Ideas. I’ve got ideas.

You may not be able to tell from the level of activity on our blog lately, but I’ve got a lot of posts floating around in my head.  The problem is, it takes time, motivation, and other similarly scarce and valuable resources to get them out of my head and onto my blog.  Therein lies the problem.

Maybe today’s post will be a list.  A list of posts that may or may not materialize in the near future.  Is there anything on the list that would earn your undying gratitude?

  1. A video tutorial on making kefir. In spite of the fact that certain children compared it at first to…er…”rotten puke,” we’re really loving our kefir, and it’s far easier than I expected.  I stir in just a little honey after I strain a quart, and it’s gone every morning when I strain the next batch.  Even with our lowly store-bought pasteurized milk,  my kefir grains have been so happy and fruitful I’ve been able to share with 3 other families so far.
  2. A post asking for your help naming our upcoming e-cookbook. It’s a cheeky collection of over 50 of our favorite, fast and frugal recipes, each rated for difficulty so you’ll know whether to set your kids loose in the kitchen.  And a poll asking whether you think photos are necessary in a e-cookbook.  Does it really add to the perception of quality or does it just slow the download?
  3. A post announcing the release of our other upcoming e-book. That would be really, really great because it would mean we finally decided on a cover.  I think that’s our primary hold up now.  Who thinks we should just close our eyes and pick one?  Or (gasp!) let the kids vote?
  4. A pregnancy update telling you about my new midwife. Which, again, would be really great because it would mean we made a decision.  I visited a second prospective new midwife, but hubby wants to meet her too before we make a decision.  It would be nice to have that little detail nailed down before I enter my third trimester, in less weeks than I care to recall.  3?  Am I ready for labor again?  ugh.  Let’s move on.
  5. A post announcing Andrea’s new e-book that she wrote for us. It will be free for our readers, and anyone who is interested in earning money (or increasing their earnings) as a Vision Forum affiliate should find it very helpful.   This has already been our biggest source of blog income, but I’m looking forward to using some of Andrea’s ideas myself to improve it.  In fact, we already had an idea cooking that ties in neatly with what she suggests.  That is probably a ways off, though, considering all the other projects we have lined up, like:
  6. Bunkbeds. I’d really, really like to get moving on those.  But we agreed to finish 2 other projects (#2 and #3 above) before we start the beds.  So please, people, give us a nudge.  Don’t YOU want to see us finish our crazy and wonderful bunkbeds?  I’m sure the 4 children currently sleeping on the sofas would be equally excited.
  7. I’ve been working on Frugal Hacks lately. OK, I’m not exactly sure why I mentioned that since I don’t really intend to post about it here, but I’ve been spending a fair amount of time adding new blogroll members, revamping the advertising section both out front and behind-the-scenes, simply posting more often, etc.  If you’re an FH reader, I’d love your ideas on how the site could be improved.


  1. I would be keenly interested in *your* ideas about the vision forum affiliate stuff…

    But I think also that Lindsey’s SEEing is believing idea could go viral on you!

    And the bunkbeds, too!

    ::too much to do, too little time::

  2. If you’re making videos, may I request one?? I’m considering cloth diapers and I have read and read about it, but I need to SEE it. Is it possible to not totally gross out your readers, but post what to do with a dirty cloth diaper, what the wash cycles look like, how to diaper the baby with different styles and covers…. really, if you do this I ought to reimburse you somehow….!

  3. I vote for the kefir video. I have been very interested in making it.

  4. My Boaz’s Ruth,
    You could be right. With our first few, we had whole lists within a few weeks after conception.

  5. Whereas we, on the other hand, seem to be of the “have the names ready before the kid is even conceived” Maybe if we get to 10, that won’t be true anymore?

  6. Robin,
    We never start seriously discussing names until near the duedate. We found that we needed the pressure to help us make a decision.
    Some of our children didn’t have official names until they were several days old. Bethany didn’t have a name until the midwife sat at our dinner table, pen in the air, waiting to hear the decision so she could finish filling out the birth certificate.
    I used to panic, but I’ve come to realize that we *will* decide on a name sooner or later.

  7. #1 and 4 are two I’m highly interested in…. 🙂

  8. Have you got any names narrowed down for the little one?

  9. I can’t wait to see the bunkbeds!

  10. I’m waiting breathlessly for you to make the bunkbeds so I can copy you. :>) We need to go at least 3 high.

  11. #1 & #4 but esp #1!

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