Father’s Day

Father’s Day came late in our house this year.

Perry and I had scheduled a 2 day trip to Dallas the week after Father’s Day to have Parker circumcised by a rabbi.  That may sound like a long way to drive, but while we did want Parker circumcised, we really didn’t want to repeat the AMA experience. Since we didn’t have time to shop around and check references, we went with my midwife’s enthusiastic recommendation.

It also helped that we had a lot of family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who would love to meet our new son and would happily lodge us.  Our only cost would be time and gas, plus the rabbi’s fee.

But the cost of gas is pretty high when you drive a 15 passenger van.  After some quick calculations, we figured out that it would be worthwhile to rent a car for the drive, leaving most of the family at home.  I called around and found that we could rent a car for 2 days with unlimited mileage for just over $60, far less than we would save in gas.  Even better, we would save wear and tear on our van and enjoy better air conditioning.

I handled the arrangements myself, but while Perry thought I was reserving an economy car, the girls pooled their money to upgrade our rental for Father’s Day.

Instead of 2 days in a modest and sensible economy car, we spent 4 days in this:

It was supposed to be a Mustang, but alas! Somebody was having too much fun and didn’t turn in the Mustang on time.  I can’t say I blame him, but it meant my poor husband had to settle for a Camaro.  I think he handled the disappointment rather well.  It probably helped that the Camaro had a bigger engine than the one in our monstrous van.

Of course, he made sure to share nicely with the kids.

Can you “VROOM”?

It was, I think, a happy Father’s Day.  For all of us.


  1. I’m pretty sure we had the same rabbi for our son’s circumcision in 2009…and had the same sort of thing happen (only one baby cried and he came out asking who was making him look bad)!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Did you all have a bad experience with your other son’s circumcision? With our first son we had a horrible time even finding anyone to do it, since he was a homebirth, and then the hospital that we foudn first refused to do it the day we set it up b/c he had only had one PKU (all that was required by law in our state). We finally found a doctor to do it at 6 weeks of age (big mistake) and he was horrible and our son was in so much pain we were horrified. Thank goodness with our last two sons the doctors used a different procedure and used pain meds.

    Love Samantha

  3. yay ikea…can’t fit as much in the car than in the van though. The houston ikea was super crowded this weekend.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Kim what fun! So glad you could make it into a getaway for the two of you! We have four girls and one boy but if we ever have another boy I definitely checking out the rabbi! Thank you for the tip!

  5. Hi Kim, Thanks for posting that great article on large families. It inspired me to post it also, and I mentioned you as the source. I appreciate you and your blog. Congrats on your new little one and good move in going to a Rabbi instead of the hospital. Here’s my post:

    Come on by and visit!

  6. What a great story, Kim. I just stumbled upon your delightful blog. My husband of 34 years and I have 11 children (and two grandsons) and had our sons at home and circumcised by a mohel in St. Louis, who I think, if memory serves, traveled to Texas to serve families, as well. Was Rabbi Rovinsky your rabbi? We enjoyed our Lutheran bris. We now live outside of Seattle.

    I blogged long ago, but no more. I still enjoy reading about big families, of course!

    • Mrs. Dike,
      Yes, that’s the guy! I think he does live in St. Louis but still maintains a thriving business in Dallas. I can’t believe how many people know of him!

  7. Jessica says:

    Could you please tell me how you found a great car to rent for that little money?!! Have tried looking into it serveral times, but have decided agains it due to the pricing!

    • Jessica,
      I used an online search engine and found that Enterprise had the best prices in our area, though it may vary from one region to another. Also, weekend rates were even lower and started on Thursday.

  8. A friend of mine (I just blogged about her home birth I got to attend) hires a rabbi for their sons’ circumcisions. I went to the last one and was amazed by it. Soooo quick. So well done. If he hadn’t warned me, I would have missed it while photographing it. She had him come to Kerrville and now Houston. Just FYI, for the next son. 😉 course, the Camero looks like it was pretty stinkin’ fun.

  9. Heather says:

    Ha, I see you guys were at Ikea. I was there Sat afternoon…lol. I wonder if I would have just missed you. Crazy!!! You should have a meet and great sometime. Would be fabulous!

    • Heather,
      I wish we lived closer to Ikea, but that could be devastating to our budget! I don’t remember now what time we were there, but maybe we did see each other. It was pretty crowded.
      We should meet sometime. Maybe at Ikea? 🙂

  10. Hannah C. O. says:

    That is one awesome Father’s Day gift!!

  11. What a great Father’s Day gift! I’ll have to file that idea away. While we decided (with our second boy) that circumcision wasn’t something we needed to do, if we were going to we would have gone to a rabbi as well.

    Wish we still lived in the Dallas area so we could have met you guys, but it sounds like you were pretty busy. (I miss IKEA!!!) If you ever plan a trip to New England, let us know.

  12. Kim, I wonder if you used the same rabbi we have used with our two younger boys. Do you know what vicinity of Dallas he lived in? The back room you described made it sound like the same gentleman. Regardless, I am so glad the experience was good. Oh, cool car. 🙂

  13. Shannon Mallory says:

    I forgot to mention that a Corvette is MY dream car, not my hubbys! That’s what made it so special!

  14. Shannon Mallory says:

    How FUN!

    My hubby and I went to a Florida Gator’s football game last September. It was my very first game, and a fun night away without the 5 kiddos. Boy was I surprised when he pulled in the driveway with a yellow CORVETTE!!! My brother-in-law saw my hubby pulling in and laughed and said, “Is THAT what y’all are driving to Gainesville?” I was afraid to look… I thought it would be a teeny tiny car resembling a pregnant roller skate! Needless to say we made record time! ; )

  15. Bridget says:

    IKEA! Did y’all buy anything?

    • Bridget,
      Just a few odds and ends. I was looking for a huge over-the-door shoe holder, but I don’t think they carry it any more. I love going there for ideas, though, and to dream about future purchases!

  16. Way cool! Y’all know how to party! LOL

  17. Looks like a very happy Father’s Day!

  18. so how was the rabbi? Was it a good experience? Good recommendation?

    • Jeri,
      It was everything we hoped! Faster than a PKU, and less crying too. Probably about the same amount of blood. Once everything was set up and the diaper was off, he was done in about 30 seconds. The cut itself took less than a second.
      The rabbi was also very friendly, funny, and great with babies. He diapered Parker faster than I could have, wrapped him tightly in a blanket, and handed me a baby who was calm and quiet almost instantly.
      We watched 7 other couples with babies come and go and all were the same but one: each time the group disappeared into the back room for a couple of minutes, we heard the baby cry briefly, and they returned with a quiet baby and relieved looks.
      In just one case, the mother was obviously stressed before the procedure. Although their baby was quiet when they came out, he began to cry again a few minutes later. The rabbi came out to check, surveying the room with a smile and his hands on his hips and asked, “Who’s crying out here? Who is making me look bad?” When he found the guilty baby, he offered to help mama soothe him. She agreed, adding that she was upset.
      As soon as the baby was in his arms, he was quiet. The rabbi suggested that the baby either had gas (since he quieted when he was cradled in the crook of the arm and swung gently, an old trick) or was picking up on his mama’s stress. If she could relax a bit, they would both feel better. As soon as she saw her baby calm again, she did relax, and everyone was happy.
      Parker cried at his first diaper change after the circumcision and showed some discomfort at the next couple changes, but that was it. Since he has always objected to diaper changes, it’s hard to say if it was bothering him after the first change.

  19. Love that! I have no idea how you got the car seat in there….but it looks like fun!

    • Kacie,
      I was afraid we’d have to ditch the base and buckle the carseat in the old-fashioned way, but it actually fit! I did have to scoot the front passenger seat forward more than I would have preferred, but it was worth it to be able to use the base. And I didn’t spend all of my time in the passenger seat. 😉

  20. Send that pic of Deanna to Larry the Cucumber, and he’ll never look at Barbara Manatee again.

  21. How cool! Did your Deanna what to take a turn at the wheel 😉

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