4 Moms, 35 Kids

4 Moms 35 Kids

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If you ever wondered how we moms of many do it, here’s your chance to peek into 4 of our homes every Thursday.  gulp…wait…whose idea was this?

Please join us at each of our blogs (including here!) every Thursday.  Try not to laugh too hard when we post about our daily schedules next week.  And if I should happen to institute a new daily schedule on the Tuesday before that post, would you want to know or do you want to labor under the delusion that our household is always run in an orderly and efficient manner?  It’s just a hypothetical question, of course…


Connie is a Christian homeschooling mom to 8 rowdy children, wife for 25 years to one hunky golf pro, wiper of noses, writer of stories. She blogs regularly at Smockity Frocks.

Kimberly is a second generation homeschooling mom to her 10 children.  She is married to an amazingly patient husband, who also happens to be a magnificent father. Their family’s primary goal is to glorify God and to raise children who will do the same. For that reason they attempt to examine every decision that they make in the light of God’s word.  Many of their decisions may seem strange to the world and they’re good with that.  Kimberly blogs at Raising Olives.

The Deputy Headmistress is is shy and blogs behind a pseudonym which she intended to be amusing and somewhat self-depreciatory. She and the Headmaster locked eyes in a high school Sunday School class in 1979 when she was 17, and they have been merrily married since 1982, in spite of the fact that at 17 the DHM nearly got the HM beaten up by her other boyfriend, and at 20 she nearly got him arrested by a cop from church. Happily God helped her grow up, and He is gracious and forgiving, and so is the Headmaster.
They have seven wonderful Progeny both by birth and adoption, two handsome sons-in-law, one adorable grandson, and two precious unofficial foster sons, ages 5 and 3, who live with them about half the time. They have been homeschooling since 1988. The DHM, and
occasionally some of the Progeny, blog regularly about politics, family life, living in the country, books, music, cabbages, kings, and living the countercultural Christian life at The Common Room.

KimC (that’s me) is a Christian, a wife, big sister to 13 sibs, and the slightly-crunchy homeschooling mom of 10 children.  She lives with her very large family in a very small house in south Texas and finds peace in chocolate and blogging at Life in a Shoe: the methods and madness of one family of 12.

Her family shares their little house on the hill with dogs, gerbils, snakes, and tarantulas, and an 11 year old cat named Tim.  The chickens stay outside.  Usually.

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  1. Yay! Sounds good.

  2. 1 mom, 17 kids. I am glad I found your site and look forward to reading!

  3. How about a picture of Tim? For us cat lovers…

  4. What a great idea, I will definitely be back to see these.

  5. A very persistent brother in law.

    Woke me up this morning by patting my head and mewing in my ear because the laundry room door was closed and he was hungry…

  6. I hope you share what the ideal plan was and then the reality, just to prove your are in fact human. 🙂 I look forward to it. I dont mind copying the good ideas for my family, even if I am down to one at home.

  7. I second the old cat named Tim conundrum…

    I was not going to say anything, for fear that I had in fact forgotten Tim and I would be responded to with “How on earth could you forget the most lovable Tim!??!” However, since Melanie was brave enough to say something… I will too…

    Poor Tim….

    • Melanie and Dalas,
      I think we neglect to name Tim among our pets because he’s not *really* a pet. He comes and goes as he pleases, but hangs around because we feed him. He sits on the couch and watches movies with us. He enjoys the kids’ company, but gets annoyed by them sometimes.
      He’s more like a brother-in-law.

  8. I’m way ahead of you, we started our schedule last Monday. 🙂

  9. From this “1 mom, 7 kids” I look forward to hearing your collective adventures, ahem, wisdom. : )

  10. funny, after following your blog almost 2 years, I don’t recall hearing about your 10 year old cat named Tim. dogs, yep. tarantulas, yep. gerbils, yep. chickens, yep. deer…on the deck?, yep. snakes, both invited and uninvited, yep. 10 year old cat named Tim, nope… doesn’t ring a bell. poor overlooked Tim. or maybe you did write about him; then that means I forgot him, so he’s poor forgotten Tim. 🙂
    will look forward to the new Thursday posts… no trying to sparkle up the image. we want the real deal. no delusion that it’s always orderly and efficient around there… we don’t need that kind of pressure!

  11. Yay! I’m a fan of all the blogs already, so it’ll be fun to see you collaborate!

  12. Looking forward to this venture with you, and I love your hypothetical!!

  13. I will definitely come back to read more. I feel overwhelmed with my three I cannot imagine how you do it with ten.

  14. Sounds fun! Can’t wait to read!


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