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Thank you to everyone who takes time to comment.  I do appreciate receiving comments, but on rare occasions I have to delete a few.  It’s only fair to tell you why and when that might happen.

While we welcome dissenting opinions, these are also the comments most likely to be deleted.  I consider this blog to be my home on the web.   As such we like to keep an open house, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who comes along can stomp inside and behave however they want.  We do our best to keep the atmosphere welcoming to all, but especially to our friends.  We are responsible for the tone and nature of the discussion on our blog and will delete comments if we feel it is necessary.

Your comment may be deleted if:

  • We deem it crude, aggressive, slanderous or needlessly offensive to our family, friends, readers, or other commentors.
  • You are a known or suspected internet troll, regardless of the nature of your current comment.
  • You’ve never had an approved comment on our blog before and your current comment is highly critical.  My friends might get away with this in my living room; strangers will be quietly shown the door.
  • Your comment opens a big fat can of worms and I’m simply too busy at the moment to answer it.  I’m sorry, but let’s face it; I can’t leave worms crawling around my living room floor.

If you don’t think any of the above applies, there are 2 more possibilities:

  • You’re new around here, and your comment is waiting to be approved.  Please don’t let that discourage or offend you.  Hang around and you’ll be on our list of regulars in no time!
  • The spam filter is working overtime today.  Sorry.  Sometimes Fil is overzealous.


  1. I have a question for you. This is not a judgement or an accusation, but truly a question. Given your religious background and your faith, if you were presented with an ectopic pregnancy, or if you had a pregnancy where the fetus would most likely not survive, and the likelyhood of not terminating it would kill you, because of your faith, would you risk it and allow yourself to pass away leaving 10 children and a husband behind because it was the will of God? Is that basically the premise, not to interfere with what can inevitably happen without intervention? And to understand that it is God’s will if you and your unborn child should pass away due to an ectopic or equally high risk state?

  2. I found you through Raising Olives’ link to your facebook page. 🙂
    I agree w/ the others – I love how you phrased your policy. Very nice.
    I’m loving what I’ve read so far on your site! ;D

  3. LOL!!!! It doesn’t require any stretch of imagination in my opinion to see why this post follows the one on the War Between the States! That has proved to be a VERY controversial subject in my experience. 🙂

  4. I love, love this post. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes, but I know just the sort of thing you are talking about.

    PS I am looking forward to your newest family pic. 🙂

  5. I agree! Well written. I especially love the analogy to your home: nobody can just stomp in… I, um, actually related this post to my chioften this morning – as I explained to them why I sometimes will jump in and not even let them speak if I can see they are going down Nasty Road.

  6. I have a similarly titled post in my drafts folder, just haven’t posted it yet. I may have to borrow the criticizing if you’re a first time commenter. That is a great policy, those are the most unkind. 🙂

  7. I just realized…( seeing the other comments ) that I left the wrong comment in the wrong place ( only been blogging for about 2 weeks.. ) Well since I landed here I must say I agree …I did enjoy the Civil War ( War between the States Post..) have a great day..

  8. I like the table idea..and putting learning tools underneath..I’ll have to try that and rotate things in and out according to what they are learning..

    I got here through the link up : )

  9. Great rules!

    Btw – I have been listening to the baby conference and it is so nice to hear your voice – not just through your writing!

    It is an awesome conference! Such a blessing!

  10. Kim – well spoken! I always try to live by the rule that if I don’t have anything nice to say I keep my mouth (or typing fingers) shut (still). 🙂 Have a blessed, hot, Texas day!!

  11. I love how you add humor to a sensitive topic. I laughed a the worms crawling around the living room! Hahaha!
    I totally think these are all reasonable guidelines! Well done and well said! 🙂

  12. Kim,

    I just gotta say how much I love your wit and wisdom. I just might have to steal, err, I mean borrow this for my own blog. (I do have a firm disclaimer, just not as witty as yours!) I didn’t subscribe to your blog until recently. What was I thinking? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that….


  13. I think that is a grreat idea. We keep our homes clean why not our blogs!!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Nice job stating the policy Kim. You are funny and firm at the same time. I did not comment yesterday as I am from WI and have nothing relevant to add, but I enjoyed reading the responses. Sorry about the worms in your living room be sure to check under the couch! 🙂

  15. What is an internet troll?

    • Tree,
      An internet troll is someone who trolls the internet, looking for opportunities to stir up trouble.

      It goes in fits and spurts. We’ll often go weeks or months w/o deleting a single comment, then open a can of worms or otherwise attract attention and have to delete 5 or 10 in a few days. That’s still relatively few out of the hundreds we typically receive in a week.

  16. I am curious how often does this happen?

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