Current status:

  • hungry
  • sleepy
  • 29 weeks pregnant
  • excited about attending a local session of Dave Ramsey’s FPU tonight!
  • rather enjoying the fact that I’m due during week 12 of a 13 week class.
  • anticipating the reaction to our new collaborative series, 4 Moms 35 Kids!  The first post goes live tomorrow – be sure to visit all 4 moms!
  • really nervous about part 2 in the series above: live blogging a day in our house.  Oh boy.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!


  1. Kim,

    I wish I had tried to say hello, but I actually was on the phone with my husband (who was saving our seats and wanted to know what was for sale) and there were so many people around us, it would have been difficult without causing a halt in the traffic. I have been reading your blog for almost 4 years (since Perry was born, if my math is right) and it would have been nice to meet you.

  2. Love, love your header picture. My husband and I couldn’t stop grinning over it.

    • Anna,
      Thank you. There’s a bit of a story behind that header.
      I was trying to get a *good* shot for a new header and after literally hundreds of failed tries, we all just took a break and snapped some silly pics. Then we forgot about them and gave up on the new header idea.
      Months later, our graphic designer-daughter found the one you see and convinced me that it was a perfect portrayal of real life in our home. I have to admit that she was totally right, and so it works.

  3. Sounds like fun! Sure beats sitting on the couch sickly surrounded by sick babies!

  4. I’m new to your blog. 12 kids! Wow. . .my husband and I are hoping to have one or two someday —hopefully sooner than later since I’m 33 and he’s nearly 40. We’ll be old parents, we accept it. We’re both hoping to keep life from getting crazy, uber-expensive and overly-complex with kids. . .so I look forward to seeing how the experts (people with 12 kids must be experts) handle it.

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and taking time to introduce yourself. Actually, we’re just expecting child #10, so counting parents we’re a family of 11 but I like to count the children on the inside as well as the outside. 🙂

  5. That is awesome that you are starting FPU. My husband and I are about halfway through right now, and we really love it! We were at the Dave Ramsey event on Saturday in San Antonio, too. In fact, I’m pretty sure I walked right by you! It was in the way crowded “hallway” where there were too many people trying to be in line for food and Dave Ramsey products. But, I must say that you looked very beautiful with your maternity glow!

    • Rachel,
      I did spend about 15 minutes fighting my way through that crowd looking for the bathroom, then finally decided to come back after the break when more people were in their seats. Too bad we didn’t meet – that would have been fun!

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