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Maybe that title should read, “How the other 3 moms put it all together, while I flake out again.”  I’ll confess that I didn’t plan at all for this post because even though I really didn’t expect to go into labor before this weekend my brain has been in labor mode for over a  week now.

May I just suggest that we all pop over and visit the other 3 moms to see what you and I can learn from them?  Because I obviously need some help putting things together right now.

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  1. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    If you don’t start labor naturally, is there a date beyond which you will not go?

    • My Boaz’s Ruth,
      I haven’t asked my midwife that question since I’ve never gone more than 8 days over, but I think most draw the line at either 2 or 3 weeks over. However, I’m not entirely sure about my dates, so I could just now be due this weekend instead of last.
      If it does look like I’m going to push the limits, there are plenty of things we can do to encourage labor to start before we consider induction, though.

  2. Come on Kim, today is the day ! It’s our anniversary, our son’s b-day , my nephew’s b-day and one of my very good friends had her 9th baby early this morning. Besides it’s a Thursday!!

    Get going!!

  3. Ok, so Putting it all together at Life in a Show means we can wrap up last nights conversation. I can’t believe I just now noticed the flowered background of your blog is gone. I also think you should redo the header just as you mentioned wanting to do. You should reinact the one you have now including the upside-down daughter. Only now, everyone would be a little older of course and Baby June would be added.

    Now I am going to do what you suggest and read the wise words of the Headmistress.

  4. I love you.

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