I have happy kefir

Our kefir grains have been growing and thriving in store-bought homogenized milk with absolutely no pampering.  I might not be able to keep a green plant alive, but my kefir grains love me.  We’ve been able to share with 4 people so far, and have enough to make a half gallon at a time now.

We’re making our half gallon about 3 times/week, but we got a little ahead of ourselves over the weekend.  Hubby and I forgot to drink it every morning and evening, and the kids forgot to drink it entirely.  We gave some to the chickens today because it was several days old and the flavor and consistency had changed – it was getting thin, yeasty and carbonated.

If you’re more experienced in kefir than I am, you know how foolish this was.

A little googling today taught me that kefir can be substituted for buttermilk, sour cream or yogurt in nearly any recipe.  I had heard this already and we’re not afraid to tinker with recipes (recipe? what’s a recipe?), but somehow it failed to sink in.

This means it can be used in bread dough (we make all our own bread), pancakes (we love pancakes), cornbread and other quick breads (we make quick breads all the time), banana smoothies (I have 2 or 3 gallons of ripe bananas in the freezer)…

Here are more recipes than I’ll ever try: Got Kefir?

If I ever pour kefir in the compost bucket again, somebody smack me.


  1. My “old” kefir made the best whole wheat muffins I’ve ever tasted. So light and fluffy. They were even better than the all white flour ones.

  2. My husband LOVES kefir. He would go through a gallon himself if I would let him. It is super expensive though. Where did you get the kefir grain to make it? I will have to try to make it if I can get my hands on the ingredients. He would be beyond happy!

    • A friend gave us our grains, but I know you can buy them online as well. Not cheap, but much cheaper than regularly buying the prepared product!
      I’ve heard you can often ask for it on a local freecycle board, or maybe even Craigslist. If you know anyone that makes it in your area, just ask. They should have some extra to give away now and then. Maybe you just need to get on their list.

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