70% off for you, and a guilt trip for me

I just thought you should know that Vision Forum’s latest sale features 40 DVDs for $119.  Don’t want all 40?  It’s not advertised, but individual items and sets from this sale appear to be 50% off.
I must be a bad warehouse manager’s wife, because I didn’t even know Vision Forum had that had that many DVDs.  How many of these have you seen?

I guess we need to watch more TV.

Forty DVDs for 70% Off!

Includes the following items and sets:

• What is Biblical Femininity? (DVD)
We Cannot But Speak (DVD)Ray Comfort is amazing, convicting and entertaining.  Not an easy combination, but he does it well.  Our whole family enjoys his presentations.
• Providential Nexus of Jamestown and Plymouth (DVD)
• The Promise: The Beauty and Power of the Fifth Commandment (DVD)
• Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters (DVD)
• Foundational Elements of a Godly Estate (DVD)
• The Culture Wars (DVD)
• The Person of Christ (DVD)
• You May Not Take Our Guns (DVD)
How to Disciple Your Family: A Plan for Generational Victory (10 DVDs)We were there when this set was filmed!  Can you see us?  Way up in the balcony – look for the pregnant lady with the swollen ankles.  They were huge.  I bet you can see them.
• Christianity & Western Civilization: Tracing 500 Years of the Influence of Christianity (10 DVDs)
Reformers and Revolutionaries (10 DVDs)Is it just me, or does Oliver Cromwell bear a striking resemblance to my own handsome hubby?  Look at the box – right side, bottom row.  Who knew Oliver Cromwell was so good looking?
• Darwin vs. Calvin: The Battle of the Millennium (DVD)


  1. Good!! More and more Im loving Vision Forum products!!! I would love to fill my bookshelves one day with all of its products! One can wish =)

  2. Hello, my husband and I just ordered this and noticed that one of the items was on back order… we were just wondering if that means we’ll still get that item when it becomes available, or if it will not be included (the email does say “While supplies last”). Thanks,


  3. awesome!!!

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