Thank you

I feel a little silly doing this but it’s been on my mind all day.

We blog for many reasons, but material gain is relatively low on the list.  Blogging is a journal, to remember the important thoughts and events in our household.  It’s a way to let faraway friends and family know what we’re up to.  It’s a way to help and encourage others by sharing our own lessons and experiences.

We receive many blessings from blogging as well: we have made and met new friends, received encouragement from friends and strangers,and been challenged in many ways.  Even those who don’t always agree with us are a blessing.

But God does bless us materially through our blog, and these blessings matter too.  His gifts are good, and it would be wrong not to be thankful for the material ones as well as those less tangible.

I want to thank our readers for all the Christmas gifts we received from them over the past year, but especially the past month.  We received some gifts directly, in the mail.  You know who you are.  Two little girls were thrilled beyond words to receive the single most-longed-for item from their wishlists – not from us but from a very kind reader.

But many other gifts were given to us by friends who probably had no idea what they were doing: those who signed up for Swagbucks with our referral code.  Swagbucks referrals paid for the 2 group gifts we gave our children this year, covering something like 80% of our Christmas spending.  Thank you, friends, for believing us when we encouraged you to give Swagbucks a try.  I hope you each found Swagbucks to be a blessing to your family as it was to ours.

I also want to thank those who clicked through our links to make purchases from Vision Forum.  Our affiliate income from Vision Forum during this time of year will not go toward Christmas spending, but toward paying off the remainder of our 7 year stupid tax.  We were incredibly thankful that the bank approved our short sale for less than half of what we owed on our old house and forgave 60% of the deficit, but we still had to take out a short-term loan to help pay the other 40% that we still owed the bank.  Our friends who made purchases through Vision Forum over the past 2 months have been a huge help to us in making extra payments on that loan!

But now that I’ve thanked you all for the material blessings you brought us, I do want to publicly remember the greatest gift of all – the gift that God gave us in His Son.  This is not a spiritual, intangible thing.  Christ came in the flesh.  His body was as real and physical as yours and mine, and His service and suffering were real.

May every material blessing, no matter how big or small, remind us to be ever grateful for God’s gift of eternal life.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the father of lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17


  1. We were wondering if you have already drawn the names of the winners of the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference recordings and we missed it? Thanks!

  2. I am happy for you and your blessings. Another subject– we have seven children and the one who was born weighing over 10 lbs. is also left-handed! She also was born with a complete knot in her cord. So I am very intigued by your observations. I am going to be questioning many lefties now….hopefully I won’t sound insulting by asking them if they were oxygen deprived. LOL

  3. OH that is wonderful, I am so glad “2 little girls were thrilled beyond words” I hope they get much pleasure out of the items sent from PA..

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