My blog is funny

I can say that in all modesty because I have no memory of most of my posts from more than 2 weeks ago.  Reading my ancient archives is like discovering a stranger’s blog – a very funny stranger.  I wish I was as funny as she is.  Wait – I am.  Here’s proof: a post titled I am funny.

Anyway, I was reviewing my recent post about our water woes and one of the related post listed at the bottom was about the time a fire hydrant exploded in the bathroom.  I don’t remember it, but that Life in a Shoe lady sure makes it sound funny.  Wish I was there – oh, wait.  I was. The Thankful Thursday Thirteen followup to that particular incident was even funnier.  And I made reference to the Great Poop Flood of ’99, which all of our readers really should know about.  Why?  It’s not very funny, but it’s a story we tell surprisingly often.

And then I started perusing the gone awry category for more funny stuff and found this.  My, oh my.  A poor memory can be a grand blessing.  I wonder what else I’ve forgotten?  It’s a good thing I keep a blog.  Oh – and look.  This isn’t the first time I realized that.


  1. You really are funny. I dont read a post from you that I dont find myself laughing. My husband is starting to think Im crazy because I laugh so hard sometimes. But then I show him the post and he laughs too! Keep it up Kim!

  2. You are so funny! The one that really got me was the exploding crescent rolls in Wally World.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh the horrors of a poop flood–not to mention the fact that it was poop from the whole neighborhood!

  4. I took a blog hiatus over the summer…should I blog, should I not sort of thing…but looking back through as I was on break was so sweet. Yes, some were too goofy, some were about things only I care about, some I deleted :)…but it’s our life. I don’t scrapbook or anything, so maybe this is unique to me…but I’m glad I have my blog…goober stuff and all. It helps me to remember to treasure up some things, and what could be better than treasuring our everyday life?
    – Kathi

  5. You ARE funny! =)

  6. Oh, I’m glad someone can read her past blog posts without flinching! You know how it is when you hear yourself on a recording and think, “EW! That’s how I really sound?!” (Maybe you don’t, but I certainly do!)That’s the feeling I get every time I browse through my archives. I cringe! Haha.

    • Natalie,
      I do flinch at some parts of my blog, but going through the categories is pretty safe. I just stick to “humor” and “gone awry.”

  7. You’re right; you are funny. Don’t you just love it when you go back and discover something good about yourself? Great blog!

    Word Designer

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