!
    My Laugh out Loud fave blog is:

  28. i don’t read many blogs but this is one of my favorites

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