Another reason I love Samaritan Ministries

I just called my not-health-insurance provider to request a form for submitting my midwife expenses.  I’m not due for another 17 weeks, and I haven’t even made an official choice of midwives yet, but I want to have the form in hand so I can get it ready asap.

Samaritan MinistriesI love Samaritan Ministries, and it’s not only because they have such a great referral program.  [hint, hint…tell them KimC sent you.]

I love them also because they encourage me to care how much my medical care costs, even when it doesn’t come out of my pocket. When I had traditional health insurance my only concern was how much it would cost out of my own pocket.  Now my perspective is different.

Many midwives gives a hefty discount if you pay by 36 weeks.   I don’t want my Christian brothers and sisters to pay more than is necessary for our baby’s birth.  I want to save them money just as much as I want to save money myself, and so I’ll be submitting my need  just as soon as we make a choice – with the blessing and permission of Samaritan Ministries – to save us all $400.

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  1. We just signed up and put you as our “referred by”. Thanks for sharing about this amazing ministry.

  2. Kim:

    You just might get the “fan of the year” award! Thanks again for a wonderful plug for Samaritan. We love hearing that our members are pleased with what we do. Blessing to you and yours.

    James Lansberry
    Vice President
    Samaritan Ministries International

  3. Kim thank you so much for posting about Samaratin Ministries a while back when you did. I looked into it then and my husband and I decided it was a much better option than insurance. Especially since we wouldn’t have been able to get an insurance company to cover this pregnancy.

    We just got married last May and we knew we would not be using birth control, so we needed a way for .me to be covered if God decided to bless us quickly 🙂

    Samaritan Ministries was the only way we could afford to be “covered”. I got on it right after the wedding and sure enough a little over a month later we were so glad we did! I’m due April 1st and I am on state healthcare also to help cover the costs, since I haven’t been with Samaritan yet for a year.

    But since I am using a midwife, state health care doesn’t cover everything and Samaritan is the only way we were able to plan the homebirth that we so wanted to have!! Also, I am ECSTATIC that we won’t have to be tied to state healthcare anymore after this pregnancy. Every time I tell my friends we won’t need it for the next pregnancy (God willing) I get amazed looks! (Being in seminary doesn’t pay that well 😉

    Anyway, we love Samaritan too!! Thanks again!

    P.S.- I think I let them know you referred me when I signed up but I don’t remember! I hope I did! *smiles sheepishly*

    • Dalas,
      I think I do remember getting credit for referring you. Thank you! I’m so glad you love being a part of Samaritan like we do! Just wait til the cards and letters start coming in, along with checks. We even received congratulations from members who weren’t assigned to send us money. So sweet!

  4. Great timing to post this! My school is soon going to change our health insurance (by putting the funds into our own hands = giving us the choice about coverage). This looks like a far more practical option!

  5. I have heard of this before, but we never thought of it. DH and I are looking into it so we can break free from state insurance. We’ll remember who sent us. (:


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