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This week’s Open House topic is Bedrooms, Part 1.  You can see the other moms here:

I’ll start with the master bedroom.  Here is ours, in all its glory.

No, wait.  That’s not really what it looks like.  Here’s the real thing:

To be honest, this room was not intended to be the master bedroom.  The kids’ room is a wee bit bigger and originally had a door that went directly to the bathroom.  However, their room and the 3rd bedroom (which is now a library) are under the vaulted ceiling with only an 8 foot wall which does not reach all the way to the ceiling.  This wall is temporary, and will come out very easily when we add a bedroom wing/master suite someday.

Anyway, for reasons that I hope are obvious, we eventually traded rooms so that Perry and I had the bedroom with privacy.

Speaking of privacy or the lack thereof, did you happen to notice how many children are on my bed?  No, I did not stage that photo.  If I want to sit there to read, blog and/or nurse, I have to shoo away enough children to make room for myself.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem.  I think we brought it on ourselves by having family movie night in our bedroom for a long time.

To the left was the only dresser or chest in the room, unless you count the nightstand.  3 of the drawers hold Perry’s underclothes and t-shirts.  I have one for underthings and one for shirts/shorts.  The bottom drawer holds odds and ends for Bethany and Parker.

Here is our closet, with a lace panel hung in place of the future door.

What’s that?  You want to see the inside of the closet?  The inside, which is less than 2 feet deep and holds not just all of my clothes and Perry’s, but also all of  Bethany’s, all of Parker’s, plus Perry Boy’s button downs and slacks?  Plus several board games, a nice stash of blankets, several pieces of electronics and other hardware, 2 violins, a large print of a very famous George Washington portrait, an electric train set waiting to be sold (do you want it?) and who knows what else?  Not a chance.  Thanks for asking, though.  I needed a good laugh today.

Here is the view from what Perry Boy calls the Man Side of the bed.  He wouldn’t be caught dead taking a nap on the other side.  Ack!  There’s another kid in Dad’s red chair!  Kids everywhere!

You can see Perry’s red chair, which is fictitiously bare.  In the real world, this chair nearly always holds clean laundry, exercise clothes, a few books, and a partridge in a pear tree – anything but a rear end, which is what it was made for.

We brought this chair home from a thrift store when we were in Branson last year.  Our van was packed to the gills with people and luggage, but the chair was half price so we made room.  What else could we do? For some reason I seem to remember Deanna riding in it most of the way home, though I must be mistaken because that would clearly be illegal.

Next to the chair is a little round marble table, very similar to the rectangular one in the living room.  Both of them came with us from Ohio, among the very few pieces of furniture we moved.  This, too, is fictitiously bare.  Do you really think we let a flat surface like this go unused and unappreciated?  You should see the stack I cleared off this table.

On the marble table is the little lamp my mom painted for me in a ceramic class when I was 4.  I’m just holding my breath, waiting for one of my children to break it someday.  I’ll let you know when it happens, after my head stops spinning in circles and the smoke from my ears dissipates.  See?  I’m already angry just anticipating the event.  I pity the child who actually does the deed.

Now the view from my side of the bed, the Woman Side.  Parker often naps on my side, but that’s only because he’s too little to object, or maybe because his big brother hasn’t explained things to him yet.  Give him time.

The coat rack holds our towels and bathrobe.  Did you notice the ill-hung mirror?  Do you know why it’s ill-hung?  Because if the door opens even a little crack, people sitting on the sofa can see my side of the bed.  They can also see me standing next to my side of the bed, where I stand to dress.  If I’m not already half-dressed, they can see me bolt for the bathrobe.  And we’re back to the privacy issue.  Seems to be a recurring theme, doesn’t it?  “Me time” in my mind is when nobody sees me getting dressed or using the bathroom.  We all need “me time.”

Parker’s little bed is next to the mirror.  We kicked the crib habit long ago.  He’ll sleep in this travel bed until it’s too small or he is big enough to pull himself up, and then we’ll break out the pack-n-play.

Did you see the quilt hanging on the chair?

Do you see it?  Isn’t it lovely?  It’s warm and soft and heavy, and has Parker’s name stitched into it.  Can you guess where we got it?

And here’s why we got it: we have the prettiest babies around.  Don’t you dare tell me different.

And now my tale is done.  Show us your bedroom if you dare.  Remember the rules: your link here must point to a single post about one or more bedrooms in your home, and your post must include a link back to one of the 4 moms.

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  1. I’m sure you know this, but I couldn’t not mention it — in that picture your little one is sleeping on their front, which makes them a lot more vulnerable to cot death. Sleeping on their back is much safer. Okay thanks.

  2. I love looking at other peoples homes. Thank you

  3. I just love the sleeping baby on your bed 🙂 He was the one constant throughout 🙂

  4. lol… I gave up with keeping the kids out of my room, and moved into their room with them!! Okay, so the oldest is only 4, and we did it for a lot of other reasons, but the fact still remains, the kids like our bedroom! 🙂

  5. Our bedroom is completely off limits to the children. We call it our sanctuary – they can knock and ask to come in at anytime, but they know that they do not have the privilege to just come in at anytime they want. I know this doesn’t always work in smaller homes, but I highly recommend impressing upon your children just how special the parents bedroom is and how it’s a place to unwind and relax.

    • I agree, we have the same ‘perimeter of respect’ in our home. Not formal, the door is always open but they just know Mum & Dad’s room is special. That’s where the love in the home is generated – the engine room. They follow our lead. We are ‘bookends’ – the ones that hold the family togther. And I have a 3 bedroom shed with 9 children under 12, bulit in wardrobes in one room only, so I understand the clothes in the Master room as I have all bar 2 people out of our 11 housed in there! lol

  6. Well since nine people share the other bedroom and only three share the master bedroom, even if the wall went all the way up to the ceiling, it seems awfully fair for the room for three times the people to be a bit larger. 😉

    • I agree, but originally we had the kids split into 2 bedrooms. There were 3 in each room and the baby with us. Our family and our library has grown much faster than our house!

  7. Here’s our link, Thanks so much!!!

  8. The quilt was OBVIOUSLY from the marie-madeline studio ladies. Nothing wrong with having the prettiest babies around. Having “connections” to a fabulous sewing business doesn’t hurt either!

    Thank you for the views into your home and sharing your lives with us.

  9. I felt right at home! And your little guy is just precious 🙂

  10. That IS an adorable baby. I love the man side/woman side. Very funny. You are surely blessed! Lisa~

  11. NOW I know why my nightstand and chair were completely cleared off when I went to bed last night………

    it all makes so much sense now


  12. Thanks for sharing your bedroom! I am enjoying seeing how each family “fits” their tribe into their home.

  13. We try to keep the kids out of our master bedroom, only because my husband works from home and his “office” (really just a desk in the corner) is in our room. We try to give him peace and quiet and privacy so that he can work efficiently. That being said, if the door is open for even a second (so I can get diapers for the little one, or take diapers to the pail, etc) the 3 year old and 1.5 year old make a beeline for the bed and jump like crazy until I catch them and remove them. Or as soon as my husband is done working for the day, they love to go nuts in our room. I don’t know what the allure is!

  14. Your baby is so sweet! I love the ceramic lamp, I’ll be praying that it doesn’t break! What a cherished keepsake 🙂

  15. I am NOT going to post about my room. 🙂

    And you are not the only one with the ‘kids on the bed’ (kids under the bed, kids in the closet, kids taking all the clothes out of their drawers for some inexplicable reason..)

    And I totally agree about Me Time. 🙂

  16. LOVE your definition of ‘Me Time!’

  17. Your little guy is too cute! I just want to pick him up and squeeze him!! : )

  18. Can I just say THANKYOU for being real! I have 5 kids under 7 (the oldest turned 6 a few weeks ago and the youngest is 10 weeks old) and we are all crammed into 2 bedrooms and a VERY small living area at the moment. It was temporary – two years ago, now I just take each day as it comes and thank the Lord for a roof over our heads that we (and the bank) own! Needless to say my house looks very “lived in”. I struggle sometimes with the picture perfect image of what I would like to day and the reality that there are 24 hours in the day and I need to sleep for some of those – also, I would so rather read to my children than clean, tidy, organise etc. So thank all of the 4 Moms for being real about their lives – it encourages me to remember just how jolly well blessed I am too!!

  19. The “me time” CRACKED me up! Yes, that’s the kind of “me time” that happens around here. Plus, the times when I’m in the bathroom and someone is knocking on the door saying, “Are you done yet?!”

  20. LOL about flat surfaces! We appreciate them greatly here. This post is great – it makes me feel at home. 😉

    Part 1??? Aw, man…that means I need to prep the master bedroom for a photo shoot. Don’t worry – sigh – I’ll take before pics 😛


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