If you follow us at all on Facebook, you might have known that some of the guys from Vision Forum had a friendly little showdown with some of the guys from College Plus.

It took the form of a football game.  My Incredible Hulk played center – the guy who hikes the ball to the quarterback and protects him from oncoming traffic.  He’s #61.  In case you can’t tell, the good guys are wearing white shirts and the bad guys are in red.

Consulting with the quarterback…

consulting (Medium)

…and tackling every moving object that tries to get past him:

tackle (Medium)

tackle2 (Medium)

The nemesis, Tommy Funcle.  He’s the children’s Fake Uncle Thomas, since they already have a real Uncle Thomas.

archenemy (Medium)

Little cheerleaders:

cheerleaders (Medium)

The front of their signs:

signs (Medium)

Even littler cheerleader:

bess (Medium)

Let’s all run this way!

allrunning (Medium)

One player performs the highly advanced Grande Jete

ballet (Medium)

Later, the same guy nearly had his shirt torn off:

ripped (Medium)

torn (Medium)

Big spectators

spectators (Medium)

and little ones:

littles (Medium)

Who’s got the ball?!

pile (Medium)

Dog pile!

5down (Medium)

One guy was just MEAN.

mean (Medium)

Well, maybe more than one:

mean guys (Medium)

grrr (Medium)

They may have ended the game 4 points down, but they sure look like winners, don’t they?

team shot (Medium)

There were quite a few bruises, one guy said his jaw was popped out of joint and back in again, and Hubby’s nose got broken on the top of someone’s head.  There was blood everywhere but he wiped it away and went right back in for more.

In the end, the score was 18-22.  See more pictures posted by the Bad Guys here.


  1. That really looks like fun — looks like the weather is lovely there too! Hope your nose heals up soon Mr. C. 🙂

  2. Too funny…One of the “bad guys”…his family goes to our church here in Ohio. Neat to see pics from the “other side.” 😉

  3. Nice pictures! We had a blast, and I hope all the VF guys did too. Hope the nose heals!

  4. Are they playing full on tackle football?!!!! Without pads?!!!! I am very, very impressed. The war wound (broken nose) makes it even more impressive. LOL!!! Hope he feels better soon. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. good to know! 😉 LOL!

  6. Amanda – no it’s not crooked at all.

  7. Hunney you are too kind. I’ll thank you with a kiss in a minute 🙂

    We had an absolute blast. I know we lost by for but it was an exhilarating hour of combat….er…I mean football.

  8. GREAT pictures! 😀 looks like everyone had a good time.

    Hope Mr. C’s nose heals ok… no disfigurations? LOL!

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