Chocolate ice cream saves the day

You might remember my slight obsession with giving birth on a holiday or family birthday – nearly all of our children so far have arrived on days that were already special, only to be made more special by the blessed event.
I was really hoping that our last baby would be born on Memorial Day, since we had a Memorial Day baby back in ’98. Their birthdays would be different, but they would have shared a holiday.  How cool would that be?
Alas, I missed the mark. Parker and I missed Memorial Day (May 31); we missed the birthday of his Memorial Day sister (May 25). We even missed D-day (June 6).   Just for the sake of salvaging our holiday tradition, I found myself hoping that he would go so far as Flag Day (June 14), which he would have shared with Sarah.

I shouldn’t have worried.  Kacie of Sense to Save has brought it my attention that he arrived on the perfect holiday.

June 7 was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  Who can complain about a birthday like that?

And for your viewing pleasure, just because I’m sure that everyone agrees that I have the cutest kids in the world (what? you thought you had them?):

Credit for photos goes to 8yo Becca!  The thumbnails are cropped automatically.  Click through to see the full version of each photo.


  1. Hi Kim,
    We are transplants from Southern California…. fleeing the “rat race” there (among “other” things) and now living in rainy and cold Boring, (East of Portland) Oregon. We have been here almost 5 years. This has been our rainiest June yet!

    We will be sure to say hello! My husband said it was 95* in San Antonio today so I guess we’re in for some warm weather! YAY! Also, my girls love to watch your blog for those times that your girls write…. and sometimes your family is “dinner conversation” at our dinner table!


  2. P.S. If your daughters have some free time… check out our blog and please vote on our Timberdoodle Video (click on the link at our blog and watch us and vote!) Blessings!

  3. Perfect holiday for a chocolate lover like myself (my husband has dubbed me the “Chocolate Wife”!!) oh… and guess what!! My girls and I are being blessed by my husband with a surprise trip to San Antonio for the VF Baby Conference!! We are looking forward to some sun (we live in Northern Oregon and have had rain for weeks!) We look forward to meeting you and baby there!

    • Cynthia,
      What part of Oregon are you from? I spent my first 12 years in and around Portland.
      Be sure to introduce yourself at the conference!

  4. He did arrive on a special birthday… MY birthday!! Parker, I shall always and forevermore remember your birthday. 🙂

  5. Love the pictures!!!! Just precious. Regarding your post(s) below, I think it’s really neat how your children have such varying looks. From dark skinned and dark haired, to pale red head. They are all so beautiful and so unique! Very cool.

    I was so happy to see that you linked to a Catholic article. I haven’t time to read it right now, but dh and I stand very strongly behind the Catholic Church’s position on contraception. That is one (of the many) reasons we are presently converting from Protestant to Catholic 🙂

    God bless you all!

  6. Okay, now wait a minute. The order of the pictures keeps changing. The one I’m referring to is the “noogie” picture.


    • Susan,
      The pictures are set to display in random order. Now that you pointed it out, that seems like an annoying feature. I’m thinking I’ll change that…

  7. Look at picture #1. Bethany and Parker look so very much alike. Do you see it?

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are so precious!
    And if I might add, they are definitely runners up for 1st place 😉

    I’m so glad your doing well, God Bless!

  9. It was Queen’s Birthday on 7th June in NZ. We have a day off… Harking back to your English roots maybe…?

  10. I feel wonderful. I’m trying to take it easy, and Perry and the girls are taking very good care of me, but I long to be up and active! I find myself sneaking to help with things until somebody orders me to get more rest.
    I just can’t wait to start walking and really exercising, but it will probably be several weeks before I’m officially fully recovered.

  11. PERFECT day to be born!!!!! love it!

    I love all those sweet precious pictures!!!! How are you feeling?

  12. Love, Love, Love the pictures. How precious. You are blessed.

  13. What a perfect holiday to be born on!

    Love the photos of Perry and Parker – so cute!

  14. I don’t quibble with that whatsoever. There’s no doubt about it: You do have the cutest Perry Coghlan children in the world.

  15. they are all precious…

    one of the things I love about having many children (more than 2) is to watch the interaction among them. I love to see them reaching for each others hands in public, wrestling on the floor, cuddling each other…it is such a joy to see children love on each other. 🙂

    you are a blessed woman!! 🙂

  16. I’m a D-Day baby! Although I have to remind my kids – I was born MANY, MANY years after the actual event. 🙂 Chocolate Ice Cream Day is a great one to share a birthday with – I can’t believe I missed that day!

  17. Homemade chocolate ice cream is on the menu tonight. We shall now declare it in honor of Parker’s birth. We are celebrating our second daughter’s birthday tomorrow. She was born 22 years ago on Father’s Day. A great Father’s Day gift for my dh.

  18. Awee he is soo petite : )
    We seem to do the same. My oldest is May 29th(Memorial Day weekend), July 9th(could have been July 4th), I am either on Mother’s Day or 1-2 days before after and my hubs the same with Father’s Day, then our last baby was born on the Air Force’s bday. We also have 2 in Dec, 1 4 days before Christmas : )

  19. Love the holiday…that is great and SO appropriate for you! :0) Thanks for the pictures, too. Bethany has gotten so big and appears to be in love with little Parker. What a sweet little family! You are so blessed.

  20. LOVE the one of your TWO boys together. The look on big brother’s face is so precious.

  21. Wow he is adorable!!!! You are soooo blessed…!
    He couldn’t be—-NO! It’s not possible! *gasp*—–is he wearing store bought diapers? *gasp*
    I don’t blame you…you can’t possibly keep up with the amount of dirty diapers a newborn makes…! Especially when you have Bethany and Parker put together.
    Enjoy cuddling and kissing him to bits while you still can…pretty soon he won’t like that kinda thing.

    • Ronja,
      The one-size-fits-all cloth diapers we have probably wouldn’t really fit a newborn so we’re enjoying the disposables for a few weeks or until he chubs up suitably – whichever comes first. Then I’ll need to expand my diaper stash unless Bethany potty trains *very* soon.

  22. The look on Parkers face during the ‘noogie’ picture is priceless 😉

  23. Hehe! I really got a kick out of that myself. And now for each of his birthdays, you guys can celebrate with chocolate ice cream and cake! 🙂

    He really is a doll! I love the pictures of him with his little siblings.

    I only have about 6 more months until I can take some pics like that!

  24. Parker is gorgeous!!! I have a 4 month old that I am in immense love with, and it feels crazy to already miss those newborn days, but when I look at your pictures, I almost do.

    I LOVE the way Perry is gazing at his brother. Adorable.
    Congrats again!

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