Vote for Keilah today; win a digital camera for yourself!

update: due to technical difficulties which kept some people from voting, the contest has been extended. You can go here to give it another shot.

Keilah and her family are real-life friends of ours.  Remember when fantasy and reality blurred and I was chosen to receive a luxurious all-expenses paid trip to La Jolla, California where Sony gave me ~$3k in cameras and photography classes from world famous photographer Me Ra Koh, then paid for me to fly up to see  my grandparents in Portland, OR?

While I was up there, Keilah’s mom arranged and hosted a fun get-together for local readers and bloggers.  We had actually met the Engstrom family in San Antonio a few months earlier, but knew them from blogging long before that.

I’m not sure, but we may have introduced the Engstrom’s budding photographer daughter to Me Ra Koh’s set of instructional DVDs.

At any rate, Keilah has a great eye and superb timing, and she is one of 5 finalists in a contest on Me Ra’s blog right now.  Her photo is #1 in the lineup and is clearly the best, but this contest could be just as much a popularity contest as a photography contest.  Who can rally the most votes?  Who wants to support a sweet-spirited homeschooler with a ton of talent?

Vote for Keilah! It’s good for you!

There are 2 good reasons for you to vote for Keilah.  First, she needs the most votes in order to win. duh.  But also, if the contest receives at least 600 votes in total by midnight tonight, two random voters will each receive a Sony Cybershot!

See my review of the Sony Cybershot here.

Remember to vote before the contest ends at midnight tonight (Monday, Feb. 22)


  1. Hey everyone…. I looked at the website this morning and they are claiming it’s fixed and the voting has been extended through Sunday night!

    Go vote and tell you friends to VOTE FOR KEILAH!!!

  2. From Keilah’s mom:

    “For those who tried to vote and couldn’t, the web master is trying to work out the problem and they’ve extended the deadline! wahoo! (Forgive me: I tend to make mountains out of molehills..)
    Here’s a brief explanation, and if you’re wanting to still vote, I’m sure you’ll be able to soon.

  3. Wow, her photo is great for all the reasons that were mentioned in the contest… and then some!

    I can’t vote now due to the issues with the .gz issue, but I’ll try again later. I could only get into the site from the second additional link you posted. It’s worth it to go back!

  4. I still can’t get in either. I tried all of the posted links.

  5. Thanks for the tips, Perry – I’ll pass them on to those who are not able to get in. I don’t know why some are able and others are not…it’s a bizarre thing.

  6. I would love to vote too, but I keep getting the same download message.

  7. HI,

    I want to vote too. But I can’t. Every time I hit comment they want me to download a program. Do you have any solutions?

  8. I emailed the website and let them know about the .gz issue. It’s a Linux archive (like a .zip file for windows) and since the blog is built on wordpress which is Linux software I’m speculating that it’s some sort of install/ permissions issue.

    HOWEVER don’t let it stop you.

    Try it in different browsers or try these alternate links

    it took me a couple of tries but I got my vote in!

  9. I met you there too!

    🙁 But I can’t vote. Every link I click just wants to download/open a program with .gz at the end!

  10. Awww! Thank you so much C family! Love you!
    And yes, you did introduce me to Me Ra Koh. How funny this is.

    Many thanks,

  11. Kim, YES! It was from the wonderful Coghlans that Keilah heard of Me Ra and her site…AND those great DVDs that Me Ra has put together. Thank you for helping her out here – and thank you for voting. (It ends at midnight tonight, BTW, to any of your helpful readers who might vote!!)

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