Dolls for sale!

By Megan.

I have three dolls for sale.  Since I’ve been getting tired of borrowing Lydia’s boots, the money will go towards a pair of cowboy boots I’ve been wanting for a while. When I brought these dolls home Rachael asked me what they were for,  I told her they were for selling.  She sighed sadly “Oh. I thought they were a secret birthday present for me.”

This 18″ Evangeline  Doll has hand rooted hair that can be brushed and styled like real hair. She has a cloth torso, and her arms and legs can move up and down. She can stand on her own, her eyes open and close when she lies down. She is wearing a beautiful green checked dress, and has long blond hair. She retailed for $89.00 but is now discontinued.

Doll #1 Made in Germany!

These beautiful dolls are in perfect gift-giving condition condition.

Doll #2 is a new style Liberty. She has a pink checked dress and brown hair.She retails for $75.00

Doll #2

Doll #3 is a new style Jubilee. She has a green dress and blond hair. She retails for $75.00

Doll #3

Up for grabs!

They are $50 each, including shipping.


  1. I would love to buy #2 ….the Liberty doll with the pink dress if you still have it. My granddaughter hopes she can get this one for Christmas Is it still available?

    • I’m sorry, but this is an old post and the dolls are long gone. The only one we have available right now is an Abigail. Let me know if you’d like to have her instead.

  2. If the Liberty doll is still available I would love to buy it from you. Thanks, Heather

  3. Ah, okay, that makes sense. In case it wasn’t clear from my earlier post, I haven’t got a problem with spending a lot of money on boots if you have the money available. I was just surprised. 🙂

  4. Shanna,
    Kaitlyn thinks she can get one from clearance for you. We’ll let you know as soon as she can confirm it!

  5. Sophie,
    I’ll answer for Megan. Cowboy boots are not cheap, especially for girls old enough to require adult sizes.
    But our children tithe first, then divide their money between savings and spending, so Megan’s boots won’t take the entire $150 from all 3 dolls.
    They will probably take all of her spending money from the 3 dolls, though, which is why I’m encouraging her to wait a bit until her feet are done growing or keep watching and waiting for a secondhand pair of boots.
    However, if that’s what she wants to do with her spending money, she can do it. It just means her younger sister may inherit some gently used boots next year. 🙂

  6. Have any more brown haired dolls? If not, as soon as you get one I would like to purchase.


  7. This is probably a stupid question because I don’t wear cowboy boots, but the money from these dolls will go towards a pair of cowboy boots? How much does a pair of cowboy boots cost?!

  8. I will selfishly take all three. My daughters have been begging for these dolls. Thanks for helping me get my Christmas shopping done so early. :>) Please email me on how to go about getting the funds to you.

  9. aaaaaahahahahaha

  10. Hey, Megan. Good job, but…why is this post categorized under Mom is Neurotic?

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