That was a lot of work

I’m tired just from watching the kids work the past 2 days!  They weren’t satisfied with what they accomplished Wednesday, so on Thursday they begged to be allowed to take down the other set of bunkbeds and move the dressers into the final bedroom.  In the process, we filled a 40 gallon trash bag with goods for the thrift store.  We also thinned our books a bit in the hopes of making room for the stragglers that are still scattered about the house.  We have 3 boxes to add to our For Sale page, and I took 3 boxes to the thrift store.  Now our library is complete – until we’re ready to build shelves on the walls and finish the floor.  Heh heh.  I’ll add it to my list of future unfinished projects.


The bedroom is very similar to the final layout we have planned but of course the wooden bunks will extend nearly 11.5 feet instead of a measly 6 feet like the shelves they’re using now, so they won’t need the twin mattress on the floor.  We’ll also be finishing the floor, and maybe we’ll even get fancy and do baseboards and trim the windows like them-thar city folks.



The living room is cleaner than it’s been in years.  It almost looks like it did when we first moved in, before we had to time to accumulate our current abundance of worldly goods.  Part of me wants to fill in that empty spot with a nice end table and fill the walls with family pictures, but part of me is reveling in the emptiness.


At any rate, we seem to have done most of the prep work for our Great Idea.  Everything is moved, rearranged, decluttered – well, sort of… there’s a lot more we could do.  I’m glad we won’t have to tackle all of this when we finally get to build our beds.  I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!  Hey, I wonder if we could keep the storage shelves against the opposite wall in the bedroom.  Then we would have room to sleep 12 children.  We’d be set for years!   Who thinks I’m getting a little carried away?


  1. You are an absolute inspiration. You have made the space you have work, and it appears that your children get along so wonderfully. I know I was sceptical about the whole shelves as beds thing (I was just thinking I never liked traditional bunk beds (as I felt closed in) but your kids seem to love them. They have done a lot of work, what’s that saying Many Hands Lite Work 😉

  2. If you continue to have children at the rate you are having them, when Perry gets older if he is joined by brothers you might have to give up the library. Or I recall a post talking about building more bedrooms being part of the long-term plan, although with your new bunk idea and the possibility of a loft, I’m wondering if you’d even need to! If Perry doesnt get joined by any brothers, you could just build a bed-sized closet somewhere!

  3. LOVE IT... says:

    Loving your library. It looks great!!! My room is set for four kids even though we only have three in that room. So no I don’t think you are getting carried away. The only problem I see is, what about when Perry “Boy” gets older? Just thought I’d throw a clincher in there…!

    • When Perry Boy gets older, we’ll just make other arrangements for him. That’s a few years off, so maybe we’ll have more bedrooms by then. If not, we’ll have to get creative!

  4. Wow Kim ~ your library and living room look fantastic! Way to go kiddos!!! That deserves a gallon of Blue Bell doesn’t it?!?!

  5. I would like to know from Kim, when she began to feel that all the work of the home wasn’t on her shoulders. In a project like this she said that the kids did it almost entirely on their own!! What a blessing to a mom of many children. I only have about half as many, but they are young yet. How many more years til they are that self-sufficient?? Do you remember, Kim??

    • Laura,
      I think the balance began to shift ever-so-slowly when one child after another turned 6yo. As the average age of your children goes up, you’ll find you have more helpers and less helpless ones. For the past 3 or 4 years, my work has been primarily supervising, instructing and organizing. I guess that’s when I got promoted from floor worker to management. 🙂

  6. I would have never thought of using the shelves for a trial run.
    They may even work out for someone needing a quad bunk.
    With a wooden guard rail it just may work out

  7. You’re not getting carried away. 12 kids is a GREAT number. But then, maybe I am a little bias!!

  8. To the commenter who asked about the Elsie books I am 14 and I love the Elsie series. It is not too young for a 14 year old. Especially since I read a lot of books that are “old” for me.


  9. Hey Kim,

    We’re up to a similar chore. We’re rearranging the tent so we can fit the wood burning stove back in. That means cleaning everything we move, deciding where to move shelving to, reorganizing shelves, cleaning floors below and behind things we’re moving and more.

    It IS a lot of work! But it will be worth it when we’re done.

    We hope to be done tonight. At least that’s our goal.

    Love the library. Someday, i want a living room that is 2 stories high with a balcony and bookcases around the entire perimeter of the 2nd story. Until then, we will be content with what we have. AND, we will surely enjoy your new library!


  10. It is looking good and with all that wonderful help, it is happening fast.

    I think I remember you saying that the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Is that right? Where is your room compared to the other rooms?

  11. It looks wonderful!!! But, I have to ask….Do you have a list of all the books you own? I may go back to a Mac for the sole purpose of being able to keep a library listing on my computer.

  12. Lisa in ND says:

    It looks GREAT! I too love the library.

  13. I have to say that I love the library. I mean, it just so perfectly captures what your family is all about. You can tell what a family values by their home, and your values are very obvious. I’m sure your kids are excited about the new situation.

    I hope everyone loves the new arrangement!

  14. Rebecca from Texas says:

    I do not think you are getting carried away. I think it’s a wonderful idea and smart to plan ahead.

    As for the commenter asking about Elsie…I read the Elsie books for the first time at age 28 and didn’t feel like they were too young for me. I LOVE them. I am going to re-read the series very soon too(I am now 30).

  15. Very clever, neat, tidy, and practical! Looks great!

  16. WOW! Ya’ll move quick. Love the library… one of these days (when I’m no longer depending on base housing) I’m gonna get to move my shelves from alcoves and closets and get me one of these for myself 🙂

  17. More For Sale books? maybe I ought to payse before hitting that Sold button!

    (I just came back to buy another Princess Adelina for a friend’s daughter that is turning 14 in November. But I’d like a second book to go with it. Are the Elsie books too young? I kind of think so. Any idea of a book that goes well with this one, even if you guys are not selling it?)

  18. It sounds exciting. And I for one don’t think you are getting carried away. It sounds like a good idea to me to be set for 12.


  19. Your amazing with your ideas, I love how you take what you have and make it work. Your a smart woman!
    Keep us posted on those beds, I am very anxious to see them.

  20. I’m loving your library! I might have to try that two-shelves-back-to-back trick myself. I’m running out of walls.

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