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Did that name get your attention?  Can you guess what Milk Diapers are?

They’re nursing pads.  Sorry – maybe I should have warned the guys that they won’t be interested in this giveaway.  But doesn’t the very name make you smile?  I was checking the reviews on Amazon, trying to find an absorbent and well-contoured brand of nursing pads, and among the negative reviews for other brands I came across a recommendation for MilkDiapers.  I then found the site via google, and loved what I saw.

The pads themselves are just what I wanted.  They’re deliciously soft, plenty absorbent, very reasonably priced, and provide enough coverage to keep any nursing mom happy.  They are contoured, but that’s not all.  Because they are so very soft, they conform well to your shape and don’t show through.

Shop Nursing Pads

Although I have some 5 layer pads (and any of the pads can be doubled for super-protection) I find that 4 layers is just right for me.

The proprietor is a delight to work with, too.  At first, I was having some trouble with show-through, but she asked a few questions and encouraged me to stick with them.  She advised me to wash them a few times before I passed judgment and I found that with a little use they softened right up, even though I line dry them.  Those with the waterproof layer were the stiffest, while the naturals were miraculously soft right out of the envelope.

But soft!  Did I tell you how soft they are?  On the inside, I mean – not just entire pad.  The inner layer is so velvety smooth, you’ll want to rub it on your cheek.  “Like a baby’s behind,” we say in our house, with an Italian accent.  (Bonus points if you can name that movie.  It’s an obscure film with a big star, but it’s a favorite of ours.  We quote it all the time.)

Are you sold yet?  Did you notice the exclusive 15% discount code on the button above?  Just enter the code shoe15 to save 15% on their already low prices.

But here’s the fun part: one lucky reader will win a 10-pack of her choice of Milk Diapers.

As usual, there are several ways to enter this giveaway.  Please leave a separate comment to tell me about each entry.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. For your first entry, visit Milk Diapers and come back here to leave a comment telling us what feature you like best about Milk Diapers or which type you’ll choose if you win.
  2. Tweet this giveaway.
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Hurry up – we’ll choose a winner this weekend!


  1. Oh and *if* I were to win….I would definetly get more of the moisture guard pads….I’ve got my 3rd babe due on Halloween and I tend to leak like a faucet…

  2. I just ordered the 4 layer pads (6pack)
    AND the moisture guard pads (6pack)!!

    SOOOO excited to get these! And It’s great that they are local (They are in Puyallup and I’m in Centralia)!

  3. I would love to try these! I’ve only used disposable, and the thought that these could be washed, not show, and be oh so comfy – sign me up! 🙂 I’m expecting #7 soon, and would be blessed to try them out… thanks!

  4. I would choose the 4 layer pads in pink! 🙂 Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!!

  5. I would love to try these and would probably choose the 4 layer…or maybe the lace. When I had my first baby I used the flat, paper-like disposables, and my husband would pick one up and ask, “What are these things? Coasters?” 🙂 And then when I’d ask for him to toss me a new “nursing pad” he’d look confused and ask “what?where?” I’d impatiently snap back, “A coaster! I need my coaster!”–and he knew immediately. 🙂

  6. I would choose the moisture guard ones b/c I need that waterproof layer. I love that they are contoured so they don’t show through.

  7. I’d definitely go with the 5-layer moisture guard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I’m pregnant with my 5th and I have no idea where my nursing pads are! So I would really really like to win these. ; ) I think I’d pick the 4 layer natural ones, but sometimes I leak a lot, so maybe 5 layers… I love how they have so many different types!

  9. Rachel H. says:

    I just had my first baby last Saturday, and bought the disposable ones to start with. I’d pick the 4 layer natural ones if I won!

  10. I would like the moisture guard pads. I prefer to not leak through my shirt. Unfortunately I leak the whole time I’m bf. My little one is 3 weeks today so that would be great to win these.

  11. I would love the XL moisture guard pads

  12. I’ve tried washable pads before and didn’t like them (the milk would dry and the fabric would be stuck to my nipples!) … but for these I’d be willing to try again. Actually, I only need them the first 2 months of b-feeding a newbie, and my newbie is now 6 months. So if I win the give-away, they’ll go to my friend who’s due any day now. I think she would probably want the 5-layer natural.

  13. Oh so hard to pick! The softness or absorbency? I am nursing our number 4 & having the worst time finding a nursing pad I like!! I would get the natural color lacey 4 layer ones!

  14. ohh, I would love some basic 4 layer (no lace)

  15. I would need the 5 layer and the moisture guard milk diapers, I think. Leakage is not pretty but these milk diapers sure are.

  16. I would love to try these. We are about to have baby #6 and I’ve yet to find a nursing pad that really worked like I wanted it to. I would like to try the 5 layer natural.

  17. Wow, these look great. The moisture guard ones look especially helpful!

  18. I’d love the 5 layer natural pads. We’re expecting our 7th child and by the time I finished nursing my last child our my pads were thread bare. It’s time for me to invest in some more.

  19. I LOVE washable Nursing pads… esp for overnight use.

    4 or 5 layers are great… and the shaped option is really nice! No more “flying disc” look. 😉

  20. I like that the Milk Diapers are kind to the environment. If I win, I would chose the 4 layer natural pads.

  21. I’d love to try the 5 layer natural pads. I really dislike the disposables but have yet to find natural pads that didn’t leak or work as well.

  22. I mentioned the giveaway on my blog post for today!

    Here’s the link:

    Thank you!

  23. 4 layer lace pads in white. These would be great to use with my tenth little one!

  24. 5 layer pads before. I have an overproduction problem (I’m working on it by doing one sided nursing!) and I go through pads like nobodies business. I need something that can hold A LOT.

  25. these look great…..I’m almost 3 months with my 8th and I think I will be trying these even if i don’t win them! The 4 layer pad in natural would be my pick!!!

  26. I like that they’re supposed to be no-show. I’ve been using Lansinoh nursing pads, which are plenty absorbent, but they bunch up and are definitely not invisible under clothing.

  27. Cassandra says:

    I have never found a washable pad that works- I use Lansinoh disposables, so if these did, (as I am nursing a 4 month old) that would be great!!! I would go with the 5 layer pads.

  28. Looks like a great product-I always have problems with show through. I would probably choose the 5 layer type. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  29. Posted on facebook, too.

  30. The 4 layer natural pads look wonderful. I’m nursing my second and have to find one that I love. These definitely look worth a try!

  31. I also posted this on my Facebook page. 🙂

  32. I’d actually already ordered some of the four-layer pads in natural using your discount code…I’d love to have some more, though! I’d already been thinking of ordering a second pack. We’re expecting our third in a few weeks. 🙂

  33. I was going to go with the 4-layer pads, but given my inexperience and deferring to everyone else’s choices in their comments, I think I’ll go for the 5-layer pads.

  34. I am sorry to be the party pooper here, but I have never liked cloth nursing pads! I’ve nursed 5 babes, and so far my fave has been Lansinoh’s disposable nursing pads. For me they are big enough, contoured just right, leak-free (now seriously, you do have to change them), and they don’t show through (you don’t see the giant circle outline through your clothes)! My only complaint is that they can sometimes be slightly itchy around the edges. Not always, but sometimes.

    I would be happy to try out cloth pads again if they were free!! 😉 wink wink! I have never tried Milk Diapers. They would have to really win me over by being leak free and invisible!

  35. Posted on Facebook.

  36. I would choose either 5 layer or moisture guard pads. I’d love to try these! I hate using disposables all the time (i think breathability is important and who wants to be buying those all the time?) but haven’t yet found a cloth option that actually works for my heavy leakage! These really do have a great low price. I am likely to buy them even if I don’t win!

  37. Posted on facebook!

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