My Mom is Spoiled

Posted By: Deanna

Need I say more?

Did you notice the footstool? Look at the woman! She’s living in the lap of luxury.

This is a picture of a woman for whom mandatory dish washing, laundry washing/folding, dinner cooking, bed making etc. are a thing of the far past. The main part of her duties consists of shopping (not for long) blog maintenance, and general parental oversight.

She’s been promoted to management.

Not that I mind. When we gave her the Netbook for Christmas she said “Wow, I like having rich kids.” But she’s been getting foot/hand massages, not to mention all of the cocoa, cocoa-mocha, frappucinos, chocolate milk, snacks, shoulder rubs, hair brushings, etc that she’s been getting for years.

Again, I’m not complaining. She’s earned it. Just today though I made her a ready made cocoa-mocha first thing in the morning (first thing for her. It was 10:30), and for brunch I think it was  Megan that made her a cheese and bean chimichanga.

The late rising isn’t normal, but the rest of it is. Far cry from the old days, eh Mom?

On a complete side note, here is a look at what we were doing while she slept.

When we say “yardwork”, it generally means that we take clippers, saws, rakes, and elbow grease and turn this:

Into this.

Let me tell you, this picture makes all of the sweat, scratches, tiredness, blisters, and everything else completely and totally worth it.


  1. What a sweet picture!! I love all your clothes, too. So bright and fun!

  2. LOL! I hope you don’t mind if I seriously share this on a blog in a post called “I want to be like Kim when I grow up”! Awesome!

  3. Haha I love the picture and the foot stool! Y’all could start a business doing work for prego moms 🙂 Also those dresses are really cute. I’d love to know where you got the them (or the patterns) especially for the green one on the right. Oh and that clearing looks like a great place for some imaginative thinking.

  4. Sweet. I cannot wait for my kids to be a little more able. They have the willing part down, but they are still small.
    Your family is definitely inspiring.

  5. LOL!! I have been over here to this post a couple times now, and I just NOW seen the *footstool* !! Good one!!

    Seriously though, it is so funny how everyone can view a post/picture and come away with different perspectives and what they *notice*. Thanks so much for your Godly example!

  6. I thought this picture was for real (the pampering not the trees) and made all my children look at it and point out what all the children were doing for their mother. I’m probably just delusional, but maybe this will influence them to be NICER to me.

    Kim, you are so young looking. Seriously. I guess carrying and giving birth to a great number of children does not necessarily age a woman more quickly?

  7. Oh that’s rich. I think they should have done it! 🙂 (Is that the brother I met?)

    • Karen,
      I don’t remember which brother you met, but Kyle is the only one that’s married so far – unless you met one of my brothers-in-law? There’s one who works at VF.

  8. And girls, WOWSERS on the yard work! Well done!

  9. Hooray – I’m the first to post that the FOOTSTOOL made me crack up!! Very, very funny.

    (Dody, even saying ‘yes’ once in a while will bless their socks off! ‘Yes’ with a smile – gulping back maybe some irritation – will go a long way with keeping your children’s hearts! And it was good to hear from you again – maybe you’ve posted recently, but I hadn’t seen it, so HELLO!)

    • Karen,
      I was beginning to wonder if anyone noticed my footstool.
      When my brother and his wife were first married, she was newly converted from a rather feminist outlook. They had a running joke about taking pictures with her acting as his footstool at every stop on their honeymoon.

  10. Great post Deanna! Love the photo! What a fun family you all are!

  11. So, um, who is gonna for-go the wonderful Texan life and come over to Germany to pamper me? Or at least help me teach my kids how to write a great post… *smile*

    (Perry, you crack me up!)

  12. Kimberly in Idaho says:

    I meant super thick long hair!

  13. Kimberly in Idaho says:

    Your children are so cool!! My daughter tries to brush my hair, but it usually gets tangled within, like, 3 brushes. To her defense, I have super think long hair. You kids are incredible! Your mom is very blessed.

  14. You are a bunch of great kids! Keep up the good work.

    I’m going to try the cocoa mocha soon!

  15. It is clear to me now that I need more children! 🙂

  16. Jennifer says:

    So my question about Deanna’s dress is not regarding sleeves, but rather, is it the most modest version of a Simplicity pattern that also includes options far too immodest for a Coughlin?

    I am pretty sure it is the first dress I ever made, and I wonder, did you alter it? Mine was too big in the upper bodice, even though I am built to have needed a full bust adjustment and did not make one, and the straps are too wide set and a little loose. I at first thought it was just that it was my first dress, but I went looking online and it appears many people have had the same problem. Perhaps it is a different pattern or you bought it, but it looks so like the one I made.

    I too live in Texas, in an even warmer clime than your area, and I think modesty is relative to the climate and those around you. Obviously if those around you are Vegas showgirls that doesn’t give you the right to walk around in a bikini, haha. But sleevless probably seems much more immodest in a place where temps don’t stay over 100 degrees for over a month each year.

    • Sonya,
      I saved your question to answer in a separate post soon since I suspect a lot of mothers wonder about those sleeping issues.

      I think you’re right about the dress. Kaitlyn bought an old Simplicity pattern online and made the dress, but had to alter it to make it more modest – wider straps attached differently, for one thing. Even so, she generally wears a cover-up with it. That may be what’s lying in her lap in the photo. They were trying on dresses for my brother’s upcoming wedding the day that photo was staged, and cover-ups were being traded back and forth among several girls.

  17. When I saw that picture, I saw myself. But I had a twinge of guilt. Although I enjoy the morning coffee or tea, I do not enjoy being pampered and shoo the children on to their chores most of the time. I am just too utilitarian to accept such praise…I also do not think they should waste their time on me. It breaks their hearts and I feel ever so guilty for it. I just am not a touchy feely person and it seems 80 percent of my kids are.

    In order to take their mind of off the fact I can not be clung to so much, I allow them plenty of time to play on their new trampoline after their school work and chores are done. This satisfies most of their needs for joy. It is a selfish joy, but I can not begrudge them this one selfish joy as I got rid of the play station, MP3 players, and more. My children occasionally enjoy the internet with strict guidance.

    I too have a “no sleeveless policy” even though we aren’t even remotely Christian. I was surprised to see your children didn’t have this policy as well, BUT I don’t think it is necessarily bad given your climate.

    You are as lucky and blessed as I the difference being, you accept your blessings with grace. I can not. I am always thinking about what must be done next, who needs what next, and the management of our small farm. (My husband asked I do this as it is not his area of expertise) I sometimes feel over whelmed by the children’s requests to brush my hair, paint my nails, or give me a massage. Under normal circumstances these would be pleasures, but under my circumstances they appear to be useless time wasters. I know they are showing their affection this way, but my rationale mind can not accept it.

    In many ways I wish I could accept my blessings as you have with grace and appreciation. I am trying consciously to do that more now. To incorporate the children into everything I do. They seem to appreciate it. I also explain why i can’t take the time to enjoy their gifts …and explain if they help may be things will get done faster and then I can. It usually doesn’t, but it’s worth a shot.

    • Dody,
      Don’t be fooled by the photo – it was totally staged as a joke. I do love it when my children brush my hair or rub my shoulders (I usually pay them for 15 minute increments) but I could never sit still long enough to let them all pamper me like that at once. Deanna wanted to show the benefits of a large family in a tongue-in-cheek way so everyone contributed ideas and helped out.
      I come from a family that is far less touchy-feely, but have learned to be more like hubby and his family over the years. As long as I don’t have 4 people trying to talk to me at the same time or fighting over my ever-shrinking lap space, I enjoy being surrounded by my children – but I do like having a bit of breathing space too.
      I’ve enjoyed learning to be a more touch-y person, and I love that our children take more after his family in that regard as well.

  18. Wow, girls, the woods look great! (looks?) Anyway, good work. It’s always nice to be able to SEE the result of one’s toil.

  19. Great post! I have all little ones – (no one can tie their shoes yet!) so this is an incredible reminder post for me – thank you! So – this is totally unrelated, but a question I have been meaning to ask for a while now as we deal with our own sleep issues:) That is, how does it work in your family when you all sleep in one or two rooms and you have little ones that have sleep issues. Although my little ones do generally sleep well at night, if we have teething going on or an illness, there can be a lot of night disturbances…and it seems with more children, the more potential for someone to be “off” causing potentially a poor night’s rest for everyone. How do you handle this? Do the older ones sleep right through? Do they handle the night waking? Do you? Do any of the older ones come to resent having little ones with sleep issues always in their rooms? Thanks for any thoughts on how to handle this!

  20. This is the sweetest picture! I love what each one is doing: massaging, folding laundry, reading, serving vitamins on a tray, etc. Beautiful!!

  21. Just tonight, when I went to tuck 2 of my girls into bed, they met me at the door saying their favorite thing…”Welcome to the massage room!!” That means I lay down on the mattress and they massage my back, legs and feet. Oh how I love it. And I need it too, after mommying people all day. Dawn

  22. I shared this picture with my husband commenting that this is what I would like the next time I was pregno. He laughed. Oh, well. At least I tried!

  23. You have a beautiful family! I love you all being able to have fun with eachother.

  24. Sharon Byrum says:

    Kim – I have a question (I hope it does not offend in any way, just curious) I have noticed and read about your thought on modesty…I love that you gals were skirt – very feminine, but I hadn’t noticed till now about the sleeveless aspect of your dresses. So you allow sleeveless tops? In our house we don’t allow sleeveless tops and it is an occasional issue between me and my daughter….just wanting your take on it.

    • Sharon,
      “Tank-top” sleeves are an ongoing debate in our house. They’re far cooler in our hot south Texas summers, and we’re living without a/c. However, we’re slowly moving away from them because they show bra straps so easily. We wear them often around the house (provided they’re NOT the sort that show bra straps) and much less often in public.
      Unlike other aspects of modesty, we do tend to bend more on the younger girls who don’t wear bras yet. 🙂
      When we do wear them (er, I mean sleeveless tops), we make sure they have the broader straps with more than average coverage (like so-called sleeveless shirts, which still cover shoulders but not arms), and when we wear them out of the house we very often wear a cover-up of some sort.
      Don’t hold me to any of this, since it is an issue that’s in a current state of change.

  25. You were so smart to have girls first. My oldest are boys and they think helping out means teaching their little sisters new techniques for producing bodily sound effects. The only thing the oldest has been much good for is “fetch”, and only since he got his driver’s license. So far, the second one has no useful qualities that I can determine at all, but he doesn’t drive yet. Still hoping! They barely brush their own hair, I laugh at the picture of them brushing mine!

  26. I am looking forward to bigger kids! They can be soooooo wonderful!

    (Not that I don’t adore my little, but netbooks and foot rubs have I not).

  27. Good work, kids!!! When I’m pregnant, I HAVE to elevate my feet like that every day or my feet are enormous. It’s terribly attractive. : )

  28. Love this post : )
    You put a smile on my sad/depressed missing TX face. You are blessed as are your children for having eachother : )

  29. My girls love to give me back messages! And it’s quite funny… I have to call them down when they get crazy doing the karate chop on mommies back!

  30. It’s so nice getting to this stage of life 🙂 What wonderful kids!

  31. how come I don’t get my hair brushed?

  32. I love the photos! Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Do you rent them out? I could use the older ones to teach my children that they do live in the lap of luxery, for example:

    Mom “A please take your folded laundry upstairs and put it away” (it was folded for her)

    A “How much you gonna pay me”

    Mom ” I might feed you dinner tonight”

    A “How about a Dollar?”


    At which point the laundry gets taken upstairs and thrown on the closet floor.

  34. ROFL…… again…love it. You all have a great, loved life

  35. armymamma says:

    “Her children rise up, and call her blessed..” -it looks as though your Mom is reaping the benefits promised to the Proverbs 31 woman


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