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I can’t take credit for the quote below, but I love it anyway.  When hubby spotted it on his mom’s Facebook status (credited there to an anonymous friend), he predicted that it would go viral.  I love it when he’s right!

Let me get this straight—we’ve got a health care plan passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that hasn’t read it and smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes… and financed by a country that’s broke. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, as Christians we should be exercising charity, caring for the sick and the poor.  But institutionalized theft is not the way to do it.  Our healthcare system is a mess, but government intervention and so-called funding (straight from our own pockets) are not the solution; they are largely the problem.  Medicare created much of this mess in the ’60’s, and now the problem is going to get far worse.

On the other hand, as liberal civil rights leader Al Sharpton pointed out in an interview with Bill O’Reilly:

I think that [the passing of the healthcare bill] began to transform the country the way the president had promised.  This is what he ran on….the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama…

watch the youtube video here

As a nation we got what we asked for, whether or not we want it now in its present form.  May God have mercy on us.

I’m thankful to be a member of a Christian medical sharing group that is, under the bill’s current wording, exempt from the requirements.  However, exempt or not we will all suffer from the far-reaching consequences of this new law.

Be sure to watch The Common Room for helpful summaries and link roundups on this topic, for those of us who are incompetent to digest all the garbage being tossed about by the media.  Start here and here.


  1. David Alan says:


    The Second Amendment March – main one in DC, satellite marches in many states & capitols – like Austin, Texas – is being promoted by Gun Owners of America & Larry Pratt.

    I first had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pratt at the Witherspoon School of Law in 2000. He’s a fine Christian gentleman & passionate about revitalizing our Liberties, under God & the rule of Law. His speech “Biblical & Historical support for the 2nd Amendment” was super.

    Obviously, Doug knows Larry, but I wanted to make sure you all knew about this:

    FYI, Here is the FAQ page for the march:


    Let me tell you why it concerns me, that you know about these matters, these events:

    I’m concerned that we Christian families tend to engage in is stratified action, where we take note mainly (or only) of what is going on in the sphere we inhabit, to the exclusion of the broader picture & culture.

    Instead of manifesting a unity that multiplies our virtues, we adopt a separation that divides them, to the cultures loss.

    That we in the church do this is no surprise; it’s part of a larger trend: the dividing up of America & her citizens into little, disconnected ‘special interest groups’, and we go along with this ‘herd mentality’.

    We thrilled when Doug Phillips spoke to a much broader audience at the Alamo – knowing that thousands of average ‘not necessarily Covenant Christians’ (like us) would be listening – because the strength that God has been building within our community needs to ‘get out of the salt shaker’ & into the world.

    His speech did that to great effect, but to so many in the church, such a bold move terrifies them – they only want to ‘preach to the choir’.

    But now, a year later, strangely, as the nascent – rising – tyranny seems to ratchet upwards – I think I sense Christians starting to ‘clam up’ – giving in to the subtle social pressure (from within the church !) to tone down the message – to just “go along to get along” – to not oppose tyranny in stark terms.

    John Knox wouldn’t be welcome in most circles, even ours !

    I’d love to be proven wrong on this !

    But I have heard from many folks – the type who are Vision Forum families all they way – that we just have to submit, as if Romans 13 was the only Scriptural passage about Government, putting forth, in effect, a renewal of the now discredited ‘divine right of kings’ doctrine.

    What they support is, unwittingly, is a sort of ‘unlimited submission to earthly kings’, frequently offered to those of my thinking as a badge of spiritual oneupmanship.

    The subtle effort is to try to make their position sound spiritual, while our demand that earthly kings (from either party or the system itself) stop trampling on our families Life, Liberty or Property, is portrayed as a mere fleshy, carnal concern.

    It goes without saying that a rigorous study of the Reformation & it’s politcal ramifications, such as was done at the Witherspoon School, handily refutes this position.

    But most folks today are going on the emotion of fear
    not of Scriptural logic or sadly, even of following the “ancient landmarks which your fathers have set”.

    I know Vision Forum has distributed a boatload of these teaching materials, but the actions they should generate are as of yet, largely unseen.

    May I provide an example ?

    Our mutual friend, A.L., who visited you in your home, last year was both shocked & challenged when I played him the audio of Doug’s speech at the Alamo.

    He wasn’t sure what to make of it – sounded kind of ‘rebellious’ to him – so he asked our pastors & elders at our mutual home church to comment.

    [I endeavored to defend Doug’s comments on Scriptural grounds & Historical precedent to A.L., but my opinions didn’t count as I was already a supporter of Doug’s basic position (via Witherspoon)and so A.L. was trying to get an ‘Alternative view’ from church leaders, not just his brother David.]

    These pastors & church leaders listened to Doug’s Alamo TEA party speech & refused to comment on it, to him.

    Quite apparently, they were literally too terrified of the thought of an Pastor, Elder or Teacher (prominent enough to garner wide attention, that is) who would dare to publicly call a Tyrant (or tyrannical system) on the carpet for infidelities against the Constitution, as Doug dared to do.

    Their silence & refusal to address this controversial matter ended up disappointing A.L. so much that he felt compelled to leave our church.

    (Our family is no longer there, either, over the same & other similar issues.)

    I also wanted to convey to Doug our sincere thanks for having this Godly courage to speak thusly – I neglected to write him a bold THANK YOU last year, but do so now, and ask you do deliver it on our behalf.

    We need more bold leadership like he demonstrated at the Alamo, not less. That is the main point of my note here, that the culture is crying out for bold, prophetic Godly leaders.

    The prophetic spirit needs to be heard, and if is is silenced, and cowardice – (like these ‘church leaders’) is seen, it will give the enemies of the LORD cause to act more boldly, to our shame.

    How easy it is to cheer Patrick Henry or William Wallace’ exertions against tyranny, yet how difficult is it to walk in that spirit of bold self-sacrifice, when our lives, fortunes & sacred honor are at stake !

    I didn’t know how else to get this message to you – don’t know your direct email – so I’ll just post this here & hope you see it when ‘moderating comments’.

    Thanks Kim for passing this along to Perry —and Perry thanks for communicating the essence of my thanks & concerns to Doug himself.

    I may be reached at Psalm2 (AT) safe-mail.net.

    Your brother in Christ & for Liberty,

    David Alan
    East Texas

  2. As that quote was passing around facebook someone else added “…and a surgeon general who is obese…”

  3. Kim,

    I have been looking into SM for our family and I do not know of anyone who uses it so when I read your post I thought I would ask if you you could share .. How long have you been with them and how well do you like the system? Any personal information on the subject would be helpful.

    By Gods Grace Only,

  4. A big part of the issue for me is that this was done in a very underhanded way. It’s not JUST “socialized medicine” it’s so much worse than just a government that can’t handle their finances or their programs as they are taking on a HUGE private sector and thinking they are going to do a better job with it. And forcing individuals to purchase a product that they will later be fined for not purchasing if they cannot afford!
    What’s worse than that is all the things that are in the bill that open doors for the government to gain future control of other things.
    What’s even worse than that is that this country was founded with freedom and democracy in mind. The government is supposed to be a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Well the government has become it’s own entity, an elite society, and it is definately not a government of We The People. It’s become They The Government. And not only that but now they have just drawn a line in passing this bill that declares they are no longer BY the people either. Our system is SUPPOSED to be that our laws reflect the majority will of We The People. Well the MAJORITY was crying out to be heard, peacefully protesting and signing petitions and writing to their representatives and instead of voting what the people they represent told them (begged them, demanded) that they vote, they completely ignored We The People and They The Government voted AGAINST the wishes of the people and the Constitution which our country was founded on and has thrived on for so long. They voted this bill in against the people. They voted it in “illegally” – and yet because they are now their own entity, They The Government, and they are so big and powerful, it’s going to take alot of peaceful and well-thought legal maneuvering for We The People to get our country back from the tyrants who have just stolen control with the illegal passing of this healthcare bill. As Glen Beck said, we can’t let them make us out to be the radicals. We can’t get mad, we must get on our knees! God’s favor once rested on this country and it can again if the hearts of We The People turn toward Him! Because God is bigger than They The Government.

  5. http://www.visionforum.com/Onlineemail/vision-forum/2010/03/24_samaritan_ministries/

    Quote from the link above:

    Two Theories of Salvation

    The Bible indicates that it is the duty of the people of God who make up the Church, not the State, to meet the needs of the Church. Though we have a duty of love and charity toward all men (1 John 3:17, 18), our first obligation is to the household of faith (Galatians 6:10), and those directly within our jurisdiction of responsibility (1 Timothy 5:8). Those who fail to provide for their own are deemed “worse than infidels.”

    A key difference between Christianity and humanism is our soteriology (our view of salvation). Christians believe that man’s basic problem is sin. Humanists believe man’s basic problem is his environment. Consequently, humanists advocate salvation through legislation. The idea is that the State can save man through education, wealth redistribution, or other environmental changes. This view of the messianic state — the state as savior — is at the heart of President Obama’s socialized medicine initiative.

  6. Heather you said “This whole fend for yourself and leave your fellow neighbour behind mentality seems a little bit unChristian like to me.

    This is categorically untrue. It is a false choice often presented by those who seek salvation in the civil government, , however unknowingly, often present to those of us who prefer limited biblical government.

    Again nothing can be further from the truth. We do not wish to leave others behind or see them suffer.

    I do want to keep everything that is lawfully mine so that I can provide for my family, wisely invest, and have enough left over to help my fellow man. This is a far cry from the “grab what you can get and everyone else can go to hell ” mentality you seem to be describing

  7. Sarah another part of the fuss is one simple word “Usurpation”: trespass: entry to another’s property without right or permission

    We have a carefully defined Federal government and for them to constantly encroach beyond their enumerated powers is immoral. Our representatives take an oath to uphold this approx. 4500 word document. It’s not hard but they make their oath and then break it.

    The second part is government controlled healthcare does not work. I could point to rationing in the UK and doctor riots in France over pay.

    Third God gives authority and when the civil magistrate reaches beyond that authority it is tyrannical and should be resisted.

    Fourth socialism does not work – no matter how well intentioned. Look at Soviet Russia or the labor and job crisis that Margret Thatcher faced in the UK when she took office. People are basically sinful – for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. They will work as little as little as possible and take as much as they can. Socialism feed this.

    Fifth most of our current trouble in healthcare in America and trace it’s roots to Federal intervention(read Medicare and Medicaid)

    Let’s not even get started on the doctrine of interposition – that’s a whole other ball of wax.

  8. I wrote out a fairly long comment but realized my views won’t be appreciated here. All I will say is that I’m in Canada and don’t see what the big fuss is about. This whole fend for yourself and leave your fellow neighbour behind mentality seems a little bit unChristian like to me.


  9. Sarah: From my American perspective the fuss is about the elimination of choice, and the impact on the economy and culture. The liberals did not try to fix the problem of uninsured citizens they staked their claim on the entire health care system

    The U.S. is going from a regulated, but semi free market insurance system that allows for choice to an increasingly centralized bureaucracy where one size fits all. Rather than work on the ten percent of the population that were not insured, the liberals passed a plan that will impact everyone’s insurance. The bill is well over 2,000 pages. And at what cost? For example, how much will the ten to sixteen thousand new Internal Revenue Service agents cost? The agents are needed to insure that everyone buys a policy. Remember only ten percent were without insurance but now we need government officials checking on the other 90 percent to be sure. That works out to one new tax man for every 2,000 uninsured people. Also, people tend to give less to charity when their taxes go up. Charities, like non-profit hospitals. Why give, when the government is taxing me and picking up the tab.

    Personally, my wife and I are concerned as parents of a special needs child. We keep in touch with other parents, with centralized health care, who have children like our daughter. They run into rationing of care. Why? The government controls the pot of money. When the government rations care, where do children that are not typical fall. It becomes the game of life boat.

    I just got started but I will stop here. I will be thrilled if I passed on a little understanding about what the fuss is. But having lived abroad I understand too that it is not easy to look critically at a system/process that you have grown up in.


  10. I’m Australian, I don’t believe we are a Socialist state and I just don’t understand all the fuss.

  11. I looked into SM bu they don’t cover any mental illness costs. Why is that? Are there any other sharing programs?

  12. Stephanie says:

    Somebody put that quote as a comment on my Facebook status on Monday, and 2 of my friends copied it as their statuses (statii?). Yup, it’s going viral.

  13. David Alan says:

    Hi Kim:

    Greetings once again – haven’t commented here much of late. Good to see you take on the ‘HellCare’ topic.

    Too many Christians of late seem to have ‘called in sick’ over this – afraid to criticize the gov’t or Lord knows what !

    I was wondering if you knew if Doug Phillips was doing anything organized about protesting this, visiting Austin TX to help stand for Nullification, etc.

    I’m a graduate of the 2000 Witherspoon School of Law & Public Policy, that Doug sponsored.

    Please also tell Perry that we’d like to participate in any action that takes place. Thanks !

    Here’s an excellent article on “ObamaCare” I bet you’ll appreciate. Wrtiten by a great writer who is himself a Christian homeschooling father of 5 children:

    ‘Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now’:


    LORD bless,

    David Alan in East Texas

  14. It might be only because I´m european and therefore having a public health system just seems something that any developed country should have, but the bill sounds good to me. i read an article that you might like about what the healthcare reform will achieve in a near future.

  15. I am concerned, that in time and without resistance from the public, the Federal bureaucracy will effectively give us one choice for health care. As this bill also ushered in the elimination of ALL private student loans (surprise!) eventually we will have one form of health care. Just like the government issued pens I had in the military. Stamped “U.S. Government”, one color and one type of ink. No choice.

  16. I didn’t know that Obama smokes! Ugh.

  17. Loved the BF quote and post, KimC–especially “institutionalized theft is not the way to do it.” Was SO pleased (and relieved) that we SMI members are exempt. Keep up the good work. Truly enjoying all your posts even though my world is SO totally different than yours. (We’re 50ish and have no children between us and his two are grown and in the U.K.)

  18. Yeah, when I told my husband that as SM members we were “exempt” he was surprised. He says he’s waiting for “some angry dem to see ‘those crazy Christians’ being let off the hook and pull that one too”.
    Ugh. The whole thing is making me antsy, and I’m already antsy.

  19. Obama smokes? I didn’t know that.

  20. Wow, Samaritan Ministries is exempt from the bills requirements? Where is that? What does that mean? I thought the bill applied to everybody?

    I’m getting married sometime in the near-ish future (this year), and if there are ANY other options than the government for health care, I’ll take them.

  21. Very well said – thanks for sharing!

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