Review: Glory, Duty & the Gold Dome

Glory, Duty & the Gold Dome

I have to say I don’t think title of this book does it justice.  The reason I’m starting with that is because I know that in our house some of us have the bad habit of judging a book by its title.  This book, rather than the impression the title gave me, is fast paced, exciting and very informative.  I read it in only a day and a half, which is something I rarely do.

One of my favorite parts in the book is when 14 year old Thomas finds his friend being teased by a group of boys who are on a school field trip.  He politely asks for the papers back and informs them that they are hindering important work, then the bullies turn to him.  After a brief interchange where Thomas threatens to call the security guard, the ring leader swings at him. With a few quick motions Thomas has his arm twisted behind his back and Derrick is crying uncle.  I like this part because he deals with bullies how they should be dealt with.  He is cool and gentlemanly until it turns into a self defense issue, and even then he is polite.  After the papers are returned he suggests some points of interest for their site-seeing tour and leaves.

Here is a brief summary of the book from Vision Forum:

When adversity strikes, boys must act like men. This story traces one boy’s journey as he stands beside his father to defend the life of a helpless young woman. Fourteen-year-old Thomas witnesses his father, John Richards, put his congressional race at risk to do the right thing. This high-octane adventure story digs deep, exploring important lessons related to law, civics, medical ethics, and discipleship.

Although it does deal with some difficult topics, I think that this book would be interesting and appropriate for young teens up to adults.  My book-loving 11yo sister is reading and enjoying it along with several older members of the family.

I love that so many important lessons are incorporated all throughout the book.  There is a lot of information about how our legislative and judicial system works.  I learned a lot, but I didn’t fully absorb all of it so I’ll probably read the book again for that reason. There is also a lot of emphasis on father son relationships, the importance of manliness and standing for what’s right at any cost.  As Christians books like these should be important to us, so that if ever a sticky situation comes our way we know without a second thought what do.


  1. Wendy none taken. It was early and I had not finished my first cup of coffee yet.

  2. Perry,
    I’m sorry I didn’t understand that it was based on Scripture from the review. Thank you for making that clear. No offense was meant.

  3. Wendy – the point of Mr Darnell’s book is biblical application to particular applications. In other words he is doing what you are suggesting.

    Good stories and parables reinforce what is good, beautiful and true.

  4. Oooo! 😉 Sound’s like giveaway is due. (hint, hint)
    I’ll be sure to put this on my christmas list.

  5. Thanks for a good review–we’ll have to check this one out. Just one thought though: “so that if ever a sticky situation comes our way, we’ll know without a second thought just what to do”–perhaps we’d do better to find this guidance through the Word, instead of this book–but I think I know what you meant.
    Wendy/Mrs. G

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