Walked 5 miles this morning

Last night, hubby and I walked 3.3 miles.  This morning we set out again and joked a bit about going 5 miles.  At least, I thought we were joking.  We walked a new route with lots of hills and when we got back to the van, we had only gone 2.6 so decided to go a bit farther.

And farther.

And farther.

And then I realized we weren’t joking.  When we made it back to the van a second time, my pedometer showed 4.75 miles.  We could have stopped there, but it was just too tempting to go on.   2 miles earlier, I was whiny and hubby was encouraging me to go on.  Now, I wasn’t quite ready to stop.

I don’t know if I’ve ever walked 5 miles in my life, and I know I’ve never done it while 8 days overdue.  In fact, I’ve done very little while 8 days overdue – mainly just stuff like giving birth.

All told, we did 5.15 miles this morning, 3.3 miles last night, and just might do enough this evening to make a total of 10 miles in less than 24 hours.  I may still be pregnant, but I’m also going to be in shape.  Hey, round is a shape!


  1. I would call this ‘nesting”. you know, all that energy pregnant women have at the last few days just before giving birth. that energy that says “clean. get ready. organized a bit more. get one last thing done.” your nesting is ‘exercise as much as I can now because when baby is here we will be doing a lot of sleeping and nursing.’

    I would say you are probably close to birthing.

    Each child is different…my third one, she was 2 weeks overdue, she was 10lbs (my biggest baby) when she was born. I had her at home with no assistance and it was the easiest fastest birth ever.

    So be confident and enjoy this last few hours, maybe?? 🙂

    Wishing you all the best.:)

  2. Better out walking than sitting at home being restless. You’ve been an encouragement for me to go out walking too this week. I have become a slug. Slugs do not give birth well, I think. But you have already started your active birth. You know that your body’s been gearing up for labor and all this walking is surely letting your body know that you’re ready for the challenge!

    I don’t believe you’re overdue. Yes, you’re past your EDD, but the baby will come when it’s time. So when baby comes, that is the real due date, not some predetermined date, right? I know you don’t need to hear this from me, but maybe someone else who’s really anxious for you. 🙂

  3. Stephanie Green says:

    You may not have a baby yet, but you are going to have NO baby weight to lose, that’s for sure! Good for you!

  4. Nine days over due would be the winner right? 🙂 Way to go on all the walking, when I was pregnant with Guenna I tried and tried to walk that baby out of me, it didn’t help her come sooner but I sure felt better for it! Blessings Kim! Love your positive attitude!

  5. A couple of weeks ago we went on a family camping trip. We set out to walk the trail around the lake at the campground. Before we knew it we were 1/2 around, so we decided to go on so as to see something new. We started getting tired, but we couldn’t turn back! By the end, we had walked 6 miles with all 7 children and our dog in tow! Oh, and I was 7 mos. pregnant! I thought we would never make it back to the RV!!! 😀

    I wish I would’ve come home and continued walking each day. I still have 5 weeks until this baby is due….do you think it’s too late for me to start walking now? You are doing great! I bet your delivery will be quick and not as painful as usual. 😛

  6. I’m amazed anyone that pregnant can walk so far…walking was always very difficult for me in the late stages of pregnancy, for various reasons. Good for you!!

    Best wishes,

  7. Christina says:

    I am awed I could barely stand up without fainting near the end yet alone walk that far!

  8. You inspire me : )

  9. Alanna N. says:

    Oooooh. I am getting soooo impatient for you to have the baby. I can’t wait to see what “he” looks like, and what “his” name is.

    PS: You simply “HAVE TO” post pics of “him”.

  10. Well done Kim!!! You are amazing! You and precious Little One are constantly in my thoughts and in my prayers!

  11. Worked for me! I went into labor after carrying around a 3 yr old aroud all day at the TX state fair…the bad thing was I then couldn’t eat and was so tired after only a few hours of sleep. This was back in ’83.

  12. you are awesome!!!


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