CBD promo codes

Did you get a CBD homeschool catalog last week?  I did and was tickled to see that it had a promo code to get free shipping on any order of $35 or more!

More good news: the code is good for up to 3 uses!


Yes, as PeeWee Herman said, everyone has a big “but.”

But: one of the kids helpfully threw away the catalog before I could use or even write down my code.

Does anyone have a code I can use?  Each code can be used 3 times, so even if you’ve used yours, it should still be good.  And what was the expiration date?  I forgot that too, and can’t look again since MY CATALOG IS IN THE TRASH.

Better yet, it would be really nice if anyone who isn’t going to use their code 3 times would share it in the comments for others.  I’ll try to add them to the sidebar where I put CBD promo codes.  Then anyone who wants can use one.  Just let me know if you try to use a code and find that it’s all used up.


  1. Call CBD. If you have an order over $100, they’ll give you a free shipping code.

  2. does anyone have a current promo code for cbd? thanks.

  3. Donna Eason says:

    THANKS….it worked!

  4. Donna Eason says:

    THANKS ….the code above worked.. Thanks for saving me $10 shipping!!

  5. I have one with 2 uses left. Expires 11/1/2010. Free shipping on purchase of $35 or more. It is 317172CGEKUH.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s my code.

  7. Ryan Lanning says:

    Thank you so much Beth Hudson!, just wanted to add also that I bought a study Bible with my order and two little testaments I’m planning to hand out to people

  8. Jessica S says:

    Any more for CBD?

  9. I know I’m about three months late commenting on this post. But I wanted to let you know that all the CBD codes in your sidebar have been used up. Believe me, I tried all of them last night! BUT, I went through my recycling and found my CBD Home School catalog, so I thought I’d share my free shipping code. It’s got two more uses on it. Here it is:


  10. RubberChickenGirl says:

    Any new codes? I really need to order….

  11. Thanks You Lord for the coupon codes and for all the sweet and caring and thoughtful souls that post them. Thank you everybody; however I would better understand the codes if when the code number is posted that y’all would include what the code is for and a due date. That would help us even better. Check out retail me not for even more coupon codes for a whole shabang a stores. Ssshhh…..but Collections.com has a great clearance sale going on right now. I bought me two beautiful quality lamps for bout 7 dollars each with $1.99 shipping for less than 20 bucks total!! $1.99 shipping code is 3 J 9 1 3 4…….3 J 9 1 3 4, with any order of $40.00 or more. Plus this code is good too. 3J82C1 for the one dollar and 99 cent shipping. Due says for a limited time only. They really have some nice gifts for special occaisions. Well gotta go get the kid’s stuffs. Byeeeeee!!!

  12. Thank you so much! I used 317172BEFGNY and it works!!
    I really appreciate all of you putting in your codes!
    God bless you as you plan and implement your school year plans,

  13. yep…tried them all, but no luck. Thanks for responding, though. I’ll just pay the $10 ship and keep an eye out for the next order. Thanks!

  14. any others? Went to place order and had been saving my free ship coupon only to realize that it expired JUNE 30! UGH!

    • Donna,
      Sorry! I’ve been sharing them in the sidebar as readers give them to me, but these were *supposed* to be brand new codes that just arrived in catalogs last week. Did you try all of them? Let me know which one(s) didn’t work and I’ll remove them to avoid frustrating others.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Funny story. I went to my mother-in-laws and saw her catalog and said well now where is mine? She very nicely said here take mine so I did. Next day guess what I got in the mail. Later in the afternoon my mom stopped by and guess what she had???? SO here they all are hope they work! 🙂

  16. It looks like these codes got snatched up today…anyone else able to share their code? I would greatly appreciate it!

  17. we won’t be using ours either…#317172CADLJW…enjoy!

  18. I won’t be ordering anything so here is my code for anyone wanting to use it:

  19. Gina Webb says:

    Promo Code: 317172AVYHFV

    Not using mine… already have everything ordered for this month:)

  20. oooh thanks for letting me know! I recycled ours, but need to make an order before the summer is out. I just dug it out.

  21. We threw ours away as well, but my mom said to mention http://www.retailmenot.com/view/christianbook.com. People post codes and all you have to do is watch for a new one.

  22. 317172BEFGNY
    Free shipping on orders of $35.00 or more good for up to three times.
    Exp. November 1, 2010

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