Sweet sleep

Maybe it was the single cup of coffee I drank Monday morning.

For some reason, the new little manling slept 5 1/2 straight hours on Monday night.  I won’t lie to you.  I lay awake in my bed after the first 4 1/2 hours, just watching the clock and waiting for him to squeak.  Yes, I got up once to check his breathing.  Yes, I jumped up again and nursed him at the first little squeak, which did not at all resemble a genuine cry.

And then, when he went back to sleep and I laid him in his own little bed at 5:30, I just lay there in my own bed, wondering what to do next.  After all, I had already slept an idyllic 4 1/2 hours, plus the time I lay awake waiting for him to wake up.  I waited til 6, then decided to share the joy with hubby: I got up and made his coffee and breakfast, and packed his lunch.

Oh, but that’s not quite the end.  I don’t know why, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that my single cup of coffee should receive all the credit.  Call it mother’s intuition, or just chalk it up to my own contrary nature.  I wanted to test it.

Yesterday morning, I skipped the coffee.

The day passed as usual.

The baby dozed off a little after 10 PM.  And he didn’t wake up until…

…are you waiting?

…you won’t believe it.

He didn’t wake up until…

You’re going to hate me.

5:30 AM.

That little kid slept over 7 hours.  So did I.  And he woke up pleasant. Yes, he was ready to eat, but first he smiled at me.  He was really glad to see me.  And I was really glad to see him.  I like that little guy.

I don’t expect it to happen every night – it probably wouldn’t be good for him this early – but I it sure was nice, and now I feel some hope that he’ll be sleeping through the night reasonably early like 8 of his 9 siblings did.


  1. Oh, what a blessing! That has yet to happen to me – we have six so far.

  2. Genna Joy says:

    I’m not a mother, but I share a house with my big sis and her six-month-old and I admit…I am just a LITTLE jealous of your good sleeper!

  3. Farrell says:

    Confessing to jealousy here too! ;). We’re on #4 and mine have never slept through the night until close to a year. (I’m calling through the night all night, as opposed to 6hrs like some people call ‘through the night’.).

    I’ve read your posts on baby sleep and it sounds like we do everything pretty much the same as you… Oh, well!

  4. I have to repost and say My baby girl(9 months) has slept from 9-5 or 6 now most the week!! : )

  5. Kim,

    I have long enjoyed your blog, but am only now coming out of lurkdom to comment!

    Congratulations on your little man! I am so glad you are getting more sleep. Even though I have no children, I can finally understand some of what you new moms are talking about. I spent the month of May sleeping on my grandmother’s couch and getting up every couple hours while helping her through a medical issue. One day when Mom called to check on us, I said, “I thought sleep deprivation was supposed to come with a baby – I am totally missing the reward here 🙂 ”


  6. Ooh lucky you, my little one would sleep from 11 til about 6ish from about the third night. I was very smug even though I tried not to be. I got my comeupence when his bedtime moved forward from 11ish to 7pm at 3 months. Then he started waking up for a feed at about 4 in the morning for the next 7 months. He’s 12 months old now and is back to sleeping through the night. I still sometimes go into his room to check he’s breathing. I think it might be a habit I never grow out of, which might annoying for him when he’s 30.

  7. My kiddos would sleep through the night at four to six weeks as well. Glad you got some sleep.

  8. OK your right, I do hate you….. alright well maybe hate is a strong word, but I am totally jealous. My daughter did not sleep through the night till 5 months old, and my son did not till ……13 MONTHS!!! I think I hallucinated once or twice from lack of sleep. IF God blesses us with more, as we are praying for Him to do so, i really hope they sleep like your babies, and not mine 🙂

  9. How very lucky you are! Here’s to hoping he continues being such a sweet little sleeping boy. 🙂 What a blessing!

  10. Cindy in GA says:

    Oh my goodness! That sounds wonderful!!! My sweet 8 month old has only slept through the night twice so far; I’m not even sure that my brain is going to recover if and when she ever does start sleeping through on a regular basis. Congratulations on the glorious sleep! :o)

  11. Yep I am jealous as my 9 month old(22 lb) baby girl usually STILL gets up and winds up in bed with us around 12-3 am. I tried giving her peas again tonight w/ my milk, and she had no interest. Even tried my milk in a sippy cup, and she wouldn’t have that either. I think she will be BF till 2 @ this rate…bahaha

  12. Oh I do hate you.
    Okay not really… but I will confess to jealousy. I’m happy for you though! It would be so nice to have a babe so young sleep through the night! I imagine it does wonders for a mama’s cheerfullness and productiveness! Not that I would know – just that I get PPD and think lack of sleep is the big culprit since my wee ones don’t go more than 2 hours tops between nursings for the first many months and no more than 3 or 4 tops until at least 10 months old.

  13. Alanna N. says:

    You shock me…!!!

  14. Yeah, that was what I was kind of thinking. I know that the standard is to not let them sleep more than four hours those first few weeks but I know she is gaining and I hate to create a habit in a good sleeper! Lord knows I can use the sleep 🙂 Yes, she was pretty big, 8 lbs even, though one of my smallest. And most of my babies had gained almost a pound OVER their birth weight by their six day appt so it’s weird for me to hear that she still had 5 oz to go to meet her birth weight by her six day appt! I know that is not unusual though, and it will be good to weigh her again next week. We had a hard time with nursing until about day six anyway so that was probably part of it. Anyway, thanks for your input! And so glad to hear your babe is doing better in the sleep dept! 🙂 Blessings!

  15. I so envy you!!!!

    I got 1/2 hours of sleep last night !!! mind you she she is going trough growth spurt so I know this won`t last but still, my other 2 toddlers have been having P&J sandwich for the past 2 days.

    We need to get back to our normal routine soon, cause I`m hungry LOL

    Hoping that you still have many good night sleep!

  16. Isn’t it funny, though, how we get up or go in and check their breathing like you did and feed them like you did before they really start crying. I think God definately gives us those tendencies for a reason and the notion that this too shall pass. Because it will and you all will be on to something else.
    Enjoy the late night renzevous with your baby son because they won’t always be there! And do have a cold one…I’m sure it helps.

  17. That’s great Kim! It always feels SO great to get sleep for the first time 🙂 I’m wondering, how early do you let them sleep through the night? Like 8-10 hours? I’ve been waking Victoria up after 4-5 hours of sleep but I’m not sure if that’s necessary. Anyway, just curious what your thoughts are on this, everyone has heard different things, Victoria is much sleepier than the other and has been gaining a lot slower than them too. At her one week appt she had not yet recovered her birth weight but had gained three oz since day two (she had originally lost 8 oz). Anyway, I’m not real worried about it, just curious since she’s a bit different than the rest of them 😉

    • Jenni,
      Most of ours slept 7 hours by the time they were 4-6 weeks old. I didn’t worry about it because they were gaining steadily, though we never had butterball babies.
      I’d say follow your instincts and listen to your doctor or midwife if they have concerns. Victoria was a big girl, right? If she has plenty of fat stores and is gaining weight, I would let her sleep. I’ve always heard that it takes an average of 2 weeks for a baby to recover her birth weight, so maybe your others just gained faster than average?

  18. L Browning says:

    I’m so glad he’s sleeping better but I must say I am pretty jealous… We’ll do the sleeping thing differently next time 🙂

  19. I know how precious sleep is. My third slept through the night at one week. The newest…I think she was a few weeks old. Isn’t it great? 🙂

  20. Lois Groat says:

    I am so glad that God is blessing you with sleep. Sleep deprivation is so hard, and as a mom of so many, it is good that you can feel refreshed. You need it. 🙂

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