Crazy bunkbed update

Well, it’s Wednesday and we haven’t started our crazy new bunkbeds yet, so I guess we’re not going to get it done this week but it’s not my fault! No, I’m not blaming morning sickness, though I might play that card soon enough.

Right now I’m blaming hubby.  Well, sort of.  He insists that we launch our 2 e-books before we start yet another project.  They’re already done.  We just need to add a few images and decide on cover designs and choose a final title for the cookbook, and…well, maybe we’re not quite done.  But we’re so very close and we really want to cross the finish line on that project!

In the meantime, we have a set of storage shelves that just happens to have the very dimensions we have proposed for our bunkbeds – 4 shelves, 2 feet wide, with 2 feet of headspace – so we’re taking down the bunkbeds in the middle bedroom and setting up the shelves in their place as a trial.

By the way, when I say “we,” I mean the children are taking down the bunkbeds.



The kids will take turns sleeping on the shelves to make sure that they have enough space before we start constructing the official wooden beds with hinged storage, etc.

Since the shelves will take so much less space than the old beds, we can also begin moving bookshelves into the middle bedroom, our future library.  If all goes well, our living room may feel far more spacious by the end of the day.  Or maybe the other bedroom.  Or my room.  I wonder how many bookcases we can fit in there right away?



Oops.  We have a change of plans.  Or rather, a miscommunication.  The kids want to move as many bookcases as possible into the library right away and put the sleeping shelves into the bedroom where we will be building the wooden ones soon.   They’ll all start sleeping in one room tonight.  I’m ok with that!  It means I can get the shelves out of both the living room and my bedroom today!

It took them all of 20 minutes to assemble the shelves with no real assistance from me.




And they couldn’t wait to pile on, even though it’s only officially room for 4 children.


But I’m not quite as happy as they are.  Does your living room look like this?



  1. Dana Adams says:

    Hello Kim!
    Actually yes my front room does look
    something like that!
    God bless you !

  2. actually my whole house looks like a tornado whipped through it you see ive had the flu and my sweet little children took full advantage and i just didnt have the energy to stop them but i will get better watch out kiddos

  3. Oh that’s wonderful! The last is now my favorite photo of your children! 😀 Sorry about your living room…but hopefully by now it’s much better?

  4. I am getting SO MUCH vicarious enjoyment out of your shelf-bed project! Oh, and my living room doesn’t look like that NOW, but it has at times in the past. Everyone has those days . . . . being productive in one space can cause a disaster in another space! That’s part of the fun.

  5. Wow! How amazing! I’m going to show my DIL these posts. I only have 2 granddaughters, but they have the mindset that they “have” to have their own rooms….with tvs….and truckloads of toys…..don’t get me started. I really love the fact that your kids get along so well they can share bunks, but I’m alos thrilled that y’all have instilled in them the idea that they can get stuff done. Great job!

  6. Holy Cow!
    I had no Idea it was going to be FOUR bunks!
    I thought at the most it would be Three!

    ~Calico Zak

  7. kimberly in idaho says:

    Love the pictures! The one of all the kids is great. And it looks like they were a BIG help, too.

  8. Yes, my living room has looked like yours. In fact the BLOB of everything that doesn’t find an official home, flows like the tide into every corner of the house. The illness of packrat-itis is hard to control. I am again ready for the stuff purge to see my bedroom floor. Keep up the good work. Love the journey, cause it is where we spend our lives.

  9. Awesome! You all are a great inspiration! We only have five children, currently, but often fall into the “trap” that we need a bigger house. Thanks for keeping us grounded. Can’t wait for your e-books!

  10. Great news about the beans! Munch, munch, munch… 🙂

    I’m following this with interest, since we are always on the lookout for better use of space.

    No, my living room does not look like that now – but it has in the past. I’m getting up the courage to blog about our 2 years of construction/remodeling – I have some pictures, and it was an interesting time being nomads in our own house. Thankfully the children look back on it as a great adventure. If we all pile in the living room with blankets and pillows, they say, “Cool! Just like construction!” 🙂

  11. I love that picture of all the kids on the shelves! Seems like it should find a place in your upcoming ebook… 🙂

  12. A~M~A~Z~I~N~G!!!!!!!!!!! I sooo enjoy watching families glorify the Lord with the space they have!!!!! This is excellent!!! It is such an important thing to have and teach our children! I also love seeing families do projects together! I know my kiddos and I looove doing projects together!!! So looking forward to seeing the project as it comes along! And looking forward to gettting my hands on your ebooks!!! I also want to buy one to do a giveaway on my blog!!!

  13. I need those shelves…that is so awesome by the way.

  14. I think it is awesome and if we had as many kids as we’d originally planned to before life happened, I’d totally be following your lead. Great work!

  15. I can official say yes to that last question. In fact I can say that that is what our trailer floor looks like every morning, before the beds get picked up, IF they get picked up:)


  16. WOW! Unless I misread, it looks like you’ve had a crazy morning.
    Two questions though
    1. Will you be putting some sort of safety rail along the side of the top bunks? It looks like a long fall on the way down. 😉
    2. How many, “Oh, I’ve been looking for that!” things did you find? 😉

    • Faith,
      We’ll be putting rails on the bunks, but not on the shelves since we’re just using those for a few days. Of course, only the oldest children will sleep that high, and they don’t tend to move in their sleep. To answer your other question, we didn’t find any long lost treasures, but we did find fuzzy blankets of dust coating the backside of the bookcases. Yuck!

  17. Norah Nick says:

    I love the picture of all the kids on the shelves!!! And it’s amazing seeing how much they’ve already changed from they looked when the picture was taken for your masthead on your website! Time flies….

  18. I LOVE IT!!! I think I am going to suggest that to my parents…we have three girls in a bedroom.
    You guys are so creative!
    Yes, I agree with Tommy “Funcle”. That would dearly stunt your growth…! : )

  19. Perty sweet there ladies! As your Funcle I do have to warn you that falling from the top will greatly stunt your growth. *points to self*

    Your Favorite Funcle,

  20. Those are great!!! Love the pics!!!!

    And my living room has looked like that before just not today, thankfully!!!

  21. Interesting- but does the 2 feet of headspace include the thickness of the mattresses & a pillow? Looks kinda tight; they might be playing submariner for awhile 🙂

  22. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Looks like your children know how to get things done! That second to last picture is so wonderful–what beautiful faces on all your kiddos, and so neat to see them all cozy with each other like that.

  23. LOL LOVE IT!!!! Don’t sweat the mess, just another joy of living in a large family!! =))

  24. My living room looks very close to that. And I don’t have the excuse of 9 (almost 10) kids or a big project in the house.

  25. Love the shot of the kids on the shelves. That one needs to go in an album or something.

  26. GAK

    that is shocking!


    BTW Deanna looks great in that coontail cap 🙂

  27. Great photos! I love it!

  28. The shelves are from Costco, and we seriously considered using them as bunks. We just couldn’t get around the fact that they won’t have the built-in storage that our bunks will have, and they’re a little too long to fit end-to-end in our bedrooms, which means they would take 2 walls instead of 1.

  29. No, my living room THANKFULLY does not look like that. But it has in the past and I’ll be praying for ya…LOL.

    In the orphanage in the Philippines, they had custom bunkbeds that were three high to fit all the little ones but I haven’t ever seen four high like your shelves. Will the beds be same depth/size as the shelves? If so, I think your kids would all grow up fine to join the navy (well, if you had boys, I guess) because seeing them on the shelves reminds me definitely of navy berthing on a ship. Hey, they’re just sleeping there, right?! At least, that’s what we said to our three boys for sharing our smallest bedroom. They love it 🙂

    BTW, where did you buy those storage shelves?! I need me some of those!!

  30. What are those shelves called? And why aren’t you just using those as bunks? They look perfect! Especially with all the cute models! 🙂

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