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Welcome, friends.  In the last 2 link-ups we sat on the deck for a glass of ice tea, and we had dinner in the dining room.  Now let’s move a few steps to the west and take a seat in the living room.  Here’s the view when you are sitting at the dining room table.

As you can see, the furnishing are simple, durable, and well-used.  We’re planning to paint again soon – probably a soft beige with a bit more body than the off-white you see now.  The walls may look bare to the untrained eye, but we’re still reveling in the absence of bookcases since we moved them all into a dedicated library!

I love my leather sofas, though we’re looking for a leather sectional to replace them.  Leather is very affordable if you’re willing to buy used, and anything wipes right off – not just food, though I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  Let’s just say it’s perfect for a house with small children and I find it hard to even consider anything but leather now.

Did I mention how comfortable leather sofas are?  This is where Perry Boy loves to take his naps.

Speaking of wiping clean, we have done away with all carpets and area rugs.  The vinyl tile makes for a louder house, but is so much easier to keep clean!  Aside from surface soiling, carpets track a lot of dust, dirt, etc. beneath the surface.  No more need for a noisy vacuum blowing clouds of hot air – we just sweep regularly and mop as needed with a bucket and a few rags.  The tiles can be replaced individually if anything happens to them, but they’re incredibly durable so we haven’t had to do that yet.  We’re not allergic people, but I’ve heard that getting rid of carpets can help if you are.  My asthmatic sister found that her symptoms almost entirely disappeared when she replaced the carpet in her bedroom with tile.

Oops.  Somebody left the vacuum cleaner lying right in the middle of the floor.

My rocking chair was a gift from a group of friends when 6yo Rachael was born, and I’ve rocked 4 children there now.  We’ve had a few puppies teethe on it through the years and had to repair it once or twice, but it’s holding up well.

We just got the coffee table from my sister after it failed to sell at her yard sale.  It’s perfect for us: solid oak and durable enough for Perry to jump up and down on it.  Which Perry?  In theory, either one.  That’s the kind of furniture we need around here.

The fancy marble table?  A vestige of our earlier days.  We used to have a few very pretty, albeit cheaply made, pieces.  This is the only one left, and how it survived I’ll never know.

It makes a nice contrast to the flat-screen TV and Wii, don’t you think?

Disclaimer: the TV has no reception.  We use it for DVDs and Wii.

The mirror is another leftover from our stint in an enormous Victorian style home, though I plan to move it to another wall and replace with a wall of coordinated frames filled with family photos.  Oh, look: there’s Becca holding Parker in the Ergo.  Love that Ergo!

Someday we’d like to return to a sort of Victorian look – not the overdone ultra-feminine fancy-schmancy look, but the simpler look which is a little more subdued and masculine but still beautiful in a more sensible way.

Here is my built-in bookshelf, still unfinished like many of the details in our house.  We’re considering converting it to hold the chimney for a woodstove.

In the interest of keeping it real, I did not clean or straighten those shelves.  I’m just telling you so won’t wonder what it normally looks like.  This is the real stuff here.

Keeping it even more real: I thought about hiding these boxes, because they’re not always there.  We are in the middle of reorganizing our library, and those are the duplicates/culls.  But as I contemplated moving them, I realized that we’re always in the midst of some project.  It wouldn’t be very real to show you our home with nothing going on, so here is our current project in all its glory.

Oh, is it time for you to go already?  I’ll show you to the new door, which we just installed last fall.  It’s not white; just unpainted.  Our old one was red.  What color would you paint your front door if you had a light sage-green house?  Please ignore the waterspots from the hose, and watch your step – the kiddie pool is just outside the doorway.  Kids, do not spray our guests.  Just because Mom likes to be sprayed now and then doesn’t mean everyone does.

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  1. I second…or third the dark brown door. I just tried it on sherwin williams visualizer and green grey and brown is a great colour combination.

  2. We just got a leather sofa and recliner last year. I had never wanted one because I was afraid it was too cold or not as comfy as fabric. I have been pleasantly surprised… it’s very comfy! I love that you can just vacuum the snack crumbs, pet hair and sand right off whereas with fabric, I never really felt like I was getting it clean.
    PS. i love the gator head sticking out from among the Ballantyne and Henty books 🙂 don’t know if I would’ve noticed that before living at the edge of the Everglades.

    • melanie,
      The gator head is Perry Boy’s “dragon.” His dad brought it back when he went to Georgia last year with several of the older girls.

  3. I love your built in bookcase although i think i would also love it as a chimney chute too…I love woodstoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces…basically any kind of item that contains a fire. We have a boring little gas standalone stove to help heat our rec/family room. And now that I typed that , I realize I didn’t take a pic of it. LOL

  4. I am enjoying seeing everyone’s homes!!! God has recently been working with me on contentment, especially in the area of my home. So many times I swing from wanting more materials and struggling to be more worldly to wanting to simplify more…and your posts reconfirm for me that I need to focus more on the simplicity. Hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Jamie, I do the same thing but more and more I’m finding it easy to be content with simplicity – esp. when it’s time to clean!

  5. I think I must be a stalker! I love this series of posts!

  6. Thank you for opening your home! I always enjoy these posts & have looked forward to sitting down & looking through the links too.
    For your door I think a lovely glossy Navy Blue!
    Have a lovely weekend

  7. Door= plum purple. I’ve seen that combo before with pink flowers in pots near the door and it looked great.

  8. How about a gold door with that sage green?! There are a number of ways to do the gold and it would look fabulous.

  9. Thanks again for the tour, we are having so much fun! I want to see your library!
    Have a beautiful day,

  10. It occurred to me this summer to pull up our carpet and replace it with laminate, and I can’t wait!

    Would a dark chocolate or chestnut brown be too boring for the door?

    • Amy,
      I love chocolate brown – I want to implement that color heavily in our decor. My only hesitation with putting it on the door is that it might absorb a lot of heat from the sun. But now that we have mostly shade over the deck, maybe it would work…thanks for the suggestion!

  11. We do have a light sage-green house. The front door is light sage green. (That’s how the house was when we bought it. We might do something snazzy later on.)

  12. Thanks for the tour!

  13. Thanks for the leather couch info! I always appreciate when you “moms of many” take the time to answer a question.

  14. thanks for sharing. my favorite parts:
    ~Oops. Somebody left the vacuum cleaner lying right in the middle of the floor.
    ~Which Perry? In theory, either one.
    you make me laugh so HARD!

    and i can relate to this:
    ~Here is my built-in bookshelf, still unfinished like many of the details in our house.

    not the bookshelf, the unfinished projects 🙂

  15. I love your vacuum cleaner! 😉 I’ve been trying to talk hubby into getting one of those for a few months now but we just lost one in May 2009 and she was our first baby before we had kids so the pain is still raw and he doesn’t feel up to moving on quite yet. He said when God drops one in the back yard he’ll know it’s time! Lol! So I’ve been praying for just that… is that silly? 😉 People leave pets all over all the time, why not hope for the perfect one to show up on our doorstep, right?

  16. I love having all hard flooring too! It helps our allergies as well.

  17. I had a dedicated library, but I ended up moving loads of bookcases back downstairs not too long ago. I got worried about the weight, and I like having them around me.=)

    • Deputyheadmistress,
      I think I might feel the same way if our house was bigger, but even with a dedicated library our books *are* around us – the room is right in the center of the house, so they’re never more than a few steps away.

  18. Katena Dyser says:

    Wow I have six sons and thought my house was crazy. I bet never a dull moment with all those girls. i am thinking about leather next tme around with children i agree its a great idea. I wish we could pull up our carpet it would be great. We also are dithing cable and thanks for the boost in helping with that decison. Love your home.

  19. Awww….the vacuum cleaner looks over worked! I love the simplicity of your living room. Comfortable and functional- those are the keys of any good home.
    And I love not having carpet too, makes things much easier.

  20. My favorite piece is your Rocking Chair. It’s hard to find one so thick and sturdy like yours. It reminds me of my Momma’s that she rocked me, my older brother, and younger sister in…and it still sits in her Home.

    And, I haven’t decided about the carpet…I miss it on Friday Movie Night 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Question about the leather…. what about pens/markers? That’s the issue with our couch now, when the kids are about 2 they find a way to sneak a pen in the living room and leave a streak across the couch. I love leather and my parents have some they might be willing to pass on but they see my couches now and…. 🙂

    • shannon,
      I don’t know if we’ve had markers on our sofas – if we have, the dark green hides it very well. I asked my daughter and she thinks the little ones prefer to mark on the white walls. Maybe they prefer to mark where they can see the results?

  22. We love leather too! It really is great for small children, and it’s nice in hot weather and cold weather. Fake leather, however, should be banished from all living areas. I like not having carpet too, but it gets pretty cold where we live, so we use area rugs. I find that they aren’t as bad as wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe because they don’t have the padding underneath to absorb all sorts of ick?

    And here’s my opinion on what color to paint your front door – pumpkin. It looks awesome with green.


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