I’m helping with checkout today at the Vision Forum booth at the local homeschool conference, FEAST (Family Educator’s Alliance of South Texas).  I’ve already met several blog readers.  I hope they understood the blank look I gave them, which may have looked like “huh?” but actually meant I was speechless, honored,  thrilled that they took time to say hi, and/or utterly confused by the new checkout process on the laptop in front of me.

If you’re planning to be here today, please stop by and say hi!  If you come tomorrow instead, you’ll probably get a more intelligent welcome from one of my children who will converse intelligently with you while checking out customers, adding new people to the email list, chewing gum, standing on one foot and surfing the internet on their iPods.

Kids these days.


  1. Shannon,
    The only other conference for our family this year will be Plano in August. Vision Forum will be at others, and our family usually does a few more, but we’re taking it easy due to our animals and the new baby.

  2. Hmmm… now you have me wondering if you will be at any of the other conferences in Texas. I would love to meet you or some of your family. Myabe in the near future you could do a post listing the conferences you will be at, if there are any others.

  3. so fun talking with you today! And don’t worry…you did not have any sort of blank look! You were a HUGE encouragement! See you soon!

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