Me? Nesting? Don’t be silly.

I don’t “nest,” and I’m certainly not doing it today.  I don’t know why the kid were giggling at me.

That container cabinet was overstuffed with useless trash and long overdue for a cleaning.  Pulling everything out, getting rid of the excess, and finally adding labels will make it easier to keep organized.  Now the kids will know exactly where to put Pitchers, Ice Trays, Mixing Bowls, Jars, Tools (apple peeler/slicer corer, sifter, sliding measuring cup, etc.), Vases, Containers, and empty ice cream Buckets.  I just need a couple of big boxes for the stuff I’m getting rid of.

The fridge?  Well, it didn’t make sense to sort through the containers in the cabinet while there were so many more containers in the fridge.  I needed to have a clear idea of just how many containers we had, didn’t I?  Anyway, the fridge was long overdue for some special attention too.  The shelves were filthy, and I can’t remember the last time I scrubbed the gasket and screws around the handle with an old toothbrush.  It looks much more appetizing now.

And you can hardly blame me for transplanting my tomatoes into our homemade earth boxes.  They were outgrowing their temporary homes and it’s May – time to let them start growing in earnest so we can have fresh tomatoes soon!

Now that the tomatoes were moved out of the flower pots, it seemed like a perfect time and place to start my cucumber seeds.  Why not?  I really should go back out and plant some zucchini seeds too.  I think I’ll do that now.

Next, if the kids will just find me a handful of screws, we’ll go hang a big double cage in the chicken coop for our mama hen and her 6 children so they won’t be total strangers to the flock when we let them loose.  We can put another broody hen with some eggs in the other side of the cage.  I’ve been meaning to do that all week, and it’s Friday already.  I should help them put some fresh hay in the chicken coop too, since I scooped up 2 large trash bags of loose hay the last time I was at the feed store.

But even though I don’t believe in “nesting,” I really do need to check the supplies left over from our last birth so I’ll know what to order in my birth kit this time.  It’s only 3 weeks until my duedate, so it’s time to start preparing.


  1. Oh Yay! I,too am about 3 weeks away from getting to meet our new baby and am planning another home water birth. I am thoroughly enjoying the nesting instinct that has gripped me hard. It fits in well with my goals of becoming a better wife, mother, and homemaker. I have just stumbled across your blog and look forward to perusing it.

  2. Do you want me to pick up that straw we talked about?

  3. Nest away and have fun while you do it. It is a great time to do all those little yet not so little things that need to be done and are never done unless times like this are upon us.
    There is a reason God gives us these impulses. Don’t deny it! : )

  4. That’s one of those things I will miss. Miscarriage last May scarred my tubes and 3 months later they are totally closed so at the age of 31 (now 32) we knew there would be no more and no together babies unless a miracle happens. His 4 and my 3 still keep us super busy with 3 different homes and custody hearings (2 year old’s mother is not mentally stable but up until now she could afford a lawyer and we could not) and 2 school districts, trying to get help for 2 yo when he’s with his bio mom most of the time with his speech problems, motor control problems etc (not to mention her taking credit for all our hard work), etc. Wow I didn’t even get going yet and I’m already tired just reading what I wrote. Yikes maybe I should slow down esp considering my worsening health problems.

    Been a while since I stopped by (and so hard to type with a broken space bar key on my laptop) and happy to see another on the way. Best wishes and prayers for your new life.

  5. Sounds like the real thing! – when you’re finished you can come & do my list of overdue jobs -LOL

    Hope you have a very Happy Mothers Day

  6. Is it normal to nest at 13 weeks??? I hope so, cause I always start suer early! 😉

  7. My family is still laughing over the time I insisted the lightbulbs in the ceiling fans were dirty and we needed to unscrew all the lightbulbs and wash them. That was 7 years ago.

  8. Kim B. says:

    No “nesting” here, my youngest just turned three on Wednesday, but I would like to see a pic of the double cage in your coop for introducing mama hen and babies to the rest of the flock.

  9. Funny that your nesting actually involved a real nest (broody hen and all…)!! Planning to live blog this birth?

    • Cindee,
      Yes, I’m planning to live blog this birth like the last 2 times. It gets a little harder once I’m in the pool and that’s where I prefer to labor, but I’ll certainly do my best!

  10. Mrs. T. says:

    Dear Kim,

    I look forward to reading your next post re: THE BABY HAS COME!.. (or something like that, anyway).

    My prayers are with you and your family.

    Love in Christ from,

    Mrs. T.

  11. Erin Charles says:

    YEAY!!! BABY !!!

  12. It has been12 year since I had the nesting urge… My house could use me to have another one!! 🙂

    Enjoy getting ready for the baby – it won’t be long now!!

  13. Jessica says:

    I wish I’d had some of that energy when I was pregnant! I don’t recall ever getting a huge nesting urge. But who knows … maybe I also was in denial 🙂

  14. Hee hee! My version of nesting this time has been to wash and dry all the laundry and then leave it piled in the living room on the couch so that it can be rummaged through and dragged throughout the house by the toddlers…there I said it. I feel better already!

  15. LOL you ARE nesting !!!!

    But don’t get me wrong I’ve been nesting on and of since I was 25 weeks, and now at 34 weeks I woke up at 5 am to scrubs my sinks (all of them) and might as well trough a load of laundry in the wash, and yes toilet scrubbing were done and well since I was washing the mirrors might as well do our windows LOL

    By the time i was done, I went back to bed for about 10 minutes and the rest of the family woke up! Guess it was time for me to prepare breakfast!

    I don’t mind that burst of energy I got today but it’s a bit early for baby, so praying that he/she will stay longer inside!!!

  16. You are floating down the river DE-nial. That baby is coming sooner than you think.

  17. Andrea says:

    Yes, this purging and [non] nesting is probably one of the reasons I ever got my house in really great shape in the past… unfortunately I have seemed to stop conceiving babies… so my cupboards and fridge are frightful!

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