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Our method of naming babies probably makes some people’s eyes twitch but it works for us. I used to believe that it was crucial to have a name picked out before the baby arrived.  If we failed, what would we call the child?  “That New Kid?”  Anyway, I always had trouble naming pets and I found that the longer it took me to choose a name, the less the name seemed to fit.  What if we dawdled and wound up giving our child the WRONG name?  Tragic!

But over time, we realized that we never settled on a name until just before the baby’s birth, no matter how far ahead we started the debate.  It seems we cooperate best under the pressure of a looming deadline.  Gradually we began opening the debate later and later in the pregnancy.

I don’t remember exactly which child started the tradition, but eventually we took it one step further and didn’t make the final decision until after the birth.  From there it was only a short slide to not even opening the formal discussion until the duedate loomed large before us.

And here we are, barely a week from D-day, without a clue as to what we’ll name the baby.  A boy will be easy – we’ve had a few choices on the table for a long, long time and only used one so far.  But when it comes to girls, I’m afraid we’ve nearly used up all the choices.   There’s just a finite number of names for a given gender, and we do have a lot of girls, you know.

We have a few preferences when it comes to girl names, or rather I do.  I can’t speak for hubby since we haven’t talked much about it recently.  I’ll know more about his preferences in a week or two, but usually the baby gets named when one of the suggestions I throw his way meets with thoughtful silence instead of a face and a counter-offer like, “But I want to name her Mumu Kefir.”   That’s how we work.

I like girl names that are:

  1. Unmistakably feminine.   No names that used to be boy names but are now used for both, no matter how cute or charming.
  2. Easy to spell – for adults, that is.  I know this limits us to relatively common names, but I don’t want my child to be forced to spell her name for every single person she meets just because we felt the need to be creative.   This means that if there are options for a particular name, we go with the most common spelling.
  3. Not too unusual.  Most or all our children’s names have been in the top 100 for their birth year.  We didn’t do this on purpose, but it does demonstrate a pattern.
  4. Not too trendy.  We don’t watch television, and don’t want to name our children after any prominent TV characters or stars – though we might do so out of ignorance or oblivion.  I still like the name Hannah, in spite of you-know-who.
  5. Names that sound nice together.  This is more important for the first and middle name since the last name is most likely temporary.   I think it’s important to have a little alliteration or assonance going on, and a pleasing rhythm of stressed/unstressed syllables.

So…do you have suggestions for us?  I’m all ears.  Well, ears and belly.  Lots of belly.  And ankles, now that we’re on the subject of body parts.  Or rather, lack of ankles.  I know they’re in there somewhere, but they’re playing hide-and-seek this week.

So much for my theory about exercise improving circulation and helping with the swelling.  I’m walking 2 miles/day, and I think the biggest result is simply jiggling the fat and water downward toward my feet.  I wonder if fatter feet make my belly look smaller by contrast?


  1. Hmm. can’t help myself from throwing in a few of my girl names. Madeline (pronounced rhyming with mine). Adriana. Elizabeth Vanessa Jasmine Kaitlyn,

  2. Clarice Jean or
    Jean Clarice

    For a boy:

    Robert Hollis

  3. My children’s names are:
    Kalyn Gabriel
    Tessa Rachel
    Micah Cole
    Elyse Eden
    Josiah Aden
    Malachi James Philips

  4. Er, why are last names temporary…?

  5. Girls names:
    Tirzah Elaine
    Sophia Marie
    Hannah Anastasia
    Selah Joanne
    Elayna Joelle

    Boys Names:
    Judah Benjamin
    Macaiah James

  6. tarynkay says:

    Not sure if you’re still reading comments, but I think that you would love It’s a site that lets you plug in up to 6 names that you like and comes up with suggestions along the same lines. I played around with it and put in 6 of your girl’s names and it suggests Hannah, Claire, Abigail, Susana, Leah, Lauryn, Erin, Amelia, and Bridget among others. I really like virtue names, too, and as long as you have a “safe” name in there, I think it’s okay to be a little adventurous with the other name.

    Combination suggestions:

    Hannah Love
    Mercy Claire
    Abigail Joy
    Susana Pearl
    Leah Patience

    Have fun with the names! It is a good distraction.

    • tarynkay,
      Thanks for the tip – I’ll definitely look at the site, especially since it came up with one name that we’ve considered for a long time (Hannah) and another that we probably would have used if it wasn’t my very young sister-in-law’s name already, Abigail.
      I love virtue names too, and I don’t mind a more unusual middle name so long as the first name isn’t uncommon enough to raise eyebrows and get spelled wrong every time.

  7. Victoria Joy
    Lauren Kate

  8. Lilian Rose
    Britain May
    Abigail Jane

  9. I apologize if any of these are repeats from above, you have too many comments to read!

    These are my nieces names, I think they are beautiful!
    Chloe Marie
    Elizabeth Grace
    Krista Joy
    Joy Maranatha (Adopted from Haiti)

    I also like:

  10. Our 5 girls are:
    Ashtyn Christine
    Savanah Ranae
    Tabitha Michele
    Julia Graciela
    Emilee Marta

    A beautiful name that someone we know just gave their daughter is
    Maelyn Grace

    Have fun!! 🙂

  11. Hannah C. O. says:

    I have a friend named Sylvia, and I love her name.
    My middle name is Elisabeth, and I’ve always loved it, especially that particular spelling. Then again, maybe I’m slightly biased 😉

    My family has used some of these names, for first or middle:


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