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I am pleased to present answers to a few of your questions from my pathetic Help Me post. Thanks for jump-starting my brain.

On your book, Princess Adelina , who is Julie Sutter? I keep getting confused how it’s your book and yet doesn’t have your names on it….Could you give us a puzzle piece?

Julie Sutter was the author of the original book.  We didn’t write the book.  We just found an old book, retyped, updated and edited it, created maps and a glossary, etc.  Then we presented it to Vision Forum for re-publishing.  Our names are inside, as editors.

Tell us how schooling is different now than when you were being homeschooled. What are you thankful for that you know since you were homeschooled?

We were homeschool pioneers when I was a kid.  We hid in the house during school hours and endeavored to recreate the institutional school experience at home, minus the humanistic worldview.  Well, not exactly – but there was no such thing as unschooling, relaxed schooling, or even the eclectic approach.  Each step away from “the norm” was akin to walking on the moon: one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.  My parents were brave pioneers during an early and uncertain time for homeschooling, and I’m thankful to be farther down that path in a friendlier part of the woods.  I’m thankful to be another generation removed from the assumption that “real school” = age segregated children learning from a canned curriculum in an institutionalized setting.

update us on how your chicken experiment is going!

After a brief and horrible misunderstanding with our Golden Retriever regarding her life purpose and that of our chickens, our hen population has stabilized at just under 20, and we were getting 1-2 eggs/day.  That’s pretty pathetic, but I blame myself.  I have read that most chickens need 14-17 hours of daylight for optimum laying, and it took me weeks to drag my sorry carcass out to the chicken house to install a light to fool our hens into believing that it’s still summer.

Now, after 3 days of never-ending light, our production is up to 3 eggs/day and we’ve had our first 2 green eggs which means that new hens are laying.  Of course we’re hoping that it will rise more than that.  My suspicion is that it will take a while to kick everyone’s body clocks into action.

I’m curious about the potted plants on your deck. Was it worthwhile? Do you plan on doing it again next year?

Worthwhile?  No.  But we had a brutally hot summer and I’ve heard that very few gardens in south Texas were worthwhile this year, so I’m hesitant to call it quits on our deck garden after the first season.  We’ll probably give it another shot next year.

Why don’t you re-post your birth stories? Those are some of my favorites.

Thank you.  I enjoy them too, especially in the past sense.  Not so much at the time.  Here they are:


  1. Amber,
    Our chickens do have food available all the time – I’m not sure how to measure the quality, but it’s laying pellets so should be plenty high in protein.
    We did just realize that 7 of our hens are still less than 6 months old, so we probably only have 11 of laying age. That makes our 4 eggs/day sound pretty passable.

  2. I’m a bit late in posting, but a noob chicken owner myself. Make sure there their feed is available all day long, and the feed is good quality. I got good egg-laying-results with that change alone. I live in Houston too.

  3. Don’t know if I’ve said it yet, but congratulations on number 10.

    Hope that you are feeling better and gain a little more brain power soon. I know how it feels, it’s not so bad for the first couple of weeks. It’s just that it lasts a little longer than my cheerfulness with it does. Oh well, it’s a great way to practice contentment.

    Grace and peace,

  4. I wanna know how structured your school day is. We follow a basic structure, but for the most part it’s like Charlotte Mason’s style. I let the kids lead me! Of course I worry if I am “doing it right” this way.

  5. LOL! Would love to know more about your homeschooling too~ Maybe a journey post.. Or a what I liked/disliked about being homeschooled!! 😉


  6. I would be interested to know what you do for your high school age kids! What kind of curriculum do they do/do not use? Do you model after state graduation requirements at all?

  7. AHH yes but you didn’t answer my questions about homeschooling. So there you go topic for your next post given by your first 2 comments here.

  8. I would like to know what your normal homeschool day looks. I never hear you talk about “getting it all done” school and house work, pulling your hair out with toddlers interrupting, etc. 🙂 In fact I hardly ever hear talk about homeschooling, other than you are in fact homeschoolers.

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