Who is your favorite fiction author?

Mine is R. M. Ballantyne,  because he writes very interesting historical fiction that I can read for school and just for fun. He writes very descriptive  fast-paced stories. One of my favorites is Hunted and Harried because it is a story of the Scottish Covenanters.  Another is Gorilla Hunters, the story of three friends who go to Africa to hunt the mythical gorilla.

I think Ballantyne is one of the best historical fiction authors for young adults.

Joshua Phillips has a blog about Ballantyne, and he is running a poll on favorite fiction authors. He would like several hundred responses so please go to Joshua’s blog and answer his poll…


  1. I’ve enjoyed Ballantyne and Henty, but my favorites would be Elizabeth Prentiss (particularly her book, “Stepping Heavenward”) and Deborah Alcock (writer of historical fiction). Their books are both interesting and edifying – I’m sure you’ll enjoy them and be blessed by them!
    I also highly recommend “How they Kept the Faith”, by Grace Raymond.

  2. I really like Lynn Austin – when I first became a Christian a friend whose parents work in Christian publishing sent her books to me. I also like Michelle Magorian and the Brontë sisters (Anne being my favourite). Those books that you linked to sound interesting – is the Gorilla Hunters one very violent towards animals or just realistic? I am a vegetarian and feel very strongly about cruelty to animals being ungodly.

  3. Beverly Lewis. She writes Amish Fiction. I also like Jennifer Chiaverini whose books are based around quilting.

  4. Robert J. Sawyer. He always makes you think about all the possibilities in an ethical dilemma. Great writing. And he’s canadian too 😉

  5. I LOVE L.M. Montgomery…the Anne of Green Gables author. All of the Anne books are just wonderful.

  6. Susan (Shoshannah) White says:

    Hi Kim,

    Ballantyne is great! I have been reading them out loud to my middle kids and we are almost finished with the whole series. I highly recommend them.


  7. I like Orson Scott Card, though I haven’t read all of his books. I like *and* dislike the Elsie books for many reasons, and have read the first fourteen of them out of an interest in vintage American fiction. I haven’t read Ballantyne or Henty; I should pick them up. Generally I find it difficult to find non-mainstream vintage fiction that exhibits a quality of expression to match its often noble sentiments- the calibre of writing just doesn’t live up to the author’s intentions or shows a very limited perspective. Do you come across that much?

  8. My favorite author is G.A Henty. I have never read Ballantyne books, so I might like them better. I have read a LOT of the Henty books and love the action. I also like (uh, make that LOVE) Martha Finley’s books, but they are not on the list. I have 1-(about)25 of the Elsie books.


  9. I read your book review on Joshua’s blog. I think we will get some Ballantyne for our kids.

  10. Francine Rivers! Her stories bring God’s Word to life–two of my favorites are Redeeming Love and the Atonement Child. Her characters are not the sugar-coated, cliche type, but are so real. She manages to write her stories where they are realistic without including the “smut”. Awesome!

  11. I like Martha Finley’s books, series. And I also love R.M. Ballantyne. I am presently reading Gorilla Hunters! And so far I have really enjoyed it. I’ve read many of the Ballantyne books and loved them all.

  12. Love Stephenie Meyer and Belva Plain. They both keep their stories clean, leave out the smut, and yet weave interesting saga-style stories. They both are women of faith (Stephenie is LDS and Belva is Jewish) but the stories are not about their religion; just reflect their values. I can’t say I like the “sugar-coated faith-based fiction” very much. So, I appreciate writers who are real but maintain high values in telling their stories.

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