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Our method of naming babies probably makes some people’s eyes twitch but it works for us. I used to believe that it was crucial to have a name picked out before the baby arrived.  If we failed, what would we call the child?  “That New Kid?”  Anyway, I always had trouble naming pets and I found that the longer it took me to choose a name, the less the name seemed to fit.  What if we dawdled and wound up giving our child the WRONG name?  Tragic!

But over time, we realized that we never settled on a name until just before the baby’s birth, no matter how far ahead we started the debate.  It seems we cooperate best under the pressure of a looming deadline.  Gradually we began opening the debate later and later in the pregnancy.

I don’t remember exactly which child started the tradition, but eventually we took it one step further and didn’t make the final decision until after the birth.  From there it was only a short slide to not even opening the formal discussion until the duedate loomed large before us.

And here we are, barely a week from D-day, without a clue as to what we’ll name the baby.  A boy will be easy – we’ve had a few choices on the table for a long, long time and only used one so far.  But when it comes to girls, I’m afraid we’ve nearly used up all the choices.   There’s just a finite number of names for a given gender, and we do have a lot of girls, you know.

We have a few preferences when it comes to girl names, or rather I do.  I can’t speak for hubby since we haven’t talked much about it recently.  I’ll know more about his preferences in a week or two, but usually the baby gets named when one of the suggestions I throw his way meets with thoughtful silence instead of a face and a counter-offer like, “But I want to name her Mumu Kefir.”   That’s how we work.

I like girl names that are:

  1. Unmistakably feminine.   No names that used to be boy names but are now used for both, no matter how cute or charming.
  2. Easy to spell – for adults, that is.  I know this limits us to relatively common names, but I don’t want my child to be forced to spell her name for every single person she meets just because we felt the need to be creative.   This means that if there are options for a particular name, we go with the most common spelling.
  3. Not too unusual.  Most or all our children’s names have been in the top 100 for their birth year.  We didn’t do this on purpose, but it does demonstrate a pattern.
  4. Not too trendy.  We don’t watch television, and don’t want to name our children after any prominent TV characters or stars – though we might do so out of ignorance or oblivion.  I still like the name Hannah, in spite of you-know-who.
  5. Names that sound nice together.  This is more important for the first and middle name since the last name is most likely temporary.   I think it’s important to have a little alliteration or assonance going on, and a pleasing rhythm of stressed/unstressed syllables.

So…do you have suggestions for us?  I’m all ears.  Well, ears and belly.  Lots of belly.  And ankles, now that we’re on the subject of body parts.  Or rather, lack of ankles.  I know they’re in there somewhere, but they’re playing hide-and-seek this week.

So much for my theory about exercise improving circulation and helping with the swelling.  I’m walking 2 miles/day, and I think the biggest result is simply jiggling the fat and water downward toward my feet.  I wonder if fatter feet make my belly look smaller by contrast?


  1. I did not read the others, so I am not sure if it is on here or not.

    Susannah Joy
    Chloe Lynn

  2. Okay-here’s some with combo’s -the first list was just first names

    Abigail Grace
    Evelyn Joy
    Miriam Rose
    Elizabeth Hope
    Olivia Mercy

    also, seperately Adelaide

  3. I like Janessa. I looked it up, and it’s supposedly Hebrew for “God is gracious”.

    Janessa Raquel sounds good together (French for Rachel). My girls are:

    Michaela Danielle (the ORIGINAL spelling of “McKayla” chosen when “Dr. Quin” was a TV show but we had NEVER even seen the show or heard of the name! I have only 2 brothers, Michael and Daniel, so I made feminine names from theirs and really liked it), and Leah Nicholette.

    They are teens now and like their names.

    Can’t wait to see what you have! God bless.

  4. selfanalyst says:

    Corinne Elizabeth

  5. I like:

  6. I love the name Anna. It’s my daughters name, so I’m biased, but I really do like it.

    Plus, it goes well with so many middle names and last names. 🙂

  7. Juliana E. says:

    I love thinking up names. I come from a large family and it was hard to find names that hadn’t been used. My oldest daughter is Mia Ilene (named for my Mom) and then I had a great time trying to think up names for my triplets when I was on bed rest waiting for them. I ended up using Anya Kathryn, Sophia Elizabeth and Ian Richard. The names that I didn’t use but loved were India Marie, Matthew Thomas and Christopher James. I also love Holly Christine and Gavin MItchell. Good Luck and can’t wait to see what you pick for newest little person! 🙂

  8. OK, it looks like I’ll never have a girl so I’ll give you my girl’s name….Samantha Faye.

  9. My daughter is Janna Alayne.
    Janna comes from the KJV of the BIble and goes well with her brothers who all have names from the Bible.

  10. I’m getting married two weeks from tomorrow and we have already talked about furture childrens names. For a girl we have picked

    Mia Pauline (both family names)

    Other combos I like are

    Shannon Rose
    Laura Elizabeth
    Katherine Belle
    Debra Lynn
    Angela Michelle
    Dawn Marie

    My parents where creative and I had trouble all my life with people pronouncing my name correctly and spelling it correctly. I like names that are easy to spell and pronounce too.

  11. Wow-lots of suggestions!! Thought I’d add a few. The first is our daughter’s name, and the second is a name I’ve been waiting on another daughter to use. Maybe I’ll get to use it in September! The third is a name our neighbor just used and I love it!

    Whitney Ann
    Kylie LeAnn
    Ellianna Grace (Ellianna means “The Lord has answered”)

  12. Ruby

    Ruby Joy
    Ruby Jo
    Ruby Ann

  13. Emma-Leigh

  14. Kathryn says:

    I love this! You know no gal can resist sharing favorite baby names 🙂

    Here are a couple I love that are classic and feminine:

    I do like Hannah. It was around long before, and will be long after our current o-so-popular Hannah

    So excited for you and your family!

  15. Erin M in MO says:

    Corrie Julianne
    Julianne Margaret
    Indira Michelle (that’s En-DEAR-uh — love the pronunciation!)
    Celia Marie
    Evangeline Hope
    Audrey Claire
    Christie Dawn
    Amy June
    Melody Jeanette
    Sharon Isabelle
    Lindsey Joy
    Harper Annelise
    Ivy Madeline

    Just a few suggestions after reading through the comments… as well as adding some of my favorites! Names are one of my favorite subjects. 🙂

  16. I have an:

    Allison Elizabeth
    Genevieve Nicole and
    Sophia Marie

    I also love the name Layla.

  17. Aubrey Ella
    Emma Rae

  18. Mary Weaver says:

    one of my favorite names at present are: Emma, Annika, and Oliva, but I think you have a Lydia so Oliva wouldn’t work. Mary

  19. Genna Joy says:

    Tara Jane
    Sienna Faith
    (sienna means grace)
    Savannah May
    Clover Lilly
    Jasmine Lilly
    Amalie Joy
    Mia Maree

  20. I am so excited for you and cannot wait to find out what the gender of your newest little blessing will be!

    My daughters are:
    Isabella Marie
    Elliana Kate (pronounced Ellie-ona) (short “o” sound)
    Annalise Alane

    My sons are:
    Joseph Alexander
    Gabriel Clifton

    My nieces are:
    Caroline Alane
    Katherine Grace
    Allyson Marie
    Jamie Nicole
    Kayley Alis
    Gracye Anne

    My nephews are:
    Austin Warren
    Austyn Kincaid
    Jared Luke
    Kaelyb Thaddeus
    James Nicolas

    I also like the names:



  21. For girls:

    Eliza Rose
    Sadie Marie

    Our children have a family name (sometimes modified) for their middle name. We like shorter names that can’t readily be shortened.

    For boys:
    Atticus Lee (literary reference)
    Victor Robert

    Have fun reading all of the suggestions. I am sure you will come up with a great name for this little one.

  22. I don’t have time to read all the comments so far, because… WOW, that’s a lot of comments! But I want to suggest the one and only name that I am dying to see someone use: Ruby. There are lots of little Rubys around these days, but I want someone to use it because of the “above rubies” connection, and I think everyone else is using it just because it’s totally adorable. I’d save it for myself, except that we try to stay *out* of the top 500 or so, plus we already have an R, and we *try* not to duplicate first initials. First name, middle name, either one, but please use Ruby. I love it so.

  23. Meredith Virginia

  24. Well, most of my ideas have been said, but here is my list.

    I have a Lillie Katherine and ofcourse I love her name. My nieces are Megan Nadine, and Cheyenne Rose.
    And I read a blog and her youngest daughter is
    Tirzah Joy. I think that is pretty neat!

  25. Caroline says:

    How about…Caroline.

  26. i thought of miriam for you right away…

    Good luck…i’m due in sept and can’t wait, we know we’re having a boy, and name is already picked out..we always name very early

  27. These are our girls
    Natalie Michelle
    Ashley Renee
    Madalyn Lily

    I also like
    Rosanna Mabel
    Emma Leigh

  28. How about Irene, Francis, Ethel, Ashleigh…

  29. My favorite girl’s name right now is Mina, but my husband knew a girl in high school with that name and says NO. And I’m no good with middle names, because we use Korean names for our middle names… but I’ll give it a try. Anyway, here’s a short list for you:

    Mina Lynne
    Evelyn Lea (pronounced “Lee”, not “Leah”)
    Laura Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Anne
    Rose Marie
    Rosemarie Claire

  30. My three girls are named:

    Marissa Janae
    Annika Elyse
    Ellia Renee

    Meanings are very important to us. And I tend to be a little obsessive about certain things, like all the girls’ names being 3 syllables and ending with the “uh” sound. But you don’t have that problem!

  31. I really like Naomi for your family. It’s hard to know how to help when I don’t know your girls middles names and you have so many female relatives.

    Naomi Truth
    Naomi Faith
    Naomi Patience
    Naomi Jane

    Your suggestion of Hannah is nice, too. But definitely more common.

    Hannah Ruth (always liked this combo)
    Hannah Leigh

    And Chloe, another Biblical name, although many don’t realize it.

    Chloe Anne

    And my name is very feminine and versatile. I spell mine with a “K” but a “Ch” is just as nice.


    Nicknames : Kris, Krissy, Tina, etc.

    A couple of ideas, anyway.

  32. We have a strict family-names-only policy (instituted by my husband but fully agreed to by myself). We also have a strict, no-trendy-names policy. We lean more towards longish first names that can be abbreviated in more than one way, so if they have a midlife crisis they can decide on a different nickname. We think a child should have a a grown-up sounding name, even if he only uses it for when he’s in trouble. Someday he might want to be a doctor or a lawyer and those people should have respectable-sounding names. We’ve been decided on our new baby’s name (due June 20th) for several months now, whichever gender it decides to have 🙂

    Some of my favorite girl names:

    Margaret Joycelyn
    Rosemarie Kay
    Elizabeth Irene
    Catherine Grace
    Lindsey Rochelle
    Theresa Pearl
    Virginia Leslie
    Claudia Grace
    Eleanor Pearl
    Agnes Irene
    Rebecca Rose

    I kind of get stuck on the middles too. I like a fairly short middle name with a longer first name because that’s how my two girls are and I like to shorten them and put them together. I am still wavering a bit internally about the middle name we have picked out if this one is a girl. In fact, it suddenly seems like the most important thing in the world that I clear that up with my husband right NOW.

  33. I too LOVE Hannah 🙂 My Hannah turns one of Friday. We also have a Rebekah.

    Hannah Joy (Our Hannah’s first name is really Hannah Grace and her middle is Lola after my mom and grandmother -but I saw you already have a Grace middle name in your family)

    Rebekah Anne

    “Kaye” is also a beautiful middle name that goes with many first names.

  34. Martha just popped into my mind as a feminine, well-known Biblical name that is easy to spell and hasn’t been mentioned yet. Maybe Martha Christine or Martha Rose? Or for a boy, Mark Christopher?

  35. Ella Marie
    Anna Joy
    Laina Brook
    Olivia Brook
    Emma Jane
    Camile Marie
    Gracie Mae
    Georgia Hope
    Hannah Noel

  36. My daughter’s name is Emma Elyse.

    I like for girls:

    Best wishes, it’s a hard decision:)

  37. Laura Rose
    Emily Claire
    Madeline Kate
    Caroline Grace
    Ann Marie
    Anna Pearl

  38. Some lovely feminine names are Chantal/Shantel , Lacey/Lacy/Laci , Michelle , Janelle , Lynette (or LIndy for short) , Nicolette , Colette .

    We used Katri (Ka-TREE) for a middle name for our firstborn. Another idea for middle names for either a girl or boy are using character qualities like Noble, True, etc.

    If she’s born in May, her middle name could be May. If she’s born in June, her middle name could be June. Really. They’re both feminine and one syllable, which is great for middle names.

    So excited for you guys!

  39. Our daughters are Hannah Abigail and Susan Elizabeth.

    I really like Mazey Grace-there is a little girl at Church with that name and she is a DOLL!

    I like Sarah Josephine, Kendra Louise or Julie Kayann (Kayann is a combo of my mother and his mother’s middle names) if we ever have another girl….

    We like Reed Benjamin, Charles Robert or Robert Lee for a boy.

  40. Oh, for a boy, I have some sugestions too;


  41. Hmm….overhere in the Netherlands there are some real feminin names too.


    So, I think you are in even more troubles now, so much names all your readers send you! Maybe you should involve the other childeren with this choice…

    Anyway, good luck and a happy delivery!

    Greetings from mama lieveheersbeestje.

  42. Julianna Rose or Julianna Grace



    Susanna Joy

    Although, I think it’s a boy

  43. Evangeline Lilly

    OK, so this MIGHT be the name of a famous actress who stars in “Lost” (final season, by the way) a TV series basically about good vs evil on an island created apparently to contain the evil so that good prevails in the rest of the world. Maybe? No one really knows… yet.

    Christabelle Amberlynn

    My last baby was born on May 1st, 2009. We named her Isabella Rose after my grandmother and great grandmother. But she could have been a Christabelle or an Evangeline very easily. My husband also liked:

    Seraphina Maria

    No one should be allowed to have this much fun- getting to name 10 babies. If you pick one of my names I want an actual letter in the mail with a stamp on it and a picture inside of baby. I’m kind of old fashioned. All this baby blogging is making me excited for you… and now I want another baby, and another, and another….

  44. My favorite girl names are:

    Miriam Hanna
    Esther Caroline
    Caroline Elise
    Susanna Jane

    My favorite boy names are:

    Samuel Lukas
    Nathan James
    James David
    Joshua Alexander

    Good luck with the naming and the birthing!!

  45. Journey Gwendolyn Coghlan

  46. I’m partial to Gaelic/Celtic names:
    Guinevere (Ginny) but my dad would never cease singing “Guinevere” from Camelot if we chose that name!

    Our last name is Brane so we have to be careful what we name babies–no Pierce or Patrick (pbrane….) for us. LOL no Ima or Ina either.
    Dawn is a good middle name (we have 3 in our family)
    I also like Abigail (again, a name we would use, but there’s already an Abby in our family)
    Our daughter is Naomi Elizabeth and our new baby will be Andrew Ryan or Natalie (Joy or Grace? I can’t remember lol).
    We had a hard time with boy names last time and had a girl and have had a hard time with girl names this time, so maybe it will be a boy?
    Sorry for the long post!

  47. at the end of pregnancy there is NO way to avoid being swollen. your body is producing more blood because it will need due to the loss of blood during delivery… that is the main reason for swollen legs and faces. The volume of blood in your body now is huge. 🙂

    names… I love all the latin names Isabela, Gabriela, Emanuela,…

    God bless you. 🙂


  48. Abigail, Eloise, Alyssa, Elinor, and Susan are some of my favorite girl names.

    Can’t wait to meet the new little one! 😀

  49. Lindsey says:

    Abigail Rose
    Abigail Elizabeth
    Grace Ann
    Vivian Ann
    Vivian Elizabeth
    Mercy Grace
    Victoria Ann
    Victoria Grace

    There are just a few. I think its funny because we have a girl name pretty narrowed down, but not a boy name. But we have until November to decide.

  50. I’m with you. I like a more common name with the common spelling. Funny, even then people ask how to spell their names because others have been prone to hack up traditional spellings. Here are some I like :-):

    Nicole Marie
    Sharon Victoria
    Megan Rose
    Tiffany Sue
    Victoria Sue
    Sarah Grace
    Sarah Rose
    Rebecca (Rebekah) Ann
    Elizabeth Ann
    Brandy Jean
    Brandy Rose
    Rose Amber
    Amber Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth

    I know there are plenty more from my list.

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