My chickies

by Becca

My favorite animal out of all our animals which is dogs,cats,gerbils, chickens, snakes and tarantulas is the baby chicks.
They are only 3-4 days old. I like to go down to them whenever I can. They are still covered in fuzz, but the oldest one has little tiny bits of feathers on the tip of its wings.
Here are some pictures of them.  I cropped them in Photoshop and Mom showed me how to Save For Web so they wouldn’t take too long to load.


  1. There is no 4 Moms and 35 Kids this morning! I hope that means there is a baby on the way or better yet already here!

    The chicks are too cute. Our children are really hoping for some little chicks from our hens, but no such luck so far.

  2. Ok love the chicks and all but WHERES THE BABY!!!! LOL =)

  3. We think they are so cute when they are teeny, tiny and peep out from ubder their momma’s wings. Your photos look so nice!

  4. Time for Becca to be listed with the rest of the family bloggers??? Cute posting, Becca!

    Praying for all of you as you await the exciting arrival of baby #12!

  5. These are great photos, Becca! And they uploaded super fast and uncomplicated way over here in Germany, too.

    I just wanted to share that the eggs look like German potatoes!

    (and the smilie has been there since day one and not too long ago Kim had issues with the server — some memory was full, had to do with a plugin if I remember correctly — since then, the background has been uni-colour, I’ll let you decide which.)

  6. Wait a minute…I just read Kim’s comment and just saw the smiley face and just now noticed the flowered background is no longer there! How long has it been plain blue? Least on my computer it’s blue-gray. Kim said it’s purple. I don’t know…

    I think Kim and I should just call it a night.

    Tuck those chicks in, Becca. But then, you’re probably already in bed yourself….

    Goodnight everybody!

    Sweet dreams, kimc, from this late night rambler! Sleep comfortably.

    • Kim and Jamie,
      The smiley has been there for a while – he comes with our statcounter. We made the background plain a good while ago too – maybe 2 or 3 months? We just felt the blog was getting cluttered, and changing to a plain background helped. We’re thinking of redesigning, and I know it will be time to update the header soon, but I can’t bear to get rid of the current one. I really love it!

  7. Random Question… but, has there always been a small smiley face on the top of the purple layout, or is that new? I just noticed it today and I was wondering how long it has been there…

  8. Baby chicks vs. golden retriever puppies….That is a tough choice to choose based on the cuteness factor, Becca. Those chicks are adorable.

    Of course, Baby Siblings are by far the cutest.

    Did you name the chicks, yet? Maybe you should name them after grains and seeds: such as Rye, Oats, Sunflower, Bran, etc.. Mash and Scratch could be roosters.

  9. Alanna N. says:

    They are adorable!!! I like the brown ones!

  10. Awwww-so sweet!

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