4 Moms 35 Kids: Kitchen/Dining Room linkup

Last week, we all showed the outside of our home or the entry if we had one.  I’ll start off this week with an excuse – er, an apology.  I forgot the kitchen part and thought this week was only about dining rooms.  “What’s the problem?”  you’re asking.  “Why doesn’t she just snap  a few pictures of her kitchen and be done with it?”

Well, I’m sorry but I can’t.  I loaned my camera to my sister this weekend because I’m 300 miles from my kitchen.  If it’s kitchens you want, you’ll have to drop in on Smockity, Raising Olives, or the Headmistress.

But in what I thought was an uncommon display of foresight, I did snap a few pics of my dining room before I left town.  Here’s the grand tour.

Lest you get the wrong idea from the word grand, our dining room is not particularly large, though we think it is well suited to entertaining large groups.  Our floor plan is very open, with a dining area smack in the middle of the 12 x 48 kitchen/dining/living area.

Our table, on the other hand, is nearly 4 feet wide and 9 feet long of solid hardwood.  We found it at a scratch-n-dent store many years ago and decided it was probably a good investment for a family that was growing at the rate of one child every 19 months.  Now it’s just the right size for our family, though we’re always happy to squeeze in a few extras if the occasion arises.

The finish is sadly deteriorated after all these years, so as part of our homeschooler disguise we covered it with maps and other educational items under clear plastic.

I gladly gave up my vacuum cleaner years ago when we put down linoleum tile.  Now we use these to clean the floor.

They do a beautiful job, and don’t require any storage space like the vacuum did.  I think they just live under the table, usually as close to the little ones’ seats as possible.

In the first photo above, to the right of the table you see our computer counter.  I had a separate photo of this but it didn’t turn out so you’ll have to squint your eyes and/or use your imagination.

This is where we keep 4 computer monitors, all attached to the same desktop unit.  These are often used for educational purposes.  If you think Facebook is in any way educational, then they are always used for homeschooling.  That would certainly answer the “what about socialization” question, wouldn’t it?

Another useful fixture in our dining room is the globe.  We like ours without a base because…um…it’s easier to turn it around and see new places?  No.  The truth is, the base never lasts more than a month.  I got tired of replacing perfectly good globes just because the base broke and now we’ve had the same one for 3 years.  I don’t think the younger children know that globes even come with a base.

Above the computer counter is the birthday wall.  See how uneven they are?  That’s because they all rattle every time somebody slams the front door, in the lower right corner.  Hmm.  Natalie seems to have fallen again.

This is where we have 1st birthday photos of each member of the family, from Dad all the way down to…well…if you count the frames, you’ll find that I’ve procrastinated for at least a year in updating it, because there’s no picture of Bethany, let alone Parker.  If you look closely, you might notice that Perry Boy is only a couple of months old, which means that I’ve procrastinated far longer.   Anyway it’s far more efficient to do these things by 2’s and 3’s, don’t you think?

Guess who most of our children take after.

And we’re done!  Who’s hungry?

Are you ready to show your kitchen and/or dining room? Link up below, and please remember to follow the rules: you must link to an individual post on your blog (not the home page), and your post must link back to one of the 4 moms.  Thanks for joining in!


  1. I absolutely ADORED you sharing your Home – your fully candid, and transparent home. It’s beautiful and obviously well loved.

    Also that you didn’t just portrait its best features. We all do not think your place is a homage to perfection – It is a HOME. Simply and completely beautiful in it’s TRUTH and love and family that reside there. It’s so warm and comfy!

    We deeply need to be more transparent with our real lives – and I intently thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I’m enjoying the tour of homes! I linked up late both times, but hope to stay on track now. 😉 I love your globe. Seriously.

  3. Lisa in ND says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love open layouts like that.

    What I do for pictures is use the 3M Command picture hanging strips. I buy them at Wal-Mart and try to hit a sale, if I can (don’t remember the exact cost). Anyway, the pictures stick to the wall and NEVER fall off (we had the same problem with door slamming on the ones closest to the door also). Also, they pull right off and don’t leave marks on the wall or nail holes.

  4. Hi Kim,

    I’ve been listening to the Baby Conference and then found your website via Vision Forum.

    Your post cracked me up! You are so down to earth, I love it! I’d give up the vacuum too if our dog wasn’t the one causing the problem with shedding. He does very well keeping up with the other messes though. :)-

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll stop again to visit.

  5. I love the birthday wall…our pictures end up about the same way!

  6. Here is my post not sure if I needed to comment…….Thanks for the fun tours!

  7. Home Sweet Home- One uncomplicated home-Love it -thanks for sharing

  8. So fun to see how other people live. Thanks for the tour and the blog.

  9. Looks very homey and practical – the globe is hilarious! We’ve been through so many globes…

  10. Loved your tour! Neat idea on the covering for the table. Our finish is also in a sad state…we always talk about refinishing it but never seem to get there. LOL on your new vaccum cleaners. 😉 We also have a birthday wall although ours is in our rec room which I guess you will see in next weeks tour. We have all the kids birth pictures in a line and right underneath those we have their most recent pics that usually get updated once a year.

  11. I had that issue with my pics to but I found a bit of duct tape rolled into the circle behind the bottom two corners of the picture keeps the pic in place! (It will need to be replaced in about a year when the tape dries out!)

  12. I really don’t know how families survive without dogs. I can’t imagine having to clean chairs and floors after every meal 🙂

  13. Thanks for the tour

  14. Enjoyed the tour, especially like the “floor cleaners” = )

  15. What is it with Equators? We’re losing ours too! That’s a good idea to use it without a base because ours falls off regularly… Enjoyed your tour, Kim!

  16. We can even trash a base-less globe. Someone tried to stand on it and put their foot right through it. But that’s ok… it had already had the equator torn off bringing many tropical countries with it.

  17. hi Kim, I justed wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your blog, your family, and your out look on life in general!
    This is the first time I have left a comment but just wanted you to know that you and your family are an inspiration. And I am quite addicted to your blog. I live in Australia and often find it hard to relate and find like mined souls! Anyway thankyou for sharing your home and life. God Bless

  18. Hi Kim. Thank you for your tour. I enjoyed it, but there is a problem with the links to the others. I tried them in Google Chrome and IE with no success.

    • Lora,
      Can you try again? They all work for me. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble? Or maybe it was temporary, but it seems strange for all 3 to have trouble at the same time…


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