3 Evangeline Dolls For Sale – new in box $50

doll3posted by Lydia

These beautiful blonde dolls from Vision Forum have been discontinued, but Megan and I found 3 on clearance!  They are high quality, made in Germany, with hand-rooted hair that can be styled.  All 3 are wearing green checked dresses and are in perfect gift-giving condition.

They are $50 each, including shipping.


  1. Stacey SImpson says:

    Do you have any blonde dolls available? I would really like to buy one. Thanks!

  2. I’m guessing these are gone since this was posted last year, but thought I’d write just in case! Have one left? Looking for my three year old daughter of the same name!
    Shalom, jessica

  3. Hello! I left a comment a few days ago, but I see you must not have gotten it. I would like to purchase one, if you have any left. Please email me if I still can.

  4. I would like to buy one from you. Would you email me to discuss details?

  5. Janice Audette says:

    I would MOST DEFINITELY like to purchase one of these Evangeline dolls! I am from Canada but have bought a doll from you before and it arrived with no problem at all. I think that I bought her through PayPal, but could you please direct me one more time, how to pay for her.
    Thank you,
    Janice Audette

  6. Hi, y’all,
    Does this dollie have blue eyes?

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