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This question came in several forms from quite a few readers:

I’d like to know more about your home schooling day.

[choking down maniacal laughter]  Our school day tends to be rather informal.  I operate under a general sort of theory that if their brains aren’t rotting, they must be growing.  We have no TV or video games, which heads off a lot of rot from the outset.  Computer time is strictly monitored and limited to educational activities: DIVE math, typing lessons, blogging, graphic design, entrepreneurial endeavors, researching the homeschool question of the day that popped into somebody’s head…

Having said all that, our typical day does include some formal schooling, though it doesn’t follow a strict schedule.  Rather, we follow an orderly progression.  My mantra is jobs, Bible, school.  Did you do it? If the house isn’t a wreck when we wake up we read Bible first, but some of us find that very difficult when we’re surrounded by the aftermath of a hurricane.

After private Bible reading which consists of 2-10 chapter/day depending upon reading level and speed, the older children do Saxon math, non-fiction reading, and writing of some sort including but not limited to blogging; book report; summary of Bible reading or non-fiction reading; letters to friends or relatives, etc.  I check their writing for spelling, style and grammar, bringing problems to their attention.

This changes often and there are a couple of items that we intend to add soon, but that’s currently what they do.

The younger ones do math workbooks from Spectrum, reading, writing and catechism.  The very young have a brief phonics lesson and catechism.

Our day may also include reading/watching news articles together, discussing political issues, listening to history lectures, discussing our Bible reading, studying church history for Sunday school, reading aloud, sewing and cooking, etc.

Lets see a bunk bed update!DSC06118 (Medium)

Well…sadly enough we are still procrastinating.  We have resolved to launch our 2 e-books before we fully launch the bunkbed project.  They are nearly ready, but since we’ve never done this before we’re having trouble tying up loose ends and finalizing the project.

Right now, the older 4 are sleeping happily on the shelves that we bought from Costco as a temporary trial.  They are using 3″ memory foam cut into 24″ pads, though we may end up doubling these for longterm comfort.  The baby still sleeps in her playpen, and the 4 younger ones sleep on the 2 sofas in the living room.  This is working very well as a temporary solution for all, though we’re still very excited about building our bunks with the flip-up storage under each mattress.

How about a recipe or two? Then again, this isn’t the stage of pregnancy to write about recipes: food – gotta have it, but boy is it disgusting to think about it (or smell it).

You are so right.  No recipes.  Nope.  Nuh-uh.  Next question?

A riddle?

Ok.  Here’s one that came to me recently.

I think most of you knew how fun I thought it would be if 17mo Bethany were born on June 28th – we like “special” birthdays, and she would have shared a birthday not just with her brother, but with her grandma and cousin.  As it turned out, she was born on June 27th instead, just one day shy of her brother’s second birthday.  That’s ok, because she shares a birthday with my brother-in-law’s new bride. We didn’t know Aunt Roxie’s birthday until afterward, but they were married just a couple of weeks later and a brand new birthday-buddy niece was the perfect wedding gift!

But here’s the riddle:  it just occurred to me why we missed the mark.  Does anyone know why Bethany’s birthday didn’t land on June 28th like it should have?

And here’s another birthday riddle from my family.  I’ve told this story before, so sit on your hands if you already know the answer.

My parents have twins, a boy and a girl.  The girl shares a birthday with her brother, but the boy doesn’t share a birthday with his sister.  How can this be?


  1. We have some interesting matched birthdays in our big family too. But the fun group is us. Tim and I were married on 7/7. Our first daughter arrived 2/7. Our second daughter arrived on 7/7 on our 7th anniversary. (lots of 7s at her birth) Our son was born 6/12, exactly 7 days after my birthday. Our daughter was born 10/14 this year – a double 7. We think it’s cool.

  2. OK, since several of you guessed my riddles I should probably confirm the answers, huh?

    The twins were born 6 hours apart, on separate birthdays. The girl shares a birthday with a brother who turned 10 on the day she was born. The boy twin was born the following day.

    Regarding our Bethany, I guess the answer was too easy. Yes, the leap year threw me off. I gave birth to her exactly 365 after the previous June 28th, but she didn’t land on June 28th.

  3. Ok this might be so simple it seems silly and probably wrong…

    The boy shares a birthday with his sister (the twin or perhaps another child) and the girl does not share a birthday with her brother (not the twin but one of the other children)?

  4. My dad suggested checking at the Navy surplus store for ready-built bunk beds with 6 or 7 inches of storage under each bunk.
    (Unless you’ve started building something else already.)

  5. What Rebecca from Texas said… though my first guess was going to be that Thursdays predominate dates.

  6. That colorful bedding made me smile – it’s so much prettier than matching-coordinated stuff. GREAT idea on the ‘bunks’ for now! You might just find yourself keeping them, I wonder!

    Miss you guys…

  7. Bethany’s birthday was in a leap year?

    Actually, I’ve heard you can be fertilized while pregnant and give birth a couple of weeks apart, so maybe its that. But the “one before midnight, one after” is probably more likely.

  8. Hmm, maybe one was born before 12AM, and the other after.

  9. what are the shelves from costco made out of? we are thinking of trying our own bedding experiment… we have four 8 and under. and may have to move to a smaller home in six months. this might be an awesome option. thanks for sharing!

  10. There were four children… a set of twins (Boys), then a boy and a girl.

  11. Oh, yeah! So Bethany’s birth year had an extra day in it, so she should have arrived the day after, had the extra day not been there.

    I think Christine is right for your siblings – one was born before midnight, the other afterwards on a whole new day, but the girl shared a birthday with a different brother.

  12. Rebecca from Texas says:

    2008 was a leap year. The first “girl” is the twin and the second “girl” is another sibling.

  13. I’ve got it. Your sister was born a day before or after her twin, which happened to also be the same day as another brother.

  14. I like Ruth’s answer.

  15. Where do you get the memory foam? It seems like every thing I price in the 3″ thick range is almost as expensive as just buying twin mattresses (sigh).

  16. Because 2008 was a leap year?

  17. cause they were born on different days? My twins were born on the same day but quite a bit apart so possible, and your parents have other kids soooo She was born on another siblings b-day?

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